Art Display Stand 13x19 & 30x40 85001
Art Display Stand 13x19 & 30x4085001
£853.29 +VAT
Art Display Stand 19x24 & 30x40 85002
Art Display Stand 19x24 & 30x4085002
£940.20 +VAT
Art Display Stand 22x30 & 30x40 85003
Art Display Stand 22x30 & 30x4085003
£1,042.90 +VAT
Art Display Stand 13x19 & 30x42 85004
Art Display Stand 13x19 & 30x4285004
£884.88 +VAT
Art Display Stand 19x24 & 30x42 85005
Art Display Stand 19x24 & 30x4285005
£963.91 +VAT
Art Display Stand 22x30 & 30x42 85006
Art Display Stand 22x30 & 30x4285006
£1,066.61 +VAT
When you’ve got a variety of prints, posters, photos or artworks to present, standard poster display stands sometimes just aren’t enough. Print browsers with flip panels are great for small and medium images, but poster display stands work better for the larger items, so which should you choose?

Thankfully, you no longer have to make that choice, because our multi poster display rack system is capable of taking care of all of it. These innovative art storage rack products feature convenient print browsers on the lower level, perfect for customers to leaf through your images, and a handy swinging panel print display on top to house your smaller, more detailed images.

The perfect multi panel poster display system

This system is highly popular with galleries and retailers looking to sell both small and larger prints in one handy art storage rack. The upper swinging panel print display meets your customers eye level, making it easy for them to browse your smaller works of art, photographs or designs. Below, a large browser style display rack for art prints, convenient for bigger prints to be safely and beautifully displayed.

Unsurpassed art display stands manufactured in the UK

Manufactured from heavy duty steel, our multi poster display rack system is designed to stand the test of time, and to cope with the rigours of the retail environment. Choose your own colour of frames, panel corners and fabric sleeve to suit your brand or the product you are selling. The unit is freestanding and perfectly balanced, saving space and ensuring your art work is protected.

Each artists display rack comes complete with 25 classic swing panels for posters, photographs and more, with a white insert allowing you to display one image on each side, catering for up to 50 prints or images in the top section alone. At the bottom, the browser style display rack for art prints, movie posters and more is supplied with 10 classic sleeves, again allowing you to mount up to 20 products in a back to back arrangement.

Other ideas for retail poster display systems

As well as our multi panel poster display system, we sell a wide range of products to cope with all your needs. These include:

  • Wall display panels: Our wall mounted flip display is ideal if you’re short on floor space. The wall display panels affix securely to your wall at the perfect height for your customers to browse, and come in a range of sizes and colours to suit your needs.
  • Tabletop photo display stands: If you’re only dealing with small items, then our tabletop photo display stands offer the ideal solution. Simply place them on your counter, or on any secure surface, to professionally display your images.
  • Swing panels for posters: For large format posters which you don’t want crashing around in a browser style stand, we supply a number of swing panels for posters of various shapes and sizes.

Enquire about our heavy duty metal display stands for art

All our metal art display stands are made to order, so please allow approximately 10 days lead time when placing your order. If you can’t find what you need on our website, call our friendly team and we’ll create a bespoke order to your specifications.

Valentino’s displays have been supplying a huge range of retail display products for many years. From wall display panels to swing panels for posters and more, our products are second to none. We put customer service at the heart of everything we do, and work hard to keep our quality high and our prices low. When you need a display rack for art prints, don’t hesitate to shop with Valentino’s Displays.