German Pointer Dog Mannequin 77602
German Pointer Dog Mannequin77602
£425.00 +VAT
Standard Dog Mannequin 77618
Standard Dog Mannequin77618
£165.00 +VAT
French Bulldog Mannequin 77604
French Bulldog Mannequin77604
£118.05 +VAT
French Bulldog Dog Mannequin 77605
French Bulldog Dog Mannequin77605
£165.00 +VAT
English Bulldog Mannequin 77609
English Bulldog Mannequin77609
£165.00 +VAT
Welsh Corgi Dog Mannequin 77606
Welsh Corgi Dog Mannequin77606
£118.05 +VAT
Chihuahua Dog Mannequin 77607
Chihuahua Dog Mannequin77607
£118.05 +VAT
Terrier Dog Mannequin 77614
Terrier Dog Mannequin77614
£165.00 +VAT
Scottish Dog Mannequin 77608
Scottish Dog Mannequin77608
£118.05 +VAT
Labrador Dog Mannequin 77611
Labrador Dog Mannequin77611
£195.00 +VAT
Sausage Dog Mannequin 77610
Sausage Dog Mannequin77610
£165.00 +VAT
Greyhound Dog Mannequin 77613
Greyhound Dog Mannequin77613
£285.00 +VAT
Our range of fashion dog mannequins is perfect for any retail outlet that sells dog accessories. They also make a cute addition to human clothing window displays. We have a great choice of cheap dog mannequins for sale, so if you’re looking to add a four-legged figure to your display, you’ve come to the right place.

Choose a dog mannequin UK shoppers will fall in love with

Our realistic dog mannequins are perfect for your shop window displays. If you sell products such as collars, leads, harnesses or the latest doggy fashions, our dog mannequins will compliment your offering and show these products in the best possible light.

They also make an eye-catching merchandising opportunity for products such as dog bowls, beds, treats and toys. Using our dog modelling products as part of your pet shop displays will help to bring them to life, encouraging impulse sales as shoppers rush to get the must-have items for their furry companions.

The finest fabric dog mannequins for sale

Most of our dog display mannequin collection has been crafted in the UK. They are made of fabric and stuffed for a cute, cuddly design. Our fibreglass dog mannequin offers a more lifelike option. Available in two different styles, they are sure to have customers looking twice at your retail displays.

Browse our premium dog mannequin for sale UK collection

When it comes to choosing store supplies, our customers know that Valentino’s Displays are the best. They come to us for:

  • Quality: They want a dog model that will last through many window changes.
  • Personalisation: Many of our animal mannequins are handmade to order, allowing for custom and bespoke creations – just contact us for more details.
  • Skilled craftmanship: Our workers have their tried and tested dog mannequin sewing pattern that they base their designs on, but their finished products are unique and faultless.
  • Great prices: We offer the cheapest mannequins for sale in the UK.
  • Service: We are the very best for shop fitting supplies because we understand our customers and are there for them every step of the shopping process.

We offer a no-quibble, 14-day money-back guarantee on every animal mannequin for sale, so you’ve got nothing to lose. 

The smart place to buy your personalised pet shop mannequins

At Valentino’s Displays, we aim to help you find the perfect shop merchandise. Our contemporary canine shop mannequin designs add value to your pet boutique, helping to boost sales through a professional shop display, just as in the human fashion industry.

Shoppers are increasingly looking to dress-up their pooch in products from their local dog boutique, with pet supplies improving in order to fulfil this demand. If your store sells these kinds of products, you need a dog mannequin for sale UK-made for a faster turnaround.

Handmade dog mannequin for pet boutique and pet shop displays

Each dog mannequin is crafted by our skilled workmen following our unique dog mannequin pattern. They are tough, lightweight and durable, made to last as long as all your other shop fittings. Our stuffed dog mannequin is a joy to behold, while our fibreglass hound has been designed to look incredibly realistic and contemporary.

Every UK dog mannequin we sell helps promote your products, creating a better visual for your customers. They are stylish without distracting from your products. Choose a selection of dog manikins for the best dog mannequin display. For example, you might like a large dog mannequin and a sitting dog mannequin to exhibit different items.

Contact us about a realistic dog display mannequin

Our dog mannequin UK range is always evolving as we aim to bring you the very best retail supplies. We are constantly evaluating our stuffed dog mannequin pattern so you can update your displays with fresh designs. Order direct from us for retail equipment and dog mannequins you can rely on.

If you have a specific request that can’t be fulfilled through the products on our website, please contact us and we will do our best to help.