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Forecourt Panel Signs - UK

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Our pavement panel signs are a great option if your business needs to make an impact, on a high street or anywhere in the vicinity of your shop. The design comes in a range of sizes to suit your requirements and is one of the best value sign displays in our range of pavement signs. Panel signs are ideal for businesses on a budget looking to benefit from additional advertising space outdoors. These high performance forecourt panel signs are economical and eco friendly. Engineered superbly, they have excellent stability meaning these pavement boards won't be blowing over in the wind.

Whether you go for the largest size or a smaller option, our panel signs are easy to construct and consist only of a heavy duty recycled PVC stand (with cut-out handles for ease of movement) that simply attaches to the sign with its double-sided graphic area. The sign itself is made of aluminium, making it extremely durable as well as flexible, easy to have printed on both sides with your design, and easy to attach to the base with no fixings required. The straightforward and compact design means your panel sign can be deployed quickly or stowed away without taking up valuable space.

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