Best Ways To Display Merchandise In A Clothing Store

During the weekends, a favourite past time for many people is retail therapy. In fact, the fashion industry in the UK has a domestic market value of £66 billion. Clothing can certainly be a lucrative area for business. However, with the increase in online shopping, how can high street clothing stores maintain their appeal? To encourage browsing, clothing shops need to consider visual merchandising techniques. So, what are the best ways to display merchandise in a clothes shop?

Top three visual merchandising tips for clothing stores

1.      Consider layout

Your shop needs to encourage customers to explore every aspect of your store. For items displayed in the window, as well as your bestsellers, it is a good idea to have these placed at the back of the shop. This way you make sure to maintain the flow of the shopping experience and customers have a good chance of looking around all of your stock and, hopefully, increase their purchase.

Try and use bright and bold looks at the front to capture initial interest and then gradually stagger your aisles, or use different types of clothing rails to make customers weave through your store. At Valentino’s Displays, we offer all kinds of clothing and dress rails such as circular rails, vintage rails and spiral rails to add variety to your store.

2.      Adopt vertical merchandising

Another effective visual merchandising technique in clothing stores is using vertical layering. This means stacking items in the vertical layer to try and increase cross-buying. Instead of having all of your stock of jumpers covering a shelving stand, you have the first shelf for the jumpers, the second shelf for the top or shirt to wear underneath. The third shelf would have trousers, and the bottom shelf would include either accessories or footwear.

With this technique, it is wise to build to ideal outfit and use mannequins or posters of models to display the outfit in full. Your shelving can then reflect all of the elements involved to help buyers ‘shop the look’.

3.      Window displays

Windows are the ideal place to highlight key pieces in your collection and make your goods really stand out. Dress up your window displays regularly with the new season looks and make the clothing look aspirational. Merchandising signs can help to highlight the benefit of the products. However, the focus should be on the clothes, outfits and lifestyle that your products enable the customer to have.

Once you have attracted browsers to head in store, you can then mirror your exciting window displays inside the store by using end caps. This means using display areas at the beginning of aisles to encourage people to browse the rail for shoppers to find their favourite colour or item that they have seen displayed on the end cap.

Make your visual merchandising attention-grabbing

In a store where space is limited, and the stock is plenty, you need to make sure that you correctly utilise the area to encourage sales. Visual merchandising equipment such as point of sale items, low tables, shelving and rails can help to maximise your space for stock while making it easy for the customer to browse. If you are looking to increase sales, then consider investing in visual merchandising equipment to help your products fly off the shelf, or clothes rail.

Visit Valentino’s Displays for all your visual merchandising equipment needs or call the team on 01489 808007 for friendly and helpful assistance.

Best Ways To Display Merchandise In A Clothing Store

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Innovative Window Displays For Cafes

While you may think that the proof of the pudding lies in the eating at your café, sometimes customers need something to entice them into choosing your café for food and drink. Window displays do not just have to be for shops. You can utilise your windows to attract passers-by and make sure they stop and take notice and call in to sample your treats.

So, how can you best attract customers with visual merchandising for cafes?

Top café visual merchandising tips

For cafes, there are a few fundamental tips that can help you to keep your visual merchandising fresh, attractive and relevant.

  1. Use visual merchandising equipment that can be updated quickly such as chalkboards.
  2. Keep your display in the style of your café; if you produce hearty, home cooking then opt for rustic branding. If your food is modern and funky, choose modern, contemporary designs such as a flex board.
  3. Like your produce, you should stay seasonal and make sure your visual merchandising promotes current offers to make sure people always have a reason to visit.

Innovative visual merchandising ideas for cafes

Capture current affairs

Theming your window to current affairs is a great way to give you window displays a talking point. For example, during the Olympics, you can have the Olympic rings made out of foodstuffs such as doughnuts, bagels or any other items you sell. You can also create compelling titles for your dishes too which you can display in windows such as ‘runner’ bean salad, ‘curling’ kale crisps and gold medal cookies.

There are so many great ways to be inventive with events that get people talking, and your café could be the hub of conversation.

Invite with lights

When daylight shines on windows, it can make your café look dark, so it doesn’t seem open. With string lights, light boxes or lanterns in the window you can showcase that your open and use the lights to draw attention to menus, specials boards as well as offers, discounts and promotions. Strategically placing lights not only gets your message across and makes you look open, but it also gives your café a cosy, warm atmosphere.

Edible displays

Make sure your café displays ‘look good enough to eat’ by making them edible. Thought is required in this as you don’t want to lead to food wastage by using perishable products. However fresh pies, cakes and quiches of the day can be used in displays as clocks, and whenever someone orders a piece, you take away 10 minutes on the clock, without damaging the display.

By using food as props, you can showcase what you sell while also being incredibly inventive with your displays to really capture your brand and what your café is all about. One such café that always catches interest with its windows is the famous Betty’s tea room. If you want your café to draw a crowd, have a look at how they have designed their window displays.

Improve your displays today

If you need help to make your displays stand out, then visit Valentino’s Displays, your one stop shop for shops, where you can find an array of visual merchandising equipment to put your café on the map. From bread baskets to chalkboards to display showcases, Valentino’s Displays have all you need to make your visual merchandising attract and engage your customers.

Innovative Window Displays for Cafes

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Best Retail Display Ideas For Spring

After the bleakness of winter, spring welcomes sunshine and all-important colour to the high street. Spring is the perfect time to give your visual merchandising a vital refresh and create a beautiful seasonal window display that lifts the mood of potential customers and, more importantly, encourages sales. So how can you create a springtime window display and what is the best visual merchandising to promote the seasonal change?

Three best visual merchandising techniques for spring

Clever signage

As the days grow longer, the consumer mood and spirit are lifted. With this in mind, you can afford to have fun with your signage and appeal to brighter spirits and a sense of humour. Using colourful fluorescent markers, an A-board with a witty message to promote a particular product or offer can work wonders.

Eye-catching signage with a short and sweet message can also be a great marketing tool as people capture your message and share it on social media. It is wise to sense-check your message first as you do not want your advertising to go viral for the wrong reasons. However, spring is the perfect time to be light-hearted and promote the fun side of your business and give your customers added cheer.


One feature that is synonymous with spring is the arrival of flowers. You can enhance your displays with a few bouquets of flowers located on your shop floor and by the till point. You may also choose to partner with a local florist to promote their business and save your business the cost. Potted plants and hanging baskets outside of your shop can also enhance the exterior of your store and add a touch of spring.

In shop windows, consider floral backgrounds or adding flowers that have similar colours to the products you are promoting. For example, yellow and green merchandising posters will work with springtime daffodils. Vibrant colours work well with tulips, and clean white displays can be enhanced with snowdrops or fake cherry blossom trees.

Go natural

Springtime is a season where people want to explore more of nature. Using natural products in your visual merchandising displays can help to bring the outdoors inside. Consider using sugarcane and bamboo features, wooden shelving and woven baskets to create a vision of springtime picnics and woodland walks.

Using natural products can also help your store to feel cleaner, brighter and warmer. This will not only make your shop inviting, but it can also mean people will spend longer browsing, which could increase your sales. To further enhance the natural feel, add fresh, natural fragrances such as blossom and forest scents.

Freshen up your visual merchandising

If you want to keep a springtime feel throughout the season, then it is essential to keep your visual merchandising fresh. This does not mean that you need frequent overhauls, but by changing the layout, design and placement of products, you can attract more attention. If you need any visual merchandising equipment for your shop, then Valentino’s Displays can help. Call 01489 808007 for friendly advice and expertise for all of your visual merchandising needs.

Best Retail Display Ideas For Spring

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Best Colours For Visual Merchandising

One of the most important aspects of visual merchandising for retailers is colour. Too bright and bold and your message and products will be lost, too dull and drab and you will not capture the attention of potential customers. When considering your next shop window display or in-store feature, your primary focus should be on colour. So, how can you use colour in your visual merchandising to influence customers and increase sales?

Three colour tips for visual merchandising

1. Backdrop

A colourful backdrop can attract attention instantly. However, a bright backdrop can then clash with the products that you display. For ideal visual merchandising, you need to balance the backdrop with your display goods.

You can play it safe by adopting a neutral coloured background, and then you can focus on the colour of your products. Alternatively, if you have monochrome products to present in your window, then a bright, colourful backdrop may work perfectly.

For a neutral and timeless backdrop consider white, grey or pale blue.

2. Emotional significance

Colours can truly resonate with consumers, and your colour scheme may invoke an emotional response which can lead people to have an opinion on your brand and visual marketing methods. For example, many brands are synonymous with a specific tone or shade. Using these may mean your audience could be confused between you and a competitor.

Colours are also highly-emotional which can help your display if you want to promote a specific feeling from your display and products.

Colours that trigger certain emotion include;

  • Blue for calming and relaxation
  • Yellow for summer and happiness
  • Red for excitement
  • White for cleanliness and clarity
  • Purple for luxury and richness
  • Orange for energy (orange also taps into our hunger which means it is an excellent colour for eateries and food vendors).

Colours can also create a feeling through association. For example, green is associated with environmentally-friendly activities. This could be good if you want your brand to promote its eco-friendly attributes.

3. Telling a story

As well as invoking emotion, colours can be used to enhance a specific theme that you want your display to get across. Colours can help you to set a scene for your products. To create a relaxed summer meadow, you would choose lush greens and sparkling yellows. While an underwater theme will draw on emerald green, turquoise and green/blues.

Of course, one of the prominent choices for colour stories is the seasonal offerings. Many shops will use pink and red to create a Valentine’s Day scene, bright colours for summer holidays, while festive red and green are used to promote Christmas seasonal goods.

Chosen your visual merchandising colours?

Once you have chosen your colours for your next display, it is time to start pulling the design together. If you need visual merchandising equipment from mannequins to display stands, then Valentino’s Displays can help. Operating as a convenient shop for shops, we can advise you on the perfect display equipment to suit your visual merchandising needs. For friendly advice, give our team a call on 01489 808007.

Best Colours for Visual Merchandising

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