Another great deal in the net

Valentino’s Displays is proud to announce our recent merger with Kian Nets. Our go-to supplier of retail shopping baskets, Kian Nets has always provided high-quality products made right here in the UK.

Now that our companies have merged, we will continue to provide the same impeccable service that you have come to expect from Valentino’s Displays. The only difference to you is that we will have more control over the manufacture of each fabric shopping basket. That means we will be able to fulfil bespoke orders more quickly and with ease.

Appreciate the Highest Quality Trendy Reusable Shopping Bags

As we are now the single retailer of these cloth shopping baskets, you won’t find quality like this anywhere else. Carefully crafted from high-quality polyester material, these mesh shopping baskets won’t ladder if you get a hole in them. These reusable fabric baskets have been made to provide many years of service so that you get the very best value for money from your purchase.

We have been lucky enough to work with Kian Nets for some time now, offering their cloth shopping baskets with handles on our website. You can take a look at the existing range here. With our new working relationship, we hope to expand our range of cloth shopping baskets for sale. This will ensure that you never need to go anywhere else to purchase your collapsible shopping baskets, nets and stands.

As always, it is our intention that Valentino’s Displays should be a one-stop shop for all your retail needs. Our latest business move takes us ever closer to that target.

The Only Place to Buy Collapsible Shopping Basket UK

Send us your bespoke business requests and we will create you a custom range of reusable retail baskets. Whatever colour, shape, size or texture you require, Valentino’s Displays will be happy to deliver. If you’d like your baskets to be branded, we can arrange that too. If you have shopping baskets that fit in with your brand image, then customers will instantly recognise them and link them to your business. Brand recognition is one of the most important marketing tools you have, helping to built trust and loyalty through clever use of colour, symbols and product placement.

We also sell stands for baskets and fabric shopping bags, as well as a range of netted items that may also come in useful. These can also all be customised to your brand design.

Buy Cloth Shopping Baskets Wholesale

Of course, most shops will require more than one or two baskets, which is why we are keen to tell you about our wholesale prices. The more cloth baskets you buy, the cheaper the price per unit will be. That is true of both bespoke and ready-made orders, so stock up all in one go to get the best value for money.

Our price benefits don’t end there either! Spend over £100 and we will give you free delivery anywhere in the UK! Our merger with Kian Nets has done nothing to dampen our enthusiasm for offering excellent customer service. We want to ensure we have the happiest customers in retail, so that you return to us again and again, whenever you have a new retail-based need.

Another great deal in the net Valentino's Displays Blog
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Awesome custom hangers for England – World Cup 2018

Very recently, we were asked to produce some unique clothes hangers for a very special client. While the England Squad is busy packing their bags ready to head to Kiev for the FIFA World Cup in Russia, their associates were hurriedly preparing everything they’d need to present a professional image at this world-class event. For the ultimate finishing touch, The Football Association had decided to supply each player with custom England Football Team hangers, printed with the classic Three Lions England logo, and came to us for help.

The Project

We were asked by the FA to produce a number of hangers for the England Squad, in a natural wood colour with the England crest in gold. They had decided on suit hangers, so they would be flexible enough to hold robes, dinner suits and other items as required, and needed them produced very quickly in order to be included with the rest of the England Football Team freight which was heading out to Kiev in a matter of days.

Awesome custom hangers for England - World Cup 2018 Valentino's Displays Blog

We recommended a Broad Shaped Wooden Hanger as the base model, as this is a strong, durable hanger suitable for housing a wide variety of apparel. The non-slip centre bar is ideal for storing trousers without the worry of creasing, and the flathead would provide the perfect surface for the application of the England Crest in their chosen golden hue.

The results

We think you’ll agree that these custom printed hangers for the FA look simply amazing. The eye-catching Three Lions England logo is resplendent in shimmering gold, and we’re thrilled to have delivered everything in good time to get it shipped to the player’s hotel. By the time the England Squad arrive in their hotel, at the headquarters of the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018, our hangers will be ready and waiting in their rooms to give them a boost as they settle in for the competition.

Although getting such a big order on a short deadline is always challenging, as usual, Valentino’s rose to the challenge. We hope that the England football team will rise to the challenge of the World Cup 2018 too and that they bring home a great result for us and for our valued clients at the Football Association.

If you’re interested in having some amazing custom printed hangers produced for your business, club or special event, simply get in touch with the experts at Valentino’s and we’ll be happy to help.

Awesome custom hangers for England - World Cup 2018 Valentino's Displays Blog

Awesome custom hangers for England - World Cup 2018 Valentino's Displays Blog

Awesome custom hangers for England - World Cup 2018 Valentino's Displays Blog

Awesome custom hangers for England - World Cup 2018 Valentino's Displays Blog

Awesome custom hangers for England - World Cup 2018 Valentino's Displays Blog

Awesome custom hangers for England - World Cup 2018 Valentino's Displays Blog

Awesome custom hangers for England - World Cup 2018 Valentino's Displays Blog

Awesome custom hangers for England - World Cup 2018 Valentino's Displays Blog

Awesome custom hangers for England - World Cup 2018 Valentino's Displays Blog

Awesome custom hangers for England - World Cup 2018 Valentino's Displays Blog

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Five top tips for product packaging

While visual merchandising is a critical aspect of attracting customers to buy your products, retailers often forget how important the packaging of the product itself is. Product packaging is a crucial marketing tool and can be the convincing factor that makes your customers buy. When you are thinking of how to make your products more attractive, product packaging may be more important than you may think.

Importance of product packaging

1. Sign of quality

While it may be up to the manufacturer to package products, and not you as a retailer, having well-packaged products will show your store in the best possible light. As a retailer, you should make sure that you present your products beautifully. Product packaging should be clean, free of dust and in good condition. If product packaging is damaged or scruffy, then you may be putting off your customers from purchasing.

2. Instantly recognisable

If you sell products exclusively, then branded packaging may be the key to your success. Branded packaging can be instantly recognisable which will be an immediate draw for customers. If you have exclusive items or sell a specific brand which is popular with your customers, then try to theme your point of sale areas with the same packaging colours and use it as a marketing tool. You may be able to ask manufacturers for their own point of sale displays to further improve your marketing.

3. Customer service

If you sell delicate or fragile items, then it may be your responsibility to package items accordingly after the sale. How you sell and deliver your products to the customer is a sign of quality customer service and is not an area where you will want to fall short. Consider packagings such asbubble wrap,wrapping paper, andtissue paper. As well as this, you should considercarrier bags.After all, the presentation is everything.

4. Online shopping

87% of UK citizensshop online. With this in mind, having an e-commerce store and well as a physical shop can be an excellent way to boost sales and improve your bottom line. However, online sales are only worthwhile if you make sure the product arrives in good condition to minimise the chance of returns and refunds. Product packaging is vital to protect your goods and make sure that they arrive at the customer in pristine condition.

5. Buyer influence

How you package products can be just as influential as to how you display products. The colours you use in product packaging and the type of packaging used can significantly influence a customer’s buying decision. When you are researching for products to sell, it is essential to check their packaging as well as the product. The product packaging needs to align with your brand, and it is not worth having a great product if the packaging looks poor. When selecting your products to sell, make sure to check the packaging so that it aligns with your shop and will be successful.

Purchase product packaging at Valentino’s Displays

To make sure you deliver products, with care and style, the packaging is essential. At Valentino’s Displays, we stock a range of product packaging to make your products stand out for all the right reasons. Where you pack items for customers or send products through online shopping, we have the packaging to help. Browseour collectionnow orcontact the teamto find out more.

Five top tips for product packaging Valentino's Displays Blog

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Top tips from the Visual Merchandising and Display Awards

The Visual Merchandising and Display Awards are an important retail award ceremony that celebrates one of the most critical aspects of shops that can help to increase sales. Taking place annually, the event celebrates excellence, innovation and originality for creatives, retailers and suppliers.

Any retailer or visual merchandising team can take part in the award ceremony as they are entirely free to enter and there are over twenty categories to pitch for. The awards celebrate both independent, individual and small shops as well as the larger multiple retail outlets. If you are considering entering for 2018, here are some top tips from the winners of the Visual Merchandising and Display Awards from 2017.

Top visual merchandising tips from the Visual Merchandising and Display Awards

1. Go wild with props

Props can be an excellent way to get people talking about your display and can be as big and dramatic as you want. With props, you can create an incredibly creative design and tie in your products in a way that suits you. Props may simply be used as a platform to display products.

The winner for the most outstanding feature in the VM and Display Awards 2017 was the retail fashion store, Missguided. For their entry, they used a bright pink Jeep, with their mannequins showing their clothing range set up around the vehicle. While the Jeep had no link to the clothes, it was a way to inspire a road trip wardrobe as well as being a remarkable feature in the middle of the store that certainly attracted attention.

2. Give your mannequins life

If you use mannequins to display products, then you could be missing an excellent visual merchandising trick. Have you ever thought about bringing your mannequins to life? Mannequins do not simply have to stand there; they can be in the heart of the action. For example, yourmannequincould be taking yourmannequin dogfor a walk?

The winner of the VM and Display Awards for 2017, Hackett, had their mannequin performing a skydiving landing into the water. At Valentino’s Display, we offer a range offlexible mannequinsas well asaction mannequinsso that your display dummies have character and life. With this, your customers can see how products can be a part of their life, not just a great display.

3. Make the most of seasonal events

Christmas window displays are almost as important as Christmas adverts on the television. Seasonal events are an excellent opportunity for you to wow passers-by and make sure people are mesmerised by your store. Festivities give you the artistic licence to pull out all the stops and go big and bold with your design.

Unsurprisingly, John Lewis were the winners of the Christmas Display Award in the VM and Display Awards for 2017 with their underground woodland cave window featuring cosy snugs that brought the true essence of winter and Christmas, without a Santa Claus insight.

Want to enter this year’s awards?

At Valentino’s Displays, we have a vast range of visual merchandising and display products to help you create the perfect window and in-store display. If you have an idea but need some help turning it into reality, our display equipment can help. Browse ourextensive collection hereand don’t hesitate to call on 01489 808007 for friendly advice. We look forward to seeing your entry!

Top tips from the Visual Merchandising and Display Awards Valentino's Displays Blog

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