White Gloss-Hands at Side Boy Mannequin 7-8 Yrs 72101
White Gloss-Hands at Side Boy Mannequin 7-8 Yrs72101
£175.00 +VAT
4 Year Old Child Mannequin 72102
4 Year Old Child Mannequin72102
£425.00 +VAT
6 Year Old Child Mannequin 72103
6 Year Old Child Mannequin72103
£425.00 +VAT
8 Year Old Child Mannequin 72104
8 Year Old Child Mannequin72104
£425.00 +VAT
10 Year Old Child Mannequin 72105
10 Year Old Child Mannequin72105
£425.00 +VAT
12 Year Old Child Mannequin 72106
12 Year Old Child Mannequin72106
£425.00 +VAT
Unisex Child Mannequin Age 2-4 72107
Unisex Child Mannequin Age 2-472107
£150.00 +VAT
Girl Child Mannequin Age 4-6 72108
Girl Child Mannequin Age 4-672108
£150.00 +VAT
Boy Child Mannequin Age 4-6 72109
Boy Child Mannequin Age 4-672109
£150.00 +VAT
Girl Child Mannequin Age 6-8 72110
Girl Child Mannequin Age 6-872110
£175.00 +VAT
Boy Child Mannequin Age 6-8 72111
Boy Child Mannequin Age 6-872111
£175.00 +VAT
Girl Child Mannequin Age 10-12 72112
Girl Child Mannequin Age 10-1272112
£175.00 +VAT
Our realistic child sculpted hair mannequins allow customers to visualise how certain items of clothing would look on an actual person. They allow them to assess the sizing, look and quality of the items. When it comes to children's clothing, it can be particularly difficult to gauge the size of an item when it's hanging from a clothes hanger or folded up on a display cabinet. Clothing not only looks better when it's being worn, but it also gives the customer a better indication about the shape and size of the garment. Mannequins offer customers a reasonable representation of what the item will look like when it's on. Child sized mannequins offer a fantastic way of displaying your stores children's clothing range.

Pick your child size mannequin for sale

In this section of our children’s dress forms, you will find the perfect child manikin. You will see we have every child mannequin head with hair, sculpted to give a realistic finish. Whether you want a toddler size mannequin, a baby mannequin, or something a little older, these guys have a variety of poses that will best allow you to show-off your wares. Create the perfect shop displays with these standing characters.

Buy mannequin forms that sell clothes

Your best goods should be on full display for customers to see. This helps to boost sales and allows shoppers to buy with confidence. Putting them in a baby mannequin display or any kind of store mannequin will help to encourage impulse buying. Choose us for:

  • Amazing selection of goods: You won’t find quite so many poseable mannequins anywhere else. We have created stunning products that allow your clothes to shine, while still emulating elegance and fun to the customer.
  • Well-made construction: Every mannequin torso has been made with love, created from the highest quality materials to ensure you have a product that looks better for longer.
  • Unbelievable prices: We keep the prices of all our shop fittings to a minimum, as we are keen to see your business do well. Purchase in bulk, and the costs drop even further!
  • Advice on hand whenever you need it: Our customer service team knows all there is to know about store display fixtures, so ask them anything! They love to help and are just at the end of an email!

Valentino’s Displays: The ultimate shop for shops

With many years of experience in the business, we know exactly what it is that you want from your child mannequin dress form. You want products that will last and look as good as new for as long as possible. You want designs that will reflect your garments in the best possible light, making them look good without distracting from your products. And you want all this from a supplier you can trust, someone with experience in shopfittings who can guide you in your buying purchases.

Valentino's offer a wide range of child and teen mannequins with realistic body shapes, proportions and good muscle definition, which is bound to create a lasting impression on your customers. All of our commercial fibreglass mannequins are manufactured to last and give durability over time. We offer a range of quality sculpted hair mannequins, abstract mannequins without facial features and headless child mannequins, all of which are perfect for the retail environment. All mannequin colours and postures can be customised to meet your needs, making them perfect for any window display or shop floor.

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