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Male White Featureless Sports Mannequins

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If you’re selling sports apparel, equipment or accessories, what better way to display your products than with one of the sports mannequins for sale here at Valentino’s Displays? Customers love to see your products in action, and our display mannequins for UK businesses are the ideal way to do that.

Using a mannequin to display your sporting goods has been proven to inspire customers to shop more in your store. From eye-catching window displays to informative point of sale arrangements, you can create more desire to buy when you feature your products this way. Build your brand, increase your footfall and model your items for sale in a better, more professional way.

Our male faceless sports mannequins for sale

Faceless mannequins are effective and popular, as a contemporary and distraction free method of merchandising your products. Every model is made from high quality fibreglass and supplied with a heavy-duty base to ensure a stable, topple protected mounting solution. Six layers of chip resistant paint ensure a deep, rich colour, and a professional look that will last for years to come. Take your pick from our:

  • Male running mannequin: One of our most popular sports mannequins for sale, the energy and muscle definition in this running mannequin model will showcase your products perfectly. For ladies’ apparel and footwear, our female running mannequin models are the ideal choice.
  • Surfer mannequin: It’s an unusual pose, but if you’re in the surfing retail game, this is one of the best display mannequins in the UK today. Check out our surfboard model which goes perfectly with this, offering a lightweight and brandable board for your display.
  • Standing mannequin: Athletic, muscular and toned, this is a great mannequin that offers versatility and adaptability to suit a range of situations. Simply add anything from a snowboard to a rifle and create your own bespoke look.
  • Football mannequin: For football kits, accessories, strips and balls, this footballer mannequin is the ideal solution. Combine with a running mannequin or two to create a window display that takes in more of the team.
  • Walking mannequin: Walking and hiking is an increasingly popular sport in the UK, and the market for boots, poles and clothing is a lucrative business to be in. Our male walking model is an ideal way to showcase such items, and encourage your buyers to purchase more.
  • Golfer mannequin: The market for golfing products is never ending, so show off your best clubs, slacks and shoes with our male golfer mannequin model. His muscular form and precise post-swing pose will demonstrate your products at their very best.

If you can’t find the sports mannequins for sale here that you really need, talk to us before you give up. Because we manufacture all our display mannequins for UK businesses ourselves, we can develop and fabricate the precise pose, size and colour you require, at no extra cost. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll be happy to help.

We also stock plenty of female sports mannequins for sale here on our site, so if you also sell ladies products and apparel, take a look at our full range for more products. We ship all our male and female display mannequins UK wide, and with free delivery too, so wherever you are, you can benefit from our top quality mannequins for your sports business.