What is the best size mannequin head to buy?


Mannequin heads for sale come in all shapes and styles, but something you might not have considered is the size. What size mannequin head is best for you, and why? Read on to find out!

What is the standard size for mannequin heads UK?

You probably haven’t thought much about the size of your mannequin head because there is a pretty strong standard for this type of product. Since these heads are often used in place of a real person, to display accessories and wigs, or as a training tool, they tend to be as close to average head size as possible.

This is about 21-22” in circumference. This size will work for almost any situation, comfortably holding glasses, hats, headscarves, and any other kind of accessory you’d typically wear on your head.

If your business involves wigs, you might want a larger range of mannequin head sizes. While 21-22” is pretty average, your customers will come in a more extensive range of head sizes, so your display mannequins should too. After all, you want to appeal to as many people as possible.

You can get adjustable mannequin display heads, allowing you to tweak the size to suit the wig. But it might be easier to just have a range of sizes on display at all times, so you are always ready for the smaller or larger-than-average person.

How will you use your model head?

Of course, if you are not selling or creating wigs, your size choice might come down to other options. Do you need something easily portable? Or easy to store – of course, the smaller your head mannequin is, the easier it is to find a home for it.

But it might be that you want your manikin head to make an impact. Perhaps it will be part of an art installation or make-up demonstration, and bigger will be better. In that case, you’ll be looking for something larger than 22” circumference.

What to consider when purchasing a mannequin head display?

While size is important, it isn’t everything. Mannequin heads come in many forms, and there might be another feature that is more important to you.

  • Colour: Did you know you can get your mannequin head in almost any colour you can imagine? It can be tempting to go for a skin colour, and even then, just as in real life, there is a huge variety of shades on offer. But you might prefer a red, blue, yellow, or green mannequin head. Could your display heads match your store’s branding? Or, if you have the space, you could create a whole rainbow of mannequin heads for an eye-catching theme. Depending on what you have in mind, colour could be more important than size.
  • Material: What your mannequin head is made from could be far more important than what size it is. For example, if you want something light and portable, Polystyrene or plastic might be a better option than heavy wood. But if you want something highly durable, Polystyrene heads might not be your best option. Fibreglass is a popular option, as it allows for highly detailed facial features, while glass is heavy but incredibly elegant. Your choice of materials will come down to how you intend to use your model head, your budget, and your branding.
  • Style: It is amazing how many different mannequin head styles there are to choose from. Do you want your head to have realistic features? Or would you prefer a smooth canvas to work with? Perhaps your mannequin head doesn’t even need to look anything like a head – it depends on what you will be using it for. At Valentinos’ Displays, we even have skull-shaped mannequin heads which are popular for gothic stores or artistic displays.

You can see even more style options at Vintage Hairstyling.

  • Cost: Perhaps the most important consideration is your budget. How much do you have to spend on your mannequin head? Typically, the larger your mannequin head, the more expensive it will be. But the above factors will play a much larger part in how much you spend – it is possible to get larger mannequin heads cheaply.

Where to buy high-quality mannequin heads

Another important thing to consider is your choice of retailer. There are plenty of mannequin heads for sale on the internet, but unfortunately, they do not all offer the same high quality or customer service. When selecting a retailer, there are several things to think about.

  • Reviews: Are people singing their praises online? Are the bad reviews justified? Has the retailer responded to bad reviews with a plan on how to improve that customer’s experience? If the retailer hasn’t responded, that doesn’t necessarily mean they haven’t contacted the customer privately, but if they have, it does show a willingness to put things right, which is great customer service.
  • Response rate: If you try to get in contact to ask a question about their mannequin heads, how quickly do they respond? Are you left hanging on the telephone, or does your email go unanswered? Avoid companies like that. Instead, look for companies that value your attempt at communication.
  • Materials used: A good retailer will offer a range of options so that you can get the product that best suits your needs. They will be able to tell you exactly what your mannequin head is made from and be able to give you the exact dimensions, so you can better make a purchase decision.
  • Money-back guarantee: If they have faith in their product, a retailer should have no problem offering your money back if you change your mind for any reason. Look out for this as an option on their website.

Order a mannequin head from us

Of course, at Valentino’s Displays, we offer all this and more. And, if you can’t find what you need, we will even source it for you! This takes all the hassle out of shopping around and means you can get the exact size mannequin head that you need.

So, whether you need a head mannequin for wigs, accessories, make-up, hair, or an art project, you know you’ll get a high-quality product right here!

What is the best size mannequin head to buy?

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