What are the best coat hangers?

Valentino’s Displays provides all sorts of coat hangers and as industry experts and market leaders and premier coat hanger suppliers UK, we endeavour to provide our clients with top-quality products in the form of versatile coathangers for every garment. Since our inception, we have provided thousands of happy customers with coat hanger advice built on years of experience and working with notable experts within the fashion world. Our knowledge and passion for the business is exemplary and we are happy to share our coat hanger wisdom to further satisfy our customers with this handy blog on the best coat hangers;

Wooden hangers

Wooden hangers are more often than not, more robust than plastic alternatives. The sturdy wooden hangers from Valentinosdisplays are no exception. These stylish and popular hangers sometimes consist of a non-slip trouser bar that prevents items from simply sliding off. Typically when this occurs, your garments get lost at the foot of your wardrobe or on your closet floor. They also are trendy enough to provide a polished finish in your wardrobe. Practical and aesthetically pleasing you cannot go wrong with this product choice.

Plastic hangers

Probably the most common hanger worldwide due to its ease of use and cheap selling price. Can be mass-produced quickly and are mostly always recyclable which adds to the modern-day appeal. Valentino’s Displays endeavour to use sustainable products and suppliers wherever possible without sacrificing any item quality. Plastic hangers are our best seller and come in a variety of different packages for clients to bulk buy and make even further savings. These hangers are versatile enough to hold light and delicate garments. Depending on the hanger length they can store heavier items such as coats and jackets. Reliable and sturdy enough to be classed as a medium to long-term purchase unless directly sabotaged.

Trouser hangers

At Valentino’s Displays, we have the knowledge and experience to adapt our products from customer feedback and address common problems within the clothes storage industry. This is evident with our range of open-ended trouser hangers. This innovative design streamlines your wardrobe by taking up less room in there than the traditional trouser hanger with clips. It allows a more spacious closet and enables you to get your garments quicker as you can just snatch them rather than go through the annoying unclipping procedure. You don’t even have to take the hanger off the rod so you reduce time and become more efficient as well as looking very smart and organized.

Final thoughts on the best coat hangers

These are just a selected few examples from our extensive range at Valentinosdisplays. Our depth of knowledge and expertise is renowned and our reputation speaks for itself within the industry. Alongside the products discussed above, we also have a comprehensive stock of both traditional and modern alternatives in other key storage areas such as skirt hangers, space-saving hangers, tank and bra hangers, and clipped hangers. If there is something you require that does not appear on our website, please get in touch. During our many year’s experiences, we have built up reputable and established contacts with authentic products and would be happy to point you in the right direction if we cannot source your desired item ourselves.

What are the best coat hangers? Valentino's Displays Blog
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Can you buy mannequins?

When it comes to buying things for your business, the chances are that mannequins might not be that high up on your must-buy list. However, if you are a retail store that sells clothes or any other accessories, then a mannequin might just be something you need. 

Mannequins are a way to showcase the items you have for sale, and they allow you to generate interest in them rather than them hanging on the rack. Some places manufacture and sell mannequins, which means that the answer to your question is yes, you can buy mannequins. 

But, what do you need to think about before you buy?

Think about your store and your style 

One of the first things that you will want when you buy a mannequin is to make sure that it can fit in with the overall theme of your store and the look you have created. Thankfully, there are several mannequins that you can choose from, and they not only come in different poses and a wealth of different styles.

You can even pick abstract mannequins in their design, which may be more suitable for you if you take pride in offering modern style within your store. 

Also, think about your customers

Another essential thing to think about is your customers. You want them to see mannequins that reflect what they look like and their body type or age. For example, if you target teenagers, you want to make sure that your mannequins fit in with this age group. Or, another example is that a plus-size store will want to have plus-size mannequins within your store. 

Are they stationary, or do they need to move around?

Some stores have mannequins that never need to move too far, that can simply be dressed and then changed as needed. Others have mannequins that need to be carried regularly. Perhaps they need to be relocated in the store, or they may even need to travel with you when you are heading off to events, exhibitions, trade shows and anywhere else that you may want to display your stock and try to get it to be sold.

Some mannequins are not easy to move around and transport, but equally, those can be transported with ease thanks to being compact or lightweight. 

Need inspiration? Check out what your competitors are doing

No one should copy their competitors; however, there is no harm in getting inspiration from them if you feel stuck. If not to see what is working well for them, but to see what isn’t. You might check out their store set-up and see things that you don’t like or think you could do better. Which could help give you the push to make your decision on which mannequins to buy.

Once you have decided which mannequins are suitable for you, the next thing to think about is where you can buy them. Mannequins can be purchased online or in person, and it is always worth taking the time to shop around and find options that are of excellent quality and at the right price.

Can you buy mannequins? Valentino's Displays Blog
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How to display clothes?

You might think that when it comes to displaying clothes, it’s actually quite a straightforward process. However, you would not be correct in this assumption. Many people think that they could display clothes in the best possible way because they own a wardrobe, and they know how to arrange their outfits.

Ultimately, this is not the case. If you are going to properly display clothes, then you need to appreciate a few concepts regarding space. You’ll need to look into things like mannequins for sale UK because these are going to be a vital resource for you. Still, confused? Not to worry, we will be explaining it properly.

The wall space

It is important to consider how you are using wall space when it comes to displaying clothes. Make sure that you are not overfilling the space that you have because this will distract your customers and make them less likely to purchase something.

You need to make sure that there is a suitable amount of space for each item to shine. It’s important to consider how high you stack clothing because you want people to be able to reach it easily.

The mannequins

Ultimately, if you are going to display clothes in a sensible fashion, you do need to make sure that you have the best possible choices when it comes to mannequins. It is not just a case of using coat hangers, so looking for coat hanger suppliers UK is only half the battle.

Your typical mannequin is a powerful tool when it comes to showcasing an entire outfit. You can use them to demonstrate how certain articles of clothing belong together. So, if you wanted to demonstrate how a cute top would pair with a nice summer skirt, then you would need to make sure that you use the mannequin to do so.

Diversify merchandising options

One of the best things that you can do to get the optimum results is to diversify the merchandising options that you use. This means that you should use coathangers, you should use mannequins, you should use display cases, and pretty much every type of method at your disposal for showcasing an item of clothing. It will definitely help a lot in the long run. The end goal is to demonstrate your clothing in as many different styles as possible, so that has to be your main focus.

Final thoughts

So, when it comes to displaying clothes, it’s important to have a critical eye and to focus on the use of different merchandising options, whilst being aware of space. Displaying clothing items can take time to get right, but it is vital for getting the best results that come to your sales. Don’t hesitate to take the time to experiment. This will give you the best results and will make sure that you have the ideal experiences when it comes to generating what you need.

How to display clothes? Valentino's Displays Blog
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Another great deal in the net

Valentino’s Displays is proud to announce our recent merger with Kian Nets. Our go-to supplier of retail shopping baskets. Kian Nets has always provided high-quality products made right here in the UK.

Now that our companies have merged, we will continue to provide the same impeccable service that you have come to expect from Valentino’s Displays. The only difference to you is that we will have more control over the manufacture of each fabric shopping basket. That means we will be able to fulfil bespoke orders more quickly and with ease.

Appreciate the highest quality trendy reusable shopping bags

As we are now the single retailer of these cloth shopping baskets, you won’t find quality like this anywhere else. Carefully crafted from high-quality polyester material, these mesh shopping baskets won’t ladder if you get a hole in them. These reusable fabric baskets have been made to provide many years of service so that you get the very best value for money from your purchase.

We have been lucky enough to work with Kian Nets for some time now, offering their cloth shopping baskets with handles on our website. You can take a look at the existing range here. With our new working relationship, we hope to expand our range of cloth shopping baskets for sale. This will ensure that you never need to go anywhere else to purchase your collapsible shopping baskets, nets and stands.

As always, it is our intention that Valentino’s Displays should be a one-stop shop for all your retail needs. Our latest business move takes us ever closer to that target.

The only place to buy collapsible shopping baskets in the UK

Send us your bespoke business requests and we will create you a custom range of reusable retail baskets. Whatever colour, shape, size or texture you require, Valentino’s Displays will be happy to deliver. If you’d like your baskets to be branded, we can arrange that too. If you have shopping baskets that fit in with your brand image, then customers will instantly recognise them and link them to your business. Brand recognition is one of the most important marketing tools you have. Helping to build trust and loyalty through clever use of colour, symbols and product placement.

We also sell stands for baskets and fabric shopping bags, as well as a range of netted items that may also come in useful. These can also all be customised to your brand design.

Buy cloth shopping baskets wholesale

Of course, most shops will require more than one or two baskets, which is why we are keen to tell you about our wholesale prices. The more cloth baskets you buy, the cheaper the price per unit will be. That is true of both bespoke and ready-made orders, so stock up all in one go to get the best value for money.

Our price benefits don’t end there either! Spend over £100 and we will give you free delivery anywhere in the UK! Our merger with Kian Nets has done nothing to dampen our enthusiasm for offering excellent customer service. We want to ensure we have the happiest customers in retail, so that you return to us again and again, whenever you have a new retail-based need.

Another great deal in the net Valentino's Displays Blog
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