Reinvent Your Brand With Visual Merchandising

Reinvent your brand with visual merchandising

If you have noticed a new, more profitable, market to appeal to, or perhaps realise that your brand is not showcasing your potential enough then it may be time for a reinvention. Before you start changing the brand you have worked so hard to build; it is essential to develop a case of what you want to change and how you want to do it. Fortunately, visual merchandising can help. We offer our four top tips to reinvent your brand with visual merchandising.

Four ways visual merchandising can reinvent your brand

1. Switch your thinking

For many brands, shop displays show your customer what you have. Instead of selling products, switch your thinking. You should be showing customers what they have or could have with you. Visual merchandising can create an experience; it no longer has to be two-dimensional. Display products that tell a story and the lifestyle your customer can have with your shop by their side. If you want to change your brand; a different perspective on your visual merchandising is essential.

2. Use emotion

When changing your brand values, you will undoubtedly have an idea of how you want customers to see you. Using emotion in your visual merchandising will be a way to have an instant impact and give your clients an instant perception of your business.

For example, if you want a carefree, sunny attitude, consider beach and holiday theming. Use bright lights and a seemingly haphazard approach to shop display stands. If you want your retail business to come across as a professional, high-end brand, then consider the clean lines, industrial theming and crisp, orderly structures.

3. Keep Consistent

Implementing a reinvented brand can be difficult. It is important that throughout the process of reinvention that you remain consistent with your new approach. This means that your store should not go through a transition phase where half of your store has one feel and the other half a completely different look.

When you make the change, transform your shop straightaway. From there, you need to make sure the message stays consistent, from the A-boards outside, the shop windows, to the mannequins, shop display stands and focal points inside. Everything should have your new look and be on brand.

4. Follow it through

For many businesses, changing the brand is the first port of call if sales are not positive. The problem is, when shops change their vision regularly, the consumers cannot keep up. Once you have your captive audience, work hard to keep it. By changing whom you are targeting, you may end up losing your whole customer base altogether.

Remember, having a branding that works does not mean your displays should stay the same. You need to keep your visual merchandising fresh and innovative to keep customers returning. Just make sure that your brand message is present throughout every visual merchandising theme that you apply.

Looking for a fresh new look?

At Valentino’s Displays, we are the shop for shops. If you need new display equipment or shop fittings for your retail business, we can help. Browse our selection online or alternatively, get in touch and tell us your retail requirements.

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How To Spring Clean Your Shop Display Stands

While running your retail business can be extremely rewarding, some tasks seem daunting and unpleasant. One of these unpleasant retail tasks is spring cleaning. While you might ensure that the floor is cleaned every day due to the footfall and tidy the shop display stands, racks and shelves, dust will begin to accumulate, and grime will start to settle. Before you know it, your sparkling shop becomes dull and drab.

As spring is nearly upon us, a spring clean makes perfect sense to awaken your shop to the fresh, bright days that are coming and give your retail business its sparkling shine once again. So how can you give your store a complete spring clean which provides your customers with a better impression and reduces your daily cleaning workload?

The best ways to clean your shop display stands and store

1. Get rid of old visual merchandise equipment

Often businesses will hang on to old retail display equipment in the hope that it might come in handy again. The truth is, it becomes another aspect of clutter in your stock room that becomes damaged and dirty. A good rule is that if you have not used it in one year, you probably will not use it again.

As shops continuously improve their visual merchandising to attract customers, old, outdated and shabby equipment should not be used. Clear out any lingering display units to make way for fresh visual merchandising equipment that works. Not only have you made space in the stock room, but you also have one less thing to clean.

If you are looking for brand new visual merchandising equipment, visit our website, the ideal shop for shops where you can find all manner of display equipment.

2. Focus on windows

While you may have a regular window cleaner for the outside of your shop, when you have a window display, you often do not want to ruin it by going in the clean it. However, to make sure customers can see your wonderful presentation, you need to make sure your windows stay clean.

Invest in the tools you need, such as a squeegee-wide bucket, squeegee and mop and a microfibre cloth and give the window a thorough clean every time you change window displays. For ongoing cleaning use a small cordless window steam cleaner which you should be able to use even with a full window display. Unlike using a glass cleaner and cloth, the steam cleaner will not leave smudges.

3. Don’t forget lights

One aspect of your shop display which is often missed is the light fittings, a key part of helping you sell. Did you know that cleaning light bulbs can make your shop up to 20% brighter? To ensure your shop displays are well illuminated, you should focus on cleaning your bulbs and fittings.

Before starting, make sure all lights are off and are cool. Turning them off at the circuit breaker may be wise to prevent anyone else turning them on while you are cleaning. Clean bulbs carefully with a microfibre cloth avoiding touching them with your fingers as the oil on your hands can damage the bulb. For light covers, remove and soak in soapy liquid and for pendant lights, use a damp cloth with a detergent to run over the fittings.

If you are cleaning lights overhead, then it is best to wear goggles to ensure dust and debris do not fall into your eyes.


A retail scent machine or diffuser is ideal for keeping your shop smelling clean and fresh. Did you know that vanilla, lavender and citrus scents will encourage people to buy more? 

Good luck with your spring clean and if your visual merchandising needs an overhaul, then get in touch where we can provide you with brand-new equipment to keep your shop sparkling clean.

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Innovative Shop Displays To Beat The January Blues

what is visual merchandising

After the December rush and post-Christmas sales, January can be bleak for shoppers and businesses alike. As people are patiently waiting for payday to come, shops must do all they can to entice customers. However, before the shoppers part with their cash, they need to be tempted to go into your store. So, what is the best visual merchandising to attract customers and beat the January blues?

Innovative visual merchandising ideas for January

1. Remove all holiday displays

Before you create a brand-new theme on your shop display stands, it is wise to get rid of all traces of the last season. From festive signs or the evidence of glitter, now the holidays are over, it is the last thing shoppers want to see. It will also make your shop display seem outdated, rather than fresh and exciting.

2. Creative theming

Have you got a new range of products that deserve focus? Be creative and work out how they can tie into a story. Don’t be afraid to add props to your shop display to help tell the story. Your shop window does not have to be crammed full of items you sell. By utilising a few key products tied together with a theme, you are more likely to attract attention.

3. Bring a theme from the outside in

Your shop window is not your only way to attract attention. When planning your next display, ask yourself what is visual merchandising to you? Visual merchandising is simply the displays and floor plans that drive sales. With this in mind, consider how you can carry your creative theming across the whole shop. Consider aspects such as;

  • A feature or A-board outside
  • Matching colours in the window and the shop
  • A focal point within your retail space
  • A product displayed in store as it is presented in the window
  • Powerful signage or graphics

The January blues can affect us all, the month itself can lead to mood disorders.

4. Offer escapism

To help reduce the gloom, use your shop displays to invoke happiness and escapism. Whether it is a warming scene of a cosy fire, to bright, sunny colours that pull us into spring. Use your products and your brand style to uplift the mood.

It is the perfect time to have fun with your shop window. Remember, to your customers, your positive shop window instinctively shows shoppers the advantages of buying your products. By telling a story of happiness, you invite customers to share this happiness and can significantly influence their buying decision.

5. Use lighting

January still means short days and overcast weather. With this in mind, it is essential to consider how well your products are lit to compensate for the dark skies outside. If you want to give a bright, fresh experience, you will need to have compelling lighting. If you opt for a cosy glow, you may consider coloured light to achieve the desired effect.

Make sure to create your displays using light. Without considering lighting beforehand, you may create unsightly shadows that can ruin your display. Try to use the lighting to highlight the features of your products rather than a single overhead light.

Time to refresh your visual merchandising?

If you are looking for visual merchandising equipment to put your displays into action head to our website. As a one-stop shop for shops, we offer a range of innovative and useful products that can help to transform your shop displays.

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How to Use Sensory Branding in Your Shop Floor Display

Your customers have five senses, yet shop floor displays rarely take them all in to account. Sensory branding is all about ensuring your brand appeals to all the senses, helping you connect with your customers on an emotional level.

The latest retail news is all about incorporating this concept in to your shop floor displays, the basic point being that brands that appeal to multiple senses will be more successful than brands that don’t. We’ve gone through the senses one by one to bring you tips on how you can look to include them to create multi-sensory shop floor displays and window displays.


Of course every shop floor display gives the customer a view of the products on offer and is aiming to show them off in their best light, but the core principle here is directing and controlling where the customer looks and for how long.

There’s a mass of information available on using colours as psychological triggers and making the most of lighting, symmetry and contrast. Knowing these tricks can be the difference between a pretty display and an intelligent display.

There’s a wide choice of shop systems to help with this aspect, glass cube displays are great tools, take advantage of lighting to highlight specific products to get the most out of your display cubes. Mannequins are great for controlling where the customer looks, cheap mannequins are a must have for any UK retail display.


Touch isn’t just about your products being accessible for customers to touch, it’s about making sure they feel comfortable to try out items.

Tactical display systems such as slatwall supplies can help ensure customers are content to touch, pick up and examine products whilst they browse.


If you sell consumable goods then offering free samples is the perfect way to allow your customers to try before they buy, it’s the equivalent of trying items on in a clothing store. A lot of specialist food stores have samples displayed on counters and sample stands, but it’s important customers are aware that they can ask to taste a product they’re tempted by. Use a simple poster display to invite your customers to ask for a taste. Our previous blog has more information on getting the most from you poster displays.

How to Use Sensory Branding in Your Shop Floor Display

Source: Pixabay


“Scent Marketing” is a topic in itself, with huge amounts of research carried out on the subject showing that smell is a fast track to triggering memory and emotion. It’s certainly worth doing some basic research in to the area to find out how it can best be incorporated into your retail display.


The soundtrack your store plays should not be overlooked, it needs to appeal to your target customer and encourage the behaviour you’re after. Mellow music is known to slow people down, meaning customers are likely to spend more time browsing your store, whilst up beat music with a fast beat has been found to encourage customers to shop faster and spend less.

Visit Valentino’s main website to see all the products we have available to help you with your sensory marketing.

Have you focused on all the senses in your shop floor display, let us know how you got on in the comments section below.

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