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Coloured A-Boards For Sale

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A-boards for sale from Valentino’s Displays have always been one of our most popular ranges. Suitable for use outside or inside, these versatile products are ideal for most retailers looking to advertise their business in the immediate surrounding area. Coloured A-boards have the added advantage that the branding you use in your logo, your displays and your other pavement signage can be carried through to the design of your signs, creating a professional and attractive finish. We offer 13 different colours and finishes for our frames so you can be sure to find the best match for you.

Our coloured A-boards over all the same advantages as the rest of our A-boards and outdoor signs. The snap frame mechanism makes it quick and easy to unlock the frame and change your posters and adverts, but once locked between the protective acetate sheet and secure steel backing, your promotional poster is kept safely in place. The strengthened metal frame means your A-board is easy to pack away when not needed, but even in high winds it can stay in position and promote your business.