Cafe Banner/Barrier System Black (1200mm Wide) 13004
Cafe Banner/Barrier System Black (1200mm Wide)13004
£154.95 +VAT
Cafe Banner/Barrier System Black (1500mm Wide) 13001
Cafe Banner/Barrier System Black (1500mm Wide)13001
£159.95 +VAT
Cafe Banner/Barrier System Black (2000mm Wide) 13005
Cafe Banner/Barrier System Black (2000mm Wide)13005
£164.95 +VAT
Cafe Banner/Barrier System Chrome (1200mm Wide) 13006
Cafe Banner/Barrier System Chrome (1200mm Wide)13006
£189.95 +VAT
Cafe Banner/Barrier System Chrome (1500mm Wide) 13002
Cafe Banner/Barrier System Chrome (1500mm Wide)13002
£194.95 +VAT
Cafe Banner/Barrier System Chrome (2000mm Wide) 13007
Cafe Banner/Barrier System Chrome (2000mm Wide)13007
£199.95 +VAT
Premium Cafe Banner - Chrome 1200mm Wide 13008
Premium Cafe Banner - Chrome 1200mm Wide13008
£249.95 +VAT
Premium Cafe Banner - Chrome 1500mm Wide 13003
Premium Cafe Banner - Chrome 1500mm Wide13003
£254.95 +VAT
Premium Cafe Banner - Chrome 2000mm Wide 13009
Premium Cafe Banner - Chrome 2000mm Wide13009
£259.95 +VAT
Buy barriers direct from Valentino's Displays. Commonly used for the UK food and drink industry to allow customers an area to sit down within. Our cafe banners and fabric windbreak are an excellent way to create alfresco eating, drinking or smoking areas. Each cafe barrier system offers style and sophistication at an affordable price. Cafe barriers offer a great marketing opportunity as well as being a cost-effective method of designating a pavement or pedestrian area. Ideal for creating an outdoor eating or smoking area outside your establishment - whether this is a bar, pub garden, restaurant, cafes, hotel or nightclub. This secure sheltering system features prominent within shopping centres where we see them typically used outside coffee shops but they are also regularly used as a beach wind breaker and camping windbreakers.

Barriers for cafes, pubs and restaurants

Not only do our cafe banners act as a canvas windbreak for al fresco dining areas, if you are able to extend your business outside, then think of the extra table space these will provide. These will also encourage customers to stay rather than take their purchase away from the premises so there is potential for further up-sale. They also act as security barriers for your peace of mind securing an outdoor location around the boundary perimeter.
There are many benefits for an establishment to have outdoor seating, including:
  • Increased seating capacity: Outdoor seating provides an opportunity for cafes to accommodate more customers during peak hours, increasing their overall revenue potential.
  • Improved ambiance: Outdoor seating can create a more relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for customers, enhancing their overall dining experience.
  • Attract new customers: Outdoor seating can attract passersby who may not have noticed the cafe otherwise, increasing the potential customer base.
  • Adaptable to COVID-19 restrictions: During the pandemic, many cafes with outdoor seating were able to continue serving customers while adhering to social distancing guidelines.
  • Opportunity for branding: Outdoor seating areas provide an opportunity for cafes to showcase their branding, creating a more cohesive and recognizable image for the establishment.
  • Increased foot traffic: Outdoor seating areas can attract more foot traffic to the cafe, potentially leading to more sales and repeat business.

Overall, having outdoor seating can be a great way for cafes to increase their revenue, attract new customers, and create a more enjoyable dining experience for their patrons.

Customise your cafe barrier with company graphics

You also have the flexibility of promoting your business by purchasing these cafe windbreaks and then by getting the material customised. Imagine your company graphics on these, they are brilliant in promoting your business to your customers - using them as branded cafe screens. We can apply a graphic directly on the supplied, removable PVC fabric canvas with our banner printing service. Print banners today - contact us for more information on a branded windbreak system.

Heavy-duty cafe barrier posts for sale

Our cafe barriers are engineered from premium stainless steel which adds a quality feel to any location and ensure your cafe banner system looks great in all locations. We offer black or chrome colour pavement signage bollards and solid bases ensuring a long-life product. On our website you can purchase direct barriers from us - view our banner frames online where our standard sets measure 1.2m, 1.5m or 2m length widths. Our collection of steel bollards should appeal to most types of customers however if you are looking for different designs from your barrier bollards then please let us know.

Separate an area with premium cafe barriers UK

These are premium cafe barriers displays designed to give the establishment maximum impact on the eye and to attract customers through your doors. Pavement barriers are an excellent way to separate and designate outdoor seating areas for your customers. Our outdoor seating barriers are modular, so they can be custom made to fit your exact requirements.
Here are a few reasons why a cafe may choose to have these barriers:
  1. Safety: Cafe barriers provide a physical barrier between the dining area and the pedestrian walkway, preventing accidental collisions or unwanted intrusions.
  2. Aesthetic appeal: Cafe barriers can add to the overall aesthetic of the outdoor seating area, creating a more inviting and enjoyable atmosphere for customers.
  3. Branding: Many cafes choose to customize their cafe barriers with their logo or branding, creating a more cohesive and recognizable image for the establishment.
  4. Increased seating capacity: By utilizing the outdoor space, cafes can increase their seating capacity, accommodating more customers during peak hours.
Overall, cafe barriers are a practical and visually appealing addition to outdoor seating areas, providing a safe and comfortable space for customers to enjoy their meals and drinks.

FREE delivery on all outdoor cafe fencing orders over £100

FREE UK delivery wherever you are in the country. All ranges of cafe screens, delivered off the shelf from stock and to your front door in no time at all - typically 2 or 3 days. Require these sooner? No problem, most of our displays can be delivered next day. We are manufacturers and have been trading in banner displays since 2011.

For honest advice on pub barriers contact us today!

At Valentino's Displays, we believe in an honest and friendly approach. If your not sure what restaurant barriers you are choosing on our site when placing an order, and need to speak to someone, then pick up the phone and contact us today, we are happy to help. Call our sales team and enquire about our selection of UK cafe barriers on 01489 808007. Our canvas barriers have helped hundreds of businesses in the hospitality sector transform their outdoor seating space.