Valentino’s Displays has a nationwide reputation for supplying the industry’s most effective, affordable and versatile clothes mannequins for use in a contemporary retail environment. From the latest male and female mannequins to high-quality child mannequins, teenage mannequins and a wide variety of specialist store mannequins, we take pride in maintaining a comprehensively extensive product range. As a UK leader in retail display supplies, Valentino’s is committed to delivering the products you need, when you need them and for the lowest market prices.

A child mannequin makes a great display

Child mannequins can be a great addition to a display, especially if your store sells children's clothing or baby products. Here are some reasons why baby mannequins can be effective in a display:
  1. Realistic display: Baby mannequins provide a realistic display of how the clothing or products will look on an actual baby. This can help customers better visualize how the clothing will fit and look on their child.
  2. Eye-catching: A display featuring a child mannequin can be eye-catching and draw attention to the products being sold. This can help attract customers and encourage them to explore the display further.
  3. Emotionally appealing: Child mannequins can evoke emotional responses from customers, such as feelings of warmth, joy, and affection. This can create a positive association with the store and the products being sold.
  4. Variety: Using baby mannequins of different sizes, ages, and ethnicities can help diversify the display and provide representation for a wider range of customers.

Overall, baby mannequins can be a valuable addition to a display, especially for stores that sell children's clothing or baby products. They can help create a visually appealing and emotionally engaging display that resonates with customers.

Do child mannequins vary in size?

Child mannequins come in different sizes to reflect the range of ages and body sizes of children. Just like adult mannequins, child mannequins are available in various sizes and shapes to fit different clothing sizes and styles. The sizes of child mannequins are typically based on the age or height of the child and can vary.

Common sizes of child mannequins include toddler, child, and adolescent sizes. Toddler mannequins are designed for children between the ages of one to four years old, while child mannequins are intended for children between the ages of five to twelve. Adolescent mannequins are for older children between the ages of thirteen to sixteen.

It's important to select the right size of child mannequin to properly fit the clothing being displayed. This ensures that the clothing is displayed in the best possible way and gives our customers a realistic idea of how the clothing will fit on their child. By using child mannequins of various sizes, stores can provide a more diverse and inclusive representation of different body types and sizes of children.

The best child mannequin suppliers in the UK

Valentino's offers a range of child and teen mannequins with realistic body shapes, proportions and good muscle definition. Each child mannequin has been made with high-quality commercial fibreglass to give durability, longevity and reliability. Ideal for the retail environment, we have sculpted hair mannequins, abstract mannequins without facial features or headless child mannequins. If you are looking for a realistic child mannequin, you have come to the right place – we even have a choice of baby mannequin dress forms! Each kids’ dress form is perfect for use within merchandising and looks great in shop window displays.

We are proud of our reputation for high quality mannequins and helpful, friendly advice and aim to maintain this with every single customer. We will help you purchase whatever it is that you need from your mannequin merchandising, with a listening ear and a genuine smile.

Why choose Valentino’s Displays?

There are a number of reasons why the leading retail stores choose us for their shop fixtures. When they need a poseable child mannequin, a baby mannequin body or an infant dress form, they come straight to us. This is why:

  • Unrivalled range: Whether you are looking for a little girl or little boy mannequin for your child-wear display, we have the product for you. Our range spans everything, from the child mannequin torso without head, featureless kids or realistic children.  We’ve thought of it all when designing our range. If you can’t see what you need on our website, we will create it for you.
  • Superior construction: A lot of time and effort goes into every piece of retail equipment that we sell. We use the highest quality, proven materials to create mannequins that can be reused over and over. Our products are incredibly well made, and they will last.
  • High profit margin: Everything we sell, from our baby mannequin body, through to our brochure displays and coat hangers, has been made to the highest specifications. However, we work hard to keep our costs as low as possible, so we can pass those savings onto you. This keeps your expenses low too, expanding your profit margin.
  • Dedicated customer service team: Always at the end of the phone or email, our team knows everything there is to know about retail equipment. They love hearing from you and will help you to pick out the perfect girl or boy manikin.

Store displays look better with Valentino’s

Valentino's are able to offer bespoke mannequin postures and colours to meet your display requirements. Standard colours tend to be white, flesh-tone, black or silver, but we are able to respray mannequins any colours you wish – just contact us for more information. We will not let you down and have manufactured a large range of window displays to suit our client’s retail visions.

Contact us about our baby, child and teenager mannequins for sale

The majority of our shop mannequins for store displays are also eligible for free UK delivery with discounts available if you are looking to purchase multiple items. Competitively priced, our shop mannequins will be a great addition for your shop floor.