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Storage lockers: school, staff, gym and workplace metal lockers

We stock a range of quality compartment lockers, suitable for a multitude of storage applications. Whether you need to ensure your staff feel secure in the workplace, or you need to refresh the storage at your school, we have lockers for sale that will suit your requirements.

Our lockers are split into three categories to make it easy for you to find the storage solution that meets your needs.

Workplace lockers for secure safekeeping

Our  high quality workplace lockers are great for ensuring your staff have somewhere safe to keep their belongings, whether they need to get changed at work, or just need somewhere safe to keep their personal items during the day.

You have the choice between a key operated cam lock (most suitable if you want to allocate a specific locker to each staff member) or a staple style turn handle that your staff can use with their own padlock (most suitable if you want to provide staff with locker space without allocating or dealing with extra administration).

All options include ample storage space including coat hooks and shelving, so you can be sure all staff be comfortable leaving their belongings whilst they work.

Express lockers available in a range of sizes

If you’re not sure you have the space for all the secure storage you need, then our express lockers could offer a great solution.

Our express lockers provide you with a choice of widths and door arrangements, so you’re sure to find a locker suitable for any location.

Lockable cupboards built securely and to last

A lockable cupboard is the best solution if you need to keep stock, stationary or confidential documents in secure storage with limited access.

Our lockable cupboards will ensure your stock is kept secure and clean. Anything stored in these cupboards will be dust free, so items will be ready to send out to customers as fresh as the day you stored them.  We deliver these fully assembled within 5 days, so all you have to do to is order and wait for them to arrive.

All of our lockers are made of strong welded metal with built in additional security features and come with Germ Guard Active Technology, so if your lockers will be shared there won’t be any problems.

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