Looking for a portable clothes rail?

Whether you are looking for a temporary way to hang clothes in your store or you want a few rails for the stockroom, our portable clothes rails are sure to satisfy your needs. We have a range of portable, foldable rails that are perfect for hanging all kinds of clothing, so you can display them nicely and see exactly what you want at a glance.

A portable wardrobe rail is also invaluable for pop-up shops and temporary concessions. They help get your short-term retail unit ready quickly and without the need for any extensive installation. Even if you don’t have a full-time retail space, these folding clothes rails are great for boot fairs and craft fairs too.

Benefits of a heavy-duty portable clothes rail

There are a lot of benefits to using portable folding clothes rails in your store. That’s why you’ll never see a clothing store without them! Here are some of the major ones, but we’re sure there are many more.
  • You can get more stock out onto the shop floor: Portable wardrobe rails allow you to get more clothing out in a smaller area. Once you’ve filled up your shelving and stationary rails, you can roll out your portable one and add lots more options for your customers to choose from. And at times when stock is low, you can roll the rail away to keep the space looking tidy and uncluttered.
  • It is easier to see what sizes are available: Browsing customers will happily flick through rails to see what sizes there are of an item. But when things like jeans or jumpers are neatly folded on a shelf, they are less likely to want to disturb the display, knowing they won’t be able to put it back the same way. If you have to choose between adding a portable rail or a temporary shelf, always choose a foldable clothes rail.
  • It is easier to see what an item might look on: While clothing rails don’t offer an exact idea of how clothing will fit, they do show how it might hang from the body. Shelving can never hope to replicate this feature.
  • They help to section your shop: A cleverly placed clothes rail can help you to rezone your shop according to your stock levels. While fixed rails can do many of the same things as portable ones, they cannot move to suit the new flow of your retail space.
  • They can be extended (or unextended) to suit your needs: Only want to add one or two extra garments to your store? Keep the rail short. But if you have a whole new collection to put out, you can extend your heavy-duty portable clothes rail to fit.
  • They can be used in-store or in the home: They are one of the most versatile ways to hang clothes, taking you from shop, to market, to home if required. And they can be used to display almost any kind of clothing item, so you never need to adapt the rail to suit the garment.

Why buy your portable wardrobe rail from us?

Our portable folding clothes rails are the best on the market. They fold down easily, in the same way a child’s buggy would, into a compact shape that will fit in the boot of your car or a storage cupboard. The chrome rails have a fixed height, but they also have extendable arms, so you can pull them out to the exact length you need for the tidiest finish. The sturdy castor wheels have brakes, so you can stop the rail exactly where you want it and not worry that it will roll down a slope, Easy to construct and effortlessly stylish, our portable wardrobe rails are the perfect choice for every business.

The number one destination for your portable folding clothes rail

We are the UK’s preferred supplier of retail fixtures and fittings and it is easy to see why. There are numerous reasons why our clients keep coming back, including:
  • Our excellent product portfolio: We have a wide selection of retail products, including portable wardrobe rails, so there is always something to suit your current needs. Any customer who can’t find what they are looking for knows to get in touch so we can find it for them.
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  • Our low prices: With standards like that, you’d expect to pay more, wouldn’t you? But we go out of our way to keep our prices low, aiming to undercut the competition, so that you can maximise your store profits. Buying a fold away clothes rail has never been cheaper!
  • Our delightful team: Got a question? Need some help choosing between our products? Or looking for a bespoke foldable clothes rack? Our customer service team are here to help, and they love talking to you!

Ready to buy your folding clothing rail?

The reasons to shop with Valentino’s don’t end there. As well as all the above benefits, our customers can enjoy free delivery on orders over £100 and a 14-day money-back guarantee, starting from the day you receive your order, with no questions asked. This allows you to buy with confidence, safe in the knowledge you are not stuck with anything that doesn’t quite work in your store.

Buy a portable clothes rail today!

Perhaps the best deals come in the form of wholesale orders. The more you buy, the cheaper each unit is, so you can fill up your space with as many folding clothes rails as you need, for the very best possible price.

And, if you have a specific request for something that you can’t find in our online shop, we are happy to help. Give us a call on 01489 808007, and we will help you create the retail space of your dreams.