25L Supermarket Trolley 95601
25L Supermarket Trolley95601
£147.50 +VAT
50L Supermarket Trolley 95602
50L Supermarket Trolley95602
£137.50 +VAT
60L Supermarket Trolley 95603
60L Supermarket Trolley95603
£146.50 +VAT
80L Mini Supermarket Trolley 95604
80L Mini Supermarket Trolley95604
£162.50 +VAT
80L Shopping Trolley 95605
80L Shopping Trolley95605
£162.50 +VAT
80L Supermarket Trolley 95606
80L Supermarket Trolley95606
£162.50 +VAT
100L Supermarket Trolley 95607
100L Supermarket Trolley95607
£174.50 +VAT
120L Supermarket Trolley 95608
120L Supermarket Trolley95608
£184.50 +VAT
140L Supermarket Trolley 95609
140L Supermarket Trolley95609
£189.50 +VAT
180L Supermarket Trolley 95610
180L Supermarket Trolley95610
£199.50 +VAT
240L Supermarket Trolley 95611
240L Supermarket Trolley95611
£217.50 +VAT
Disabled Shopping Trolley 95612
Disabled Shopping Trolley95612
£292.50 +VAT
Ideal for larger stores, or retail outlets that sell heavier items, our range of shopping trolleys makes it easier for customers to browse with their chosen purchases. Keeping their hands free, a four-wheel shopping trolley encourages higher sales per customer, as they are able to move around the shop with more items, adding to their haul as they do so.

Encourage customers to spend more with our shopping trolleys for sale

Our variety of supermarket trolley dimensions allows you to pick the size that best suits your shop and target customers. Giving customers a selection of options also makes their life easier, so it is a good idea to purchase a few different types. In a world where convenience is king, you need a shopping trolley selection that best suits your demographic.

Enjoy bulk discounts on our grocery shopping trolleys direct

Our aim is to offer great value for money alongside high-quality products and excellent customer service. We want Valentino’s Displays to be a UK online store you visit again and again, so we have ensured our supermarket shopping trolley range is the very best it can be. Here are some more reasons why you should buy your trolleys from us:

  • A grocery trolley for every shopper: If you need something a little out of the ordinary, we are sure to have it in our store. Whether you are looking for a kids’ shopping trolley or shopping trolleys for the elderly, we have every shape and size possible. Perhaps it is a disabled shopping trolley you need, making room for a wheelchair within the design, or a shopping trolley with seat, so your customers can keep their active toddlers still while they shop. Big, medium or small shopping trolley – we’ve got it all.
  • Great prices: We have priced our shopping trolleys to be as cheap as possible, so that you can appreciate the very best value for money. With our bulk discount packages, the more you buy, the more you save, so it makes sense to purchase as many trolleys as you need all in one go. We also offer free shipping with every trolley purchase, helping to keep your costs down.
  • Ease of use: Manoeuvrability is very important in a busy retail environment, so we have attached 4 swivel rubber castors to the trolleys. These allow the rubber wheels to turn in whichever direction you need them to go, for a smoother, easier push. Shoppers with limited mobility will especially appreciate our three-wheeled designs which attach to wheelchairs to make browsing a simpler and more enjoyable experience.
  • High quality design: Each trolley has been crafted with the user in mind, using the highest-quality materials for a robust, long-lasting product. We’ve even added a bright zinc plate lacquered finish to ensure you have a supermarket trolley that looks professional and appealing for as long as possible and allows you to store them outside without fear of environmental damage.

Choose Valentino’s Displays for all your supermarket trolley needs

Need a mini shopping trolley for the kids? Or a picking trolley for the warehouse? Maybe you want to place a bulk order, or you just need a single children’s metal shopping trolley for your little one at home. Whether you want to discuss the various features of our clever shopping trolley wheels or you would like to discuss the different supermarket trolley dimensions, we are here to help.

Contact us for all four wheel shopping trolley requirements

We do our best to cover every possible situation with our trolley designs, but if there is something we are missing, we’d love to know. Give our customer service team a call on 01489 808007 or send us an email and we will answer all your queries as quickly as we can.