Merchandising Tips for Jewellery

Jewellery retail visual merchandising is unique, products are generally locked away out of customers reach, meaning they have to rely on how it looks when establishing an initial intertest. If a customer doesn’t like the way a product looks on display, it’s likely they’ll never get to the stage of approaching a member of staff for a closer look, they might not even get past the window display.

This blog focuses on how you can use visual merchandising in your jewellery retail store to make sure your products speak for themselves.

1. Make use of mannequins

Mannequins are a great tool to help you make specific products stand out, they can be used both in your shop floor display and window display to encourage customers to use their imaginations. A necklace hanging on a display head mannequin or a ring on a mannequin display hand will help the customer visualise wearing the item.

2. Group your products by brand as well as category

Make it as easy as possible for customers to find what they’re after. Browsers will wonder around looking at all your different displays, but most serious buyers will already have an idea of what they want. By grouping necklaces, rings, watchers etc. together you’ll make it easy for shoppers to cut through the noise. Equally some shoppers will be looking for a specific brand, so grouping these together in a separate display will help them focus.

3. Don’t be afraid to be creative with props

It’s likely you have a range of products you want to ensure catch each customer’s eye. Using props can help you make a feature of these products, grabbing customers’ attentions.

There’s an endless list of options with props and you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment and get creative, but remember, the main objective here is to showcase the products in your jewellery display, not the props.

Visual Merchandising Tips for Jewellery Retail

Source: Pinterest

4. Remember the importance of good lighting

The lighting in your jewellery store needs to compliment your products, make it easy for customers to see the products through the glass, whilst also creating the right atmosphere. Review the lighting in your store regularly, make sure no bulbs are out and ensure you are happy with how the products look under the lights.

Including lighting inside your display counters can help reduce any reflections and distortions caused by external lighting.

5. Ensure your customer’s comfort

Add to the customer’s buying experience by ensuring they are comfortable throughout it, once they have decided they want to look closer at a product, offer them a seat, allow the customer to sit comfortably whilst trying on their chosen product. Have a mirror on hand rather than them having to get up and walk across the store to look at each item.

Valentino’s Displays have a wide range of products to help you create the perfect jewellery display, visit our main website to find out more.

Have you seen or created any inspiring jewellery displays? We would love to hear about your experiences, let us know in the comments sections below.

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Why is Font Important for Your Promotional Materials?

Font choice is often overlooked in DIY promotional materials, a last-minute decision just before printing, perhaps even left as the automatic font, but font choice is important.

If you’re designing your own promotional materials it’s likely to be a cost-saving strategy rather than because you’re a budding graphic designer stuck in the wrong job. We’ve created a straightforward checklist to help you avoid any printing disasters and make sure you have the perfect font every time.

Why is Font Important for Your Promotional Materials?


1. Does your font choice fit with your brand?

Ask yourself what your brand stands for. Is it ethical, fun, elegant or loud? Do you have any particular colour palette that represents your brand?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, a good starting point is to brainstorm the qualities and characteristics that make up your brand. You can then ensure you choose a font that captures these qualities and gives your customers a consistent message of what your company is all about.

2. Will your font choice be readable from the required distance?

If you’re designing a poster you need to consider the size of the font you use, making sure it will be clear and readable once displayed in your poster frame. Your poster needs to grab your customers attention initially, and then clearly communicate your message to them. A bold, clear font is likely to be much more suitable here than a curly, handwriting styled font.

If your poster is not readable, you may be better off changing the font rather than simply increasing the font size.

3. Will your font choice catch your customers’ eye?

The font you choose needs to match with your objectives. If you’re aiming to draw attention, the right font will help.

Branded carrier bags are a great way to spread awareness of your brand, especially as people generally reuse bags these days. A carrier bag doesn’t have long to grab a passer-by’s attention, but using a clear, bold font that compliments your logo will help ensure your branded bags are spreading the word about your company.

4. Is your chosen font appropriate for the message you’re delivering?

Every font has its own mood or personality, some are serious, some casual, whilst others may be considered playful or elegant. Before deciding on a font, determine what it means to you and ask colleagues if they have the same impression. This will ensure you avoid using a comical font when delivering a serious message or a casual font for a formal event.

If your designing a poster for an A-board advertising a fun, loud event for children, make sure your font is in line with this.

5. Have you printed a test copy?

Before committing to a large print run, print off one copy to make sure it looks as good on paper as it does on your screen. Don’t be afraid to play around with your font and print off several options to compare.

Once you’ve spent time ensuring your promotional materials are up to scratch, make sure you display them in their best light. Valentino’s Displays have everything you need to showcase your promotional materials. Visit out main website to see all the options.

Have you had any font disasters or successes? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Providing Unique In-store Experiences

Retailers who can provide unique in-store experiences gain a great advantage over both their bricks and mortar and digital competitors. Giving customers an experience they can’t get elsewhere is a fantastic way to encourage customers to make a trip to your store rather than shopping online or visiting a store offering the same products.

In November 2015 Urban Outfitters purchased the Pizzeria Vetri chain from the Vetri Family and was expected to introduce the chain to its flagship stores having already started offering books, coffee and some food in their newest stores. The outcome of this risky purchase is not yet clear, it certainly offers a unique experience, but there are plenty of other ways to use experiences to gain a competitive edge and all signs point to digital.

Retailers are starting to create multi-channel shopping experiences, that is, bringing online into their bricks and mortar stores. Apple have created a seamless link between the convenience of electronic payment and the reassurance of shopping in-store by removing the traditional till area. Instead payments are processed by staff on iPads, the receipt is then emailed directly to the customer.

This concept can be easily adapted to function in a wide variety of stores, offering additional convenience to customers who wish to take advantage of online services, whilst maintaining the traditional store features. Allowing customers to talk to expert staff, view the product they’re interested in, in a physical store, before easily placing an order online for swift home delivery could be particularly beneficial in a store selling larger merchandise such as furniture and white goods.

Providing customers with a shopping option which allows them to walk in to a store, scan an item, pay for it on their phone and either leave with the product or organise home delivery is just half the picture. As augmented reality technology develops it is expected it will soon be possible to reduce the scope of a customer’s search. Apps are already in development allowing customers to programme their phones with the products they are looking for and then see only those products on the store shelves.

The Importance of Providing Unique In-store Experiences

Source: Intel

As technologies, such a virtual reality and augmented reality become more widely available retailers are beginning to pick up on them to provide customers with a truly unique experience. Tesla motors have recently introduced interactive displays to their Toronto store, including design studios allowing customers to configure their own car and then view it on an 85” screen. Whilst McDonald’s has released Happy Meal boxes that customers can fold into a cardboard VR headset. Customers can then download a McDonald’s virtual reality app on their phone, slide the phone into the goggles and have a virtual reality experience.

Recent research has found that shoppers are much more likely to purchase home furnishings if they can view the products in their home ahead of purchasing, this is achievable through augmented reality and is something many customers may come to expect in the future.

The shop floor displays of the near future are likely to include a digital element, combining in-store with e-commerce, offering an interactive experience and ultimately encouraging customers to leave the comfort of their homes to visit a physical store.

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Autumn Display Ideas

Autumn is nearly here, although you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s already here based on the August weather, but the official commencement of the colourful season is September. Autumn is a cosy, snuggly season, full of oranges and reds, hot stews, roaring fires, and warm jumpers. It’s the perfect theme for your shop window and shop floor displays, sure to get your customers parting with their pounds.

There’s so much you can do with this theme to draw customers in from the high street and get them spending in your store, here’s a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Get creative with Autumn colours

Autumn is full of wonderful, warm colours crying out to be incorporated into your shop display. Arty chalk boards are a trendy way to advertise your offerings to passers-by and a great way to use all the beautiful seasonal colours. If you’ve got an arty streak, it’s your time to shine, but don’t worry, it’s possible to create great chalk board displays without too much skill. Have a search around on the internet for some inspiration.

Ideas for Autumn Display

Source: Pinterest

If you don’t have the space outside your store for a chalk board, you could include one within your shop window display.

Ideas for Autumn Displays

Source: Pinterest

2. Draw your customers towards snuggly items

There’s nothing better than a soft blanket, or a cosy pair of pyjamas to take off the Autumn chill. If you sell these types of products, tune into your customers desire to warm up and hibernate when they get home.

A great way to increase sales of blankets and fluffy socks is to display them in your shop’s main walk ways, you can use dump bins to make it easy for customers to pick these items up.

3. Don’t forget your Autumn food stock

Autumn is a time for mulled cider, rich stews, roast dinners, and warm salads. If you stock food products, make sure your customers are aware of it, on a chilly, wet Autumn day it won’t take much for a cold customer to be tempted.

Posters are a great way to use taste tingling imagery to entice your customers. Use suspended poster frames to direct shoppers towards your Autumn delights.

4. Take advantage of shoppers’ impulses

Use areas of your store where customers naturally gather to encourage them to get in the seasonal spirit. Pop Up Systems are perfect for taking advantage of this space, easy to put up and take down when your shop floor display changes.

If you’ve got a product that can be demonstrated, special offer leaflets or samples to give out, a stand in a busy area of your shop is ideal.

Valentino’s Displays have everything you need to create a beautiful Autumn display, visit our website to find out more.

Have you used the Autumn theme for your shop displays? Let us know how you got on in the comments section below.

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