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Grip Seal and Resealable Poly Bags

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Grip seal bags provide a multitude of uses and are a standard packaging bag product. With a plastic fastening that clicks shut and pulls open, making them the ideal resealable bag of choice. Our bags are food approved, and can be use again and again. Ideal to use with small objects your looking to keep in one particular location and to protect from loss or dirt. The grip seal bags are perfect for stock counts & storage and multiple other uses.

Our heavy duty resealable plastic bags provide an economical solution to countless packing applications, whether for mailing, displaying or storage. Made from heavyweight polythene gauge varies between 160g-200g & micron varies between 40-50. Grip seal bags ensure that your products are protected. They stay firmly shut when sealed but are easy to open. A highly efficient packaging method, our resealable polythene bags are perfect for selling, storing or shipping items in a presentable and organised way. Boxed in 1000 quantities.