Is a ghost mannequin the best way to display clothes to sell online?

E-commerce is a highly competitive market, so it is more important than ever to make your clothes stand out. No matter how good your clothes look in-store, if you don’t have the best photographs for your online retail platform, you’ll put customers off.

Will Ghost Mannequin Photography Help Your Clothes Sell?

Many retailers have started using mannequins to take pictures. There are many advantages to this, including:

  • Not having to pay a model
  • Being able to rearrange the clothes in a lifelike fashion
  • Getting a uniform look throughout your photographs.

However, an invisible mannequin will take your photos to the next level if you do it right. Invisible, or ghost, mannequins have removable pieces that you can take away to make it look like there is no mannequin in your photos. But they portray your clothes in a flattering light so that customers can imagine what they would look like if they wore them.

And anything that gets your customers to think that way will help sales.

When Not to Use a Ghost Mannequin

A mannequin is not always the best option. If you are trying to photograph an item that just doesn’t sit well on it, your picture will portray a lumpy, unattractive item. It is a good idea to have a range of mannequins in different sizes, in this case, to ensure your clothes always look their best. You can also use pins or pegs to hold garments in place, but make sure the final look is even and representative of how the customer might look when wearing that item.

Of course, this does get expensive. And then you have to find somewhere to store all these mannequins. And all the pinning, pegging, and rearranging of clothes can be very time-consuming. You have to weigh up all the options to decide if this is the best one for your store.

How Else Can You Display Your Clothing?

Ghost mannequin photography is not the only way to present your wares. There are various other ways to get the picture that will sell your clothes.

  • Lay Flat: This is the simplest, cheapest way to take pictures of your clothes and is often favoured by amateur sellers on sites like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and Vinted. You simply lie the clothes out on the floor, on a table, or on another flat surface, and snap away! The background will make or break this sale for you, so ideally, you want to find a plain white surface that is free from bumps or blemishes.
  • Model: Getting someone to wear your clothes is one of the best ways to demonstrate how they look when worn, with results often equal to, or better than, an invisible mannequin. It also allows you to show how these items might look when paired with other garments from the range. If you can, getting a professional model will present each item in its best light. This can be expensive. Alternatively, you can get your friends and family involved or even model yourself, using a remote shutter to take pictures.
  • Hangers: The original ghost mannequin photography! If you have nothing else but hangers to hand, these can still help to create attractive pictures. Make sure they are nice, thick hangers and plain in style. And give them something equally plain but stable to hang from.

Other Things to Consider When Taking Photos

Whether you decide to use hangers, models, a flat surface or a ghost mannequin for your photography, there are several other things to consider for the best result.

Make sure you have a good camera that can take high-resolution pictures. It is also a good idea to have a tripod to keep the camera steady as you snap each picture. This will help reduce blurriness or poor picture quality.

You should have some professional lighting equipment in place. Poorly lit photographs will look dull and unattractive on the internet. The right light will bring your clothing to life!

Finally, make sure you have a good backdrop for your items. Most retailers will choose a plain white background for their items. This looks great on the internet, is cheap to source, and will present your clothing at its best. If you do want to choose a coloured backdrop so that your photographs are more on brand, make sure it is plain so that it does not distract from the garments.

And don’t forget to iron or steam the clothes before photographing. It doesn’t matter if you have a model, an invisible mannequin, or hangers, creased items won’t present the best image to your customers. Don’t assume those creases will drop out or that you can pull your clothing smooth. Take a few minutes before each shot to ensure your items are perfect.

A Few Tips for Ghost Mannequin Photography

There is a bit of art when it comes to using an invisible mannequin. Firstly, you need to take a photo of the front of the garment. Then, you’ll need a second picture of the back but turned inside out. You can then use your editing software to merge these images so it looks like you have the whole item in one picture. You’ll need to take both pictures from the exact same spot and remove any background for a seamless finish. There is a great explanation of how to do this here.

Get Your Invisible Mannequin from Valentino’s Displays

We’ve got a vast range of mannequins at the very best prices for our loyal customers. We offer discounts on bulk orders, free shipping on baskets over £100, and a 14-day money-back guarantee. Plus, our customer service is second-to-none!

Our ghost mannequins are made from various materials and have several removable pieces to allow you to customise your form. The joints are magnetic for the easiest removal and reattachment. If you require something different, we always welcome a challenge! Just get in touch.


Are shop fittings a current asset?

Everyone is online these days, making high streets and shopping malls a much quieter place to be and reducing the need for shopfitting supplies. Many companies have chosen to be online only, decreasing their overheads and taking advantage of social internet tools. However, the smartest businesses have a presence online and on the high street, making sure they see profits from every possible angle.

But these businesses know that the high street is a more challenging place to be now, which is why they pull out all the stops to encourage passing trade and create a welcoming, attractive store. The right shop fittings can make a business, while a lack of them can break it. What do you need to create a stand-out store? Read on to find out!

What Are Shop Fittings?

Shop fittings include everything in your store that you do not intend to sell. This includes your shelving, clothing rails, display tables, hangers, baskets, mannequins, and anything else that you have in your retail space. The process of shop fitting even includes the design and layout of your store. Quite simply, it is impossible to have a shop without fittings. Unless you have an empty room and just throw some items for sale inside it. Even then, you’ll probably need a way of taking cash and handing out change, so this would count as a shop fitting!

According to Crown Display, “Shopfitting (or ‘shop fitting’) is the profession involved with the fitting out of retail and commercial outlets with their business-specific equipment, fixtures and fittings.” They go on to say that it is not just how a store looks that is important, but how user-friendly it is. Customers should be able to navigate the aisles with ease and find exactly what they are looking for without having to push other things out of the way.

This is a particularly difficult issue in clothes shops with longer rails and charity shops which sell bric-a-brac. That is why a good service with high-quality shop fitting supplies and advice is essential at the current time.

What Shop Fittings Do All Stores Need?

While the exact shop fittings you need will vary depending on the size of your shop, the nature of your products, and your budget, there are a few basics that will be the same for everyone. These include:

  • Disabled Access: This doesn’t sound like a shop fitting, does it?! Well, it’s one of the most important since it is required by law. And it will affect the type of physical shop fittings that you buy. What this means is that it should be easy for a wheelchair to get in and around your store. If you have stairs, you’ll need to provide alternative ways for wheelchairs to access the other floors, such as a ramp or lift. And you might want to consider lower counters and shelving (or at least plenty of staff on hand to help when someone can’t reach them). You should also make sure there is never anything blocking access.
  • Lighting: Of course, you’ll need lighting so that customers know your shop is open and can see your goods. But, used well, lighting can highlight key areas of your store. Add colour and texture to the space with different shades and strengths, helping to create the atmosphere that best suits your brand. But make sure your items can still be seen in the best possible light.
  • Shelving: Almost all stores will require some kind of shelving. Whether you are a homeware store looking to display rows and rows of mugs and glasses or a clothing store that needs somewhere to stack jeans, your shelving should never be too high or over-full. Certain items might need sloping shelves rather than traditional straight ones. For example, items like bedding and anything in boxes, like chocolates, will be better able to catch customers’ eyes when on full display rather than stacked up high.

Another thing to note about shelving is that you probably want to invest in fixtures that allow you to adjust the shelves. This means you have room to move things around or make the space you need for larger or smaller products in the future.

And don’t forget warehouse shelving. This doesn’t have to be beautiful, but it does have to be accessible and make it easy to find what you are looking for when it comes to replenishing the shelves in your main store area.

  • Counter and epos systems: You probably want your customers to pay for the items they like, so you’ll need a well-signposted counter area with an epos system. Make sure it is very easy to find in your store so that customers don’t end up putting an item back on the shelf, or worse, taking it without paying.

As already mentioned, you should have a counter low enough that you can serve anyone in a wheelchair. Or at least a section of your counter that allows you to do so.

And your till needs to be able to make quick transactions. Bear in mind that most shoppers now expect to be able to pay with cash or by card, and some even now do it on their phone, so you should have the facilities available to allow for any option.

  • Labelling Systems: How are you going to tell customers how much everything is? Will you stick labels on every individual item, or do you need signage on your shelving to save some time? Even if you own the type of shop where everything is the same price (i.e., a Pound store), you’ll need labels to tell people what things are.
  • Security Systems: You’ll need some sort of theft deterrent, such as CCTV, angled mirrors, and alarms by the front door. Or perhaps you intend to hire a security guard if your store is a little more remote. You’ll also need somewhere to safely store your takings at the end of the day. And perhaps a coded lock on your storeroom to stop bigger-scale theft.

What Other Shop Fitting Supplies Do You Need?

Those are the non-negotiables when it comes to shopfitting supplies. But, to stay relevant in current times, this is not nearly enough to entice customers to buy from you. The additional shop fittings you’ll need will depend on your products, but they could include:

  • Exterior signage: Let customers know you are open and encourage them inside with a well-placed A-board.
  • Brochure stands/racks: These can be used to sell cards and gifts, or as an information point to boost online sales or encourage shoppers to do something else helpful for your business.
  • Carrier bags: While these have become a bit of a contentious point since the new compulsory charge came in, they are also still vital for multiple purchases.
  • Clothes rails and hangers: You can’t have a clothing store without them!
  • Lockers: These are ideal if you have a lot of staff and nowhere convenient and safe for them to store their belongings.
  • Mannequins: Put your wares on full display and maximise your profits!
  • Poster boards: The best signs are the biggest ones! Use these shop fittings to draw attention to special deals or to provide important information.
  • Baskets and trolleys: The easier you make it for customers to carry multiple items, the more likely they are to buy more!

And finally, make sure your window display stands out in a crowd by adding bright and colourful accessories and demonstrating the products you have for sale.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Shop Fitting Supplies?

We all know the answer to that one – Valentino’s Displays of course!

Keeping up to date with current shopfitting trends isn’t all about whether or not you need them. You also need to buy products that are high-quality and will match the atmosphere that you are trying to create in your store. The items you sell are really only half the battle. You need to sell a lifestyle, and that can be done incredibly effectively in a physical store.

So, you’ll want to make sure your supplier is one you can trust to provide good products and great advice. At Valentino’s Displays, we do both! Unsure about what you need for your shop? Give us a call, and we will talk you through all your options – including those that you can’t see online. And if you have an idea for something unique, we’d love to hear it. We can either source it for you or manufacture it ourselves.

Let Valentino’s supply your fixtures and fittings

As the best UK shop fitting suppliers, we want our customers to keep coming back to us. That means your success is as important as our own. We keep ahead of all the latest trends and insider business knowledge in order to provide you with the best advice. Give us a call or send us an email to find out more!

are shop fittings a current asset?

Where to buy shop displays?

So, you’ve got your shopfitting basics set and now you need a shop display that will draw customers in and create a lovely focal point within your store. Of course, we know the best place to buy these sorts of shop displays is Valentino’s Displays. So, let’s talk about why!

How to Buy Shop Display Supplies

There are lots of different ways you can create displays in your store. The first thing to do is decide what kind of display you want. According to Vend by Lightspeed, “Retail displays and visual merchandising are — and will always be — essential in driving attention and conversions in brick-and-mortar retail.”

The website goes on to list some fantastic shop display ideas, including:

  • Immersive Displays: If you are selling coats, create a display that emulates the environment you might want to wear a coat in. You could paint the wall a cold colour, add a sign, and maybe even include a gentle wind machine (don’t make it too cold or your customers won’t want to come in!)
  • Green Displays: Add some green plants to your display to create the most beautiful scenery. Plants instantly elevate a design while also helping to purify the air and promoting an inviting atmosphere. If you have camouflage clothing to sell, the plants could help set the right tone.
  • Cross Displays: Want to promote accessories and trousers at the same time? Make sure you pair matching designs in your shop display, and you’ll sell twice as many items as customers see how well they go together.
  • Child-Friendly Displays: If you sell kids’ clothes or anything for children, try to build interactive displays they’ll love. Not only does this make the shopping experience stress-free for the parents (so they are better able to browse and spend money), but it will also encourage more sales with the secret weapon of ‘pester-power’ as the children realise how much they want the products you have on display.
  • Portable Displays: If you have a smaller store, a portable display gives you a little more flexibility with the space. You can put it up when you have less stock and take it away when you need more items on the shop floor. If space is an issue, make sure you promote fewer items more effectively. This should always be your star item and one or two matching items only.
  • Seasonal Displays: It is important to be different, but you can’t just ignore the seasons! So, bring something new to your Christmas display. Or brighten up your Easter design with some sparkle or unusual props. Think: on-trend but with an exciting twist.

Don’t forget that shop displays don’t have to be big, bold, and in the centre of the room. Every time you put something on a shelf or hanger, you should be considering how it looks. It is a great idea to categorize items across your store so they look neater. Colour coordinating things has a dramatic impact on the overall effect of your shop while having sections for different types of items makes it easier for customers to find what they are looking for.

Ensure there is plenty of space around your items too so that customers can easily make their way around and give all your products the attention they deserve. If customers have to fight for space, they’ll pass by things that they might have bought otherwise.

Eye-catching Retail and Shop Displays for Sale

So, what items do you need to create an effective store display? This will depend completely on the type of products you sell. But some of the items might include:

  • Card and gift stands: While these might not be the most creative displays, they really do help your cards and literature stand out in a busy shop environment. If you are a gift shop that sells greetings cards, or a tourist information centre that offers free brochures for local attractions, then these are a must-have for your store.
  • Clothes rails: These don’t have to be the focal part of your display, but they should be nearby and full of the clothes you are promoting on the display so that your customers know exactly where to find those items that they didn’t know they needed until they entered your shop.
  • Display counters: If the items you sell are valuable, you might not want them to be displayed where all your customers can touch them. Our display counters are great because they ensure your items get the attention they deserve without being touched by lots of fingers. Just make sure you always have a sales assistant close by, so that customers can ask for more information or to buy items that they love.
  • Mannequins: No clothing display is complete without a mannequin or two. If you are short of space, then one mannequin showing off your star outfit and matching accessories will be fine. If you are lucky enough to have room to play with, get creative! Mannequins come in all shapes and sizes so you can create an inclusive display that depicts a scene or brings your dummy characters to life! And the more mannequins you have, the more of your garments you can show off at once!

After that, you can really get creative. Add props and accessories that enhance the message your shop display is trying to convey. Make it as eye-catching as possible, and you can almost guarantee higher profits as a result!

Don’t Be Afraid to Recycle your Displays!

While you’ll want the best framework for your displays, it can really pay off to reuse and recycle props that you already have. You can upcycle old pieces of furniture and give them a new look that matches your display and really think outside of the box with your look. If you’ve not got the perfect item, scour second-hand stores. Not only does this save you a bit of money, but it might provide inspiration that you would never have had otherwise.

Most shop displays stand on the floor, but you could have items hanging from the ceiling into the center of the room. You could have mannequins climbing the sides of your store or standing on top of each other, cheerleader style (with a very supportive structure in place!). To stand out, your displays need to be different to what everyone else has. That is why second-hand items can be perfect. You know for sure that your competitor next door won’t be doing the same thing!

With that in mind, don’t be afraid to get crafty either. If you’ve got an idea and you think you can make it yourself, go for it! If it doesn’t work out, nobody has to know. But if it does, you’ll have the most unique display on the whole high street!

Why Valentino’s Displays is the Best Place to Buy Shop Fittings

If you are looking to buy shop display supplies, there is no better place than Valentino’s. Of course, we would say that! But you only have to look at our reviews to see that it is true.

Our customers love our products and the value they bring to their retail spaces. They appreciate the high-quality design and low prices, as well as the sheer number of products that we have on sale. This makes us a one-stop shop for everything you might need for your store. From shop displays for sale to simple things like hangers, baskets, and shelving, we have it all!

Great Savings with FREE Delivery on Shop Displays!

Our customers also really appreciate our premium customer service. Antonio is known for his keenness to go above and beyond for his customers. Like something you see but want it in a different colour? Antonio can do that for you. Or perhaps you have a new shop and don’t know where to start. Antonio is an expert, and he can talk you through it all. Our entire customer service team is always just at the end of the phone or ready to respond to your emails as soon as possible.

Finally, our great service doesn’t end with your purchase. We offer FREE delivery on orders over £100, as well as bulk discounts and a 14-day money-back guarantee. We know these kinds of shopping perks help you to buy with confidence, knowing that you can return anything that isn’t right. Or if you’ve simply changed your mind. So, what are you waiting for? You wanted to know where to buy shop fittings? Get to Valentino’s Display’s online shop now!

Buy Shop Displays

What is the average price of a mannequin head with shoulders?

How much you spend on your mannequin head with shoulders will depend on several things. Your budget, the material the mannequin is made from, the quality of construction, and additional features. Generally, you could be paying anything from £15 to £250, although the fibreglass version at Valentino’s Displays is £39.95 – a reasonable price that you can expect to pay.

If you are looking for a mannequin head that can survive a busy retail environment, then fibreglass is a great option, as it is strong, durable, and attractive. These mannequin styles do tend to look more beautiful as they are easier to mould with realistic features. As you might imagine, not all fibreglass mannequin heads with shoulders are made equal. Let’s take a look at the production process.

How Are Mannequin Heads Made?

The process starts with a lump of clay, which is moulded into the shape required, complete with facial features. A cast is taken of the final clay masterpiece which is used to recreate the design in fibreglass.

The fibreglass is poured into the mould and left to set. This part is what sets some of the lower-quality mannequin heads with shoulders apart from the higher-quality ones. The best mannequins have several layers of fibreglass, allowing them to set in between pours to create a far more durable structure that is unlikely to crack or break.

When the moulding process is complete, each mannequin head is removed from its cast and sanded down to create a smooth finish. It can then be painted in whichever colour the client requires.

It is a long process, made longer by adding more layers of fibreglass. This extra time and material will push up the price of your mannequin head with shoulders.

The process may differ slightly when using other materials, but this is the basic system that works well in most cases.

What Are Some Alternative Materials?

Fibreglass is the most popular material for mannequins for a good reason – it creates an impressive design and is strong. But there are other options you might like to consider.

  • Plastic is a great alternative if your primary goal is to have a mannequin that will withstand a busy shop where it might get pushed or bashed with bags. Plastic skull heads are one of the most durable options and are far cheaper than some other choices. However, it doesn’t have that fashion finish that is important to many.
  • Wood was the first material to be crafted into a mannequin shape. It is very durable and has an incredibly pleasing aesthetic, offering a high-end look for your retail store. However, wooden mannequin heads are heavy, and it can be difficult to get the lifelike finish that some people want. It is also very expensive.
  • Polystyrene mannequin head with shoulders is the cheapest option, most popular with wig designers due to the fact that pins can be placed into the material without permanently damaging the structure. If you are trying to promote a high-end fashion aesthetic, however, this might not be the material for you.

Why Do You Need a Mannequin Head with Shoulders?

After looking at the prices and options, you might be wondering if shoulders are really an important part of your display process anyway. There are plenty of mannequin heads out there that don’t have shoulders.

Shoulders really only add a small amount of extra material to your mannequin, so the difference in price for a mannequin with shoulders and one without is not actually that huge. At Valentino’s our fibreglass mannequin head with shoulders is the same price as our mannequin head without!

So, adding shoulders is really a personal choice. It makes little difference to your budget, but you might prefer the look of shoulders. It adds a realistic edge to your display that is attractive and lets chokers, necklaces, and scarves sit more naturally.

If, however, you intend to place your mannequin head on top of a headless mannequin at any point, the shoulders will get in the way. In this case, you’ll be better off choosing one without shoulders.

Why Do You Need a Mannequin Head At All?

When it comes to displaying accessories that sit on the head, like necklaces, hats, wigs, scarves, ties, etc, there is no better way than using a mannequin head. It doesn’t matter how else you try and display these items; they just won’t sell as well as when they are displayed on a mannequin head with shoulders. Some even have holes for earrings, so you can show them off too!

When it comes to selling items such as wigs, it is impossible to display these accurately without a stand. According to Simply Wigs, a mannequin head allows for a prettier shape of the wig so that the hair falls naturally and people can see what it might look like on their own head.

This is the same for hats – customers can see how they are supposed to fit properly. Meanwhile, a mannequin head with shoulders can more accurately depict the length of a necklace than one without.

Mannequin heads also act as a signpost in your store, with an eye-catching look that effortlessly shows customers where the accessory section is.

Why You Should Choose One from Valentino’s?

Now that you know the various options, you can simply go and buy your mannequin head. There are hundreds of retailers on the market selling mannequin heads in a variety of different qualities. But we believe that Valentino’s Displays is the only supplier worth buying from. That’s because:

  • Our products are very well made – they will last the test of time and serve your business well.
  • Our products are priced competitively – without compromising on quality, we have priced our items as low as we possibly can. Your mannequin head with shoulders will have paid for itself in no time at all!
  • We have a great range of products – we have so many mannequins! Our website currently only shows one mannequin head with shoulders, which makes it easier if you are unsure of what you want and would prefer to avoid the decision-making process. But, if you want something different to what you can see on our website, we can make you a bespoke model that will perfectly fit your needs.
  • Our customer service team are amazing – no problem is too small, and no question is silly. We are here to help no matter what it is that you need.
  • We offer wholesale discounts – the more you buy, the cheaper it gets! This is just one of the few perks of buying in bulk with us.

FREE delivery on a Mannequin Head with Shoulders

We also offer free delivery on orders over £100 and a 14-day money-back guarantee that helps you to buy with confidence. All this helps to keep the cost of your mannequin head with shoulders to a minimum, so you can make more money and get the most value from your purchase with us.