White Acid Free Tissue Paper 18 Inch x 28 Inch (Ream) 18401
White Acid Free Tissue Paper 18 Inch x 28 Inch (Ream)18401
£19.95 +VAT
Blue Tissue Paper 18 Inch x 28 Inch (Ream) 18402
Blue Tissue Paper 18 Inch x 28 Inch (Ream)18402
£19.95 +VAT
Green Tissue Paper 18 Inch x 28 Inch (Ream) 18403
Green Tissue Paper 18 Inch x 28 Inch (Ream)18403
£19.95 +VAT
Pink Tissue Paper 18 Inch x 28 Inch (Ream) 18404
Pink Tissue Paper 18 Inch x 28 Inch (Ream)18404
£19.95 +VAT

Keep your gift wrapping classy with coloured tissue paper

Adding gift wrapping to your retail packaging is a cheap, simple way to enhance the shopping experience. Shoppers will feel as though they are shopping at an up-market boutique and will relish reopening their packages when they get home. Giving your customers an ‘experience’ is a clever way to encourage them to return, making their purchases as much about the brand as it is about the products you sell.

Of course, as a retailer you will be looking for suppliers than can offer you the most competitive prices and excellent customer service. At Valentino’s Displays, we endeavour to give you all that and more.

Tissue paper for packing at Valentino’s Displays

It would be easy to offer bulk tissue paper in one size or colour – paper is paper, after all! But that ethos would not fit in with the Valentino’s Displays way of working. There are many reasons why you should purchase your retail packaging from us, including:

  • Wide Range of Colours: White, blue, green, pink – you can find whatever colour would best tie in with your company branding right here! Or mix it up and offer the whole range of colours to your customers, adding a little rainbow fun to your neatly packaged wares.
  • White Acid-Free Tissue Paper: If you sell items that are particularly vulnerable to tarnishing or environmental attacks, choose our white gift tissue paper for extra peace of mind. The manufacture of this paper is completely free from acidic chemicals or any other products that might cause harm to your more sensitive items.
  • Highly Competitive Prices: Our wholesale tissue paper offers the very best value for money, as the more you buy, the cheaper the cost per unit. However, even if you only require a small amount of tissue paper for gift wrapping, you will be treated to excellent prices that you won’t find anywhere else!
  • UK Manufactured: Concerned about your carbon footprint? Choosing a local UK-based stockist helps reduce this as the travel involved is far less than if you look to a far-away supplier. We also work with local businesses to ensure we are able to be involved at every step of the manufacturing process.
  • Choice of Size and Thickness: If you are looking for a particular size or thickness for your tissue paper, contact us and we will source the exact product you need for the most competitive price.
  • It is Compostable and Biodegradable: Customers are becoming increasingly aware of the climate crisis that the planet is currently experiencing, and many will appreciate the fact that they can place the tissue paper in a compost bin once used. Those that don’t have a composter at home will value the biodegradable aspect of the paper.

Your one-stop shop for your retail packaging needs

Our coloured tissue paper is extremely versatile in use. Whether you want to use it to wrap up items that could be broken easily while shopping, to wrap delicate clothing or to stuff in shoes, bags or other accessories, our bulk tissue paper offers a low-cost, hygienic way to do all this and more. What’s more, is that your customers will appreciate the extra effort that has gone into their sale, encouraging them to return time and time again. Show them that you care about their custom even after they have left the shop with this quick extra touch.

Contact us for advice on our wholesale tissue paper

If you can’t find exactly what you need, or you have a question about our gift tissue paper or any of our other retail products, get in touch! Our customer service team love to hear from you and are always keen to answer your questions, helping you to offer an equally efficient service to your customers. Send us a message via our web form and we will respond asap or give us a call on 01489 808007 and let us see how we can help.