A simple black poster frame can often provide the most effective enhancement to your retail merchandising. Sleek, sophisticated, and longer-wearing than some coloured frames which fade after time, black is the colour that never goes out of fashion and effortlessly complements any business activity.
Even the simplest of black poster frames can come in a selection of sizes so that you can create the visual marketing aesthetic that you want. Whatever shape, size or variant that you require, you’ll find it here at Valentino’s Displays. And if you can’t, we’ll make it for you.

Buy your black poster snap frame from us!

Your frame needs might be simple, but they are varied, which is why we are able to provide A2 black poster frames, A3 black poster frames, as well as A1, A4 and A5! We have different styled edges too! You can have an A2 poster frame black with sleek, sharp edges or a black A3 poster frame with curved edges. The possibilities are endless!
Whichever style you choose, the frames have a snap closure system that makes for the easiest way to change and secure your posters. The spring hinge allows you to effortlessly open the frame and then snap it back into place once you have positioned your poster. There is no need for complicated closures or locks with this simple method.

Why buy your black A2 poster frame at Valentino’s? 

There are many reasons to shop with us, but here are a few of the most popular.
  • Incredible range of products: Whether you want a black frame for A3 poster or a black A4 poster frame, you’ll find it here. These frames are powder coated for durability and a matt finish and come in a range of widths, including 25mm and 32mm, so you can get the exact specifications you require.
  • Made with precision: The highest quality materials are always used for our products, to ensure they last as long as your retail unit. It is obvious from the minute your order arrives that these frames were made in the most durable way possible.
  • The best prices in the business: You’ll be amazed that such high-quality products cost so little! You’ll also love our wholesale prices and the fact that we offer free delivery on orders over £100. Just think of the profits!
  • A customer service team that cares: If you need any help with product selection (do you need an A1 black poster frame or an A4 black poster frame?!) or purchasing bespoke items, get in touch! Our customer service team love to hear from you!

Kit out your retail outlet the Valentino’s way!

Our customers tend to be very loyal, due to the fantastic quality, prices and service that we offer. On top of that, our bespoke service means that products can be personalized or customized to your exact requirements! Just send us a message to find out more.
When you have chosen your products, make sure to look out for any wholesale discounts that you could be eligible for! Sometimes, adding one more product to the cart makes your order cheaper if it then hits the bulk threshold! Delivery is free on orders over £100 and we offer a money-back guarantee if you return anything within 14 days – no questions asked!
So, if you need some black frames for your posters, pictures, sale boards, or anything else that needs to go on the wall, shop with us today!