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Logo Pavement Signs

Logo Pavement Signs For Sale

Logo pavement signs are an excellent value and flexiblechoice if you require pavementsignage with plenty of space to include all your branding. The A-boardsfor sale at Valentino’s have always been popular and this variation is noexception. The key feature of this design is the additional header panel addedto the top of the sign, which allows you to include a permanent promotionalimage such as your logo or branding while making full use of the main aluminiumdisplay panel below for your special offers and eye-catching adverts.

As well as making it easy to display your posters with amagnetic, easy-to-open cover and a range of colour options for the frameitself, everything about these A-boards is also designed with practicality inmind. Available in a range of sizes to suit your space, all these models arebuilt with aluminium and steel framework making them durable and rigid. Thesesigns can withstand strong winds and stay in place when locked into position,but when it’s time for you to pack them away they fold easily into a compactshape.