Poster Browser & 15 Sleeves 30x22 88008
Poster Browser & 15 Sleeves 30x2288008
£639.96 +VAT
Poster Browser & 25 Sleeves 30x22 88009
Poster Browser & 25 Sleeves 30x2288009
£845.39 +VAT
Poster Browser & 30 Sleeves 30x22 88010
Poster Browser & 30 Sleeves 30x2288010
£955.99 +VAT
Poster Browser & 15 Sleeves 40x30 88011
Poster Browser & 15 Sleeves 40x3088011
£845.39 +VAT
Poster Browser & 25 Sleeves 40x30 88012
Poster Browser & 25 Sleeves 40x3088012
£955.99 +VAT
Poster Browser & 30 Sleeves 40x30 88013
Poster Browser & 30 Sleeves 40x3088013
£1,042.90 +VAT
Without a doubt, posters and printed media look at their very best when adorning empty walls. In fact, it’s fairly difficult to imaging a simpler and more cost-effective way to transform a space than with a wall poster display. However, as a retailer displaying posters in their shop, creating a wall poster display is often just about impossible.

Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives. Valentino’s Displays are able to supply you with a wide range of shop display stands, counter display stands and swinging panel displays, all of which are available in a huge range of sizes and layouts to suit your individual needs. These allow for effective, professional display of all your poster products, without taking up valuable space in your gallery or shop.

Displaying posters to encourage purchase

Our portrait orientated print browser products are ideal for displaying movie posters and other media of larger formats, as they allow the shopper to remove the print from the stand and view it in its full glory. Capable of housing up to 30 of our high-quality sleeves, these poster display units are a great investment for any business involved in retail of artworks.

Every one of our display frames for posters comes complete with either 15, 25 or 30 of our poster display sleeves. Each one has a white insert, allowing you to display posters back to back, doubling your capacity for display. These poster storage rack systems feature a floor-standing coated metal frame supported on durable locking castors, and you can customise the colour of your frame to suit your brand or product.

Displaying posters in a professional, accessible manner is the first step to encouraging a purchase, and is certainly more effective than leaving your customers to leaf through a pile of prints in the corner. If you need any inspiration about how to display posters to their best advantage or the most effective ways to display prints then we would be very happy to help, so just call our friendly team for a chat.

Could your business use a made-to-order print browser?

Valentino’s Displays are committed to supporting British Industry and are proud to assure you that all our range of shop display stands are fabricated right here in the UK. Each item is assembled to order, using only the very highest quality of materials and finished to unparalleled standards ensuring the durability and value-for-money demanded in the modern retail setting.

Because we specialise in made to order products, we are happy to manufacture a bespoke product just for you. Our collection of poster display solutions is extensive, but we also understand that sometimes you need something a little bit different, so if you can’t find the right product for you here, please do get in touch.

Valentino’s Displays bring you high quality ways to display prints

The great thing about our floor-standing poster storage rack is without doubt its versatility. Many feel they know how to display posters effectively, but a solution that allows you to employ every last bit of floor space, whilst leaving valuable merchandising acreage for counter display stands and swinging panel displays, is the hallmark of a well thought-out retail strategy.

Enquire about our poster browser display stands today!

These products are constructed to your individual requirements so there is a lead time of approximately 10 days for orders. Our 14 day no quibble money back guarantee gives you peace of mind, reassuring you that a full refund will be given if you are in any way dissatisfied with your order.

With products as good as ours, it is sometimes difficult to remember that when they function at their best, they are barely noticed.