Non Slip Chrome Peg Hook (Sold Individually) 57101
Non Slip Chrome Peg Hook (Sold Individually)57101
£0.50 +VAT
Clear Display Peg Hook (100 pack) 57102
Clear Display Peg Hook (100 pack)57102
£18.95 +VAT
Single Metal Clip Hanger (Box of 200) 57103
Single Metal Clip Hanger (Box of 200)57103
£69.95 +VAT
If you’re looking for strong, durable heavy duty metal clips hangers, we have two great options for you to choose from. We can supply the standard 30cm clip hanger or the more stylish and larger 40cm, both of which are supplied with swivel hook, rubber grips and adjustable clips. We complement these hangers with a single metal clips hanger, which can be used to hang boots, towels, gloves etc. In addition, we also stock the universal 36cm and 46cm laundry wire hanger, which is primarily used for dry cleaning and ironing.