A Boards and Pavement Signs

What are your advertising and marketing boards frame like? Do your shop signs need replacing? Valentino’s Displays range of cheap a boards is one of the best in the UK. Boasting an extensive range of hard wearing retail quality pavement signage at the cheapest prices. We have a large selection of chalkboard and pavement signs in various sizes, colours, shape and styles to suit your pavement needs. Sign boards that you can set up wherever you require them, used commonly as pavement signage they are ideal for drawing customer’s attentions to you.

Get your message out with our message boards for sale

These display frames are ideal message boards to publicise your business and/or products, services, menus, daily specials or any other message you need to shout about. These pavement signs are a very effective marketing medium because they can stand anywhere and more importantly an area where it's likely to attract most customers. Ask yourself whether your current message board is working to the best of it's potential, if not why not? Do you need to improve your message boards now? We are the UK's leading retail supplier for message boards - order direct with us and save money!

Promote your business with the use of our pavement signs

If you are looking for cheap sign displays and can’t find the right pavement sign, sandwich board or message board please get in touch and tell us what you need. Need something bespoke? No problem, we can supply something custom for you. We have years of experience and can come up with a solution to most requirements. There is a misinterpretation that pavement signs are only used for small businesses who cannot afford anything better in terms of advertising and that they don't have the financial resources available. However in reality a lot of large organisations are using pavement signs to reach out to it's customers.

Go large with our wind-resistant water-filled heavy duty pavement signs

A different concept to the traditional wooden board are our great water-filled base pavement signs. Boasting numerous advantages over similar models. The water or sand filled heavy duty a boards are resistant to weather conditions and stable in strong winds. The durability of these models make it impossible for them to topple over due to them being fitted with heavy duty springs to deflect the wind and fitted with robust wheels. Wind-stable yet a moveable type of forecourt signage have made this a winning concept design and our customers absolutely love them!

Double sided poster displays, ideal for our largest sizes of A0 and A1 poster. If you decide on a heavy-duty snap open and close system and looking for a changeable message then our wind-resistant display boards will be right up your street. Easy to use, simply fill the bases with water or sand when in situe - these are so durable they will not be moving anywhere!

The UK's best outdoor sandwich board signs and chalkboards

Also known as A frame signs or aluminium snap frame A boards, our sandwich board signs can be folded away for night storage. Extremely popular for those customers looking to foldaway their sandwich board after business hours.

A customer favourite, commonly seen on high-streets up and down the UK and within shopping centres. Manufactured with snap panel frames on both sides, whether your advertisement consists of a poster, photo or print, can be reached to your passing trade from both directions.

Need to rejuvenate your chalkboard board? Chalkboards are popular with pubs, restaurants and bars. Ideal for customers who need to post messages out quickly and who favour hand-writing messages directly on the blackboard with the use of a chalk pen. These wooden signs can be positioned indoors as traditional wooden A-boards or outdoors as an A frame blackboard but will be susceptible to the weather. You can purchase black chalkboard paint to improve the look of the sign should it fade due to the weather elements.

Need replacement graphics for your forecourt sign?

Need signs designing? If you have snap frame forecourt signs and want to take advantage of our bespoke services, we offer a replacement graphic service where we can change your existing frame posters or prints. Let us get designing sign posters for you. Send us your high resolution artwork and we will achieve the design your looking for. Just email us or call our head office number on 01489 808007, where our customer service team will only be happy to help. Try our bespoke service today.

Choosing the right size frame and why it's important

When choosing a pavement sign it's vital you get the right one for your business. The type of board is important, equally important is ensuring you have the right size frame for the area this will be situated in. We recommend you think about the space you have available to you on the pavement, forecourt, high-street or car park. We realise you want to strike the right balance between visual impact whilst avoiding obstruction to the public. Maybe have a look at any local competition to you and see what material works for them? If it works for them, it's likely to work for you. Returning these items can be costly if they are not suitable due to their weight and size, so it's important to ensure you have ordered correctly.

Advertising a boards for sale with FREE UK delivery

When it comes to cheap aboards then trust Valentino's Displays to offer you the very best sign frame, with the largest UK selection on the market at the very best prices. We guarantee the lowest UK prices with a price match promise. We are the trusted display experts but don't just take our word for it - listen to our customers.

Most of our advertising sandwich signs are delivered with FREE UK delivery. Typically dispatched the same day, your sandwich board sign may be with you the very next working day. There is also the guarantee that with every frame board you buy, you have the option to return the item with our 14 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Any advertising pavement signage needs to be attractive, eye catching, easily legible at distance and updated regularly. If your display signs remain static, customers will just stop seeing them. Therefore which ever poster board or pavement sign you decide to go for we believe it's important to regularly update your promotions, products and/or services. Whether it’s a fixed message or one that you change daily on a blackboard with the use of liquid chalk and chalk pens, we have the message boards for you.

Contact Valentino's Displays today for our best prices!

Do you need to improve your company advertising with one of our pavement signs for sale? Buy pavement framed signs on our website today and improve your outside forecourts! View our site for the latest offers.

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Folding Swing Sign 10010
Folding Swing Sign10010
£59.95 +VAT
Heavy Duty A1 Swing Sign Wheeled Base 10009
Heavy Duty A1 Swing Sign Wheeled Base10009
£290.00 +VAT
Outdoor Heavy Duty Swing Sign A0 10007
Outdoor Heavy Duty Swing Sign A010007
£225.00 +VAT
Pavement Sign Wedge (Large)  10008
Pavement Sign Wedge (Large)10008
£46.95 +VAT
Traditional Chalk Board 843 x 596mm 12002
Traditional Chalk Board 843 x 596mm12002
£99.95 +VAT
Rounded Chalk Board A1 (Large) 12004
Rounded Chalk Board A1 (Large)12004
£105.00 +VAT
Magnetic Pocket Swing Sign - White 10003
Magnetic Pocket Swing Sign - White10003
£78.95 +VAT
Aboard Swing Sign - White Frame 10001
Aboard Swing Sign - White Frame10001
£72.95 +VAT
Aluminium A Board A2 11001
Aluminium A Board A211001
£67.95 +VAT