Mannequins and Tailors Dummy

Valentino’s is a dedicated supplier of bespoke clothes mannequins designed to up sales and create engaging visual merchandising within a retail setting. Shop mannequins have been around commercially since the 1940s, and they are still ever popular today.

Shop mannequin supplier in the UK

You cannot walk down a high street in the country without seeing them, and for good reason. Cheap mannequins work, they allow customers to see how items look together and, most importantly, they picture it on themselves.

Increase impulse buys with a store mannequin

Especially popular in fashion shops, but steadily making their way into different areas of the industry, mannequins are used to promote and display products and stock in a proven, effective way. They increase impulse buys, and catch the eye of passers-by, ultimately drawing customers into the shop. If you are a small business that does not utilise the power of the mannequin, you are missing out big time! Check out the cheap mannequins we have for sale and see what a difference it makes to your business.

All big department stores use dress mannequins

There is a reason why every big department store uses them, in fact, if you went into a clothes store and they didn’t have any mannequins at all, something would just seem a bit…wrong. This shows what an integral part of the fashion industry mannequins have become, simply because they work. At Valentino’s, we offer a range of mannequin for sale - every style and body type that you can imagine. Whether you are looking for pieces in the shape of a male, a female dummy or even a child mannequin, we have it all. In an extensive range of shapes, body poses and sizes, with as much or as little expression as you want. We even sell maternity bumps!

The cheapest mannequins for sale

Our most common mannequin is the standard clothes mannequins, a regular feature in shops all over the world. These mannequins stand or are seated, made from fibreglass and we currently sell a wide variety – headless, bodiless, without features or facially realistic. One of the most popular designs is the flexible mannequin. With its internal wire skeleton, the flexible mannequin can be manipulated into various poses time and time again. It is this feature that makes them so popular, making them easier to dress. It can also help give a bit of variety within the window – you can pose them however you feel, to fit in with your theme or just for fun.

Our tailored range includes a selection of dressmakers dummy

Shop the largest collection of mannequins for sale at Valentino's. Whether you are looking to purchase male shop mannequins, female shop mannequins or a head/torso form, we believe we have catered for our customer needs. You may be a tailor looking for a tailors dummy so you can get the perfect fitting, browse our elegant dressmakers dummies online.

Valentino's are your one stop mannequin shop

We are the one stop mannequin shop for your retail display requirements. On our website, you'll find CHEAP wholesale prices every day with FREE UK nationwide delivery on any orders over £100. Buy in confidence with the right to return goods for a full refund within 14 days if you are not happy. Call us today - 01489 808007.
Featured Products
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Male Grey Sports Mannequins - Legs Astride 74120
Male Grey Sports Mannequins - Legs Astride74120
£462.00 +VAT
Articulated Vintage Female Bust With Stand 75617
Articulated Vintage Female Bust With Stand75617
£349.95 +VAT
Articulated Vintage Male Mannequin Bust With Stand 75618
Articulated Vintage Male Mannequin Bust With Stand75618
£329.95 +VAT
Articulated Female Bust With Stand 75612
Articulated Female Bust With Stand75612
£329.95 +VAT
Articulated Male Mannequin With Stand 75613
Articulated Male Mannequin With Stand75613
£349.95 +VAT
Realistic Male Mannequin - Sitting 70604
Realistic Male Mannequin - Sitting70604
£299.00 +VAT
Male Black Sock Display Foot   77503
Male Black Sock Display Foot77503
£34.95 +VAT
Black Female Bust Form Without Stand 76101
Black Female Bust Form Without Stand76101
£84.95 +VAT
Flexible Male Mannequin Abstract Head 73101
Flexible Male Mannequin Abstract Head73101
£595.00 +VAT