All our net shopping baskets are manufactured in the UK by us, to a very high standard. We make various shapes and sizes, in an assortment of colours and textures, or we can customise to your display needs. Placed near shop entrances these retail shopping baskets encourage customers to pick up and start browsing. If a customer walks through the store with a mesh basket they are far more likely to make impulse purchases.

Small shopping baskets for retail stores

Commonly used in retailers for small on the shelf items. Convenient, lightweight, easy to use and designed to hold a variety of company products. Ideal for gift shops, department stores, chemists and other retailers to name but a few.

Hand crafted net shopping baskets manufactured in the UK

We currently manufacture Micra, Silklon and Supertex net baskets. Hand crafted by us and manufactured from strong fishing net material. Our net baskets come with a comfortable plastic handle and are a great alternative to space consuming metal or plastic baskets which you commonly see on the high street. They are also an alternative to wicker baskets. Wicker baskets display tend to take up more floor space, not convenient to store and are heavier for the customers to carry.

Extensive choice of round net shopping baskets

The difference between our fabrics - Supertex, Micra and Silklon is the texture and appearance. In terms of functionality, they will all do the same job.

To summarise the differences between the three types of British fabric we offer:

  • Supertex – 100% polyester. Soft fabric with holes approx 5mm apart.
  • Micra – 100% polyester. Our most popular fabric. Unlike the other 2 materials – you are able to see through the net basket.
  • Silklon – 100% polyester. Silky fabric. This fabric has no holes.

100% polyester fabric using the finest UK components to create each basket

Our cheap net shopping baskets vary in size. Our smallest retail baskets are 8 inch in diameter. We also manufacture and stock a size of 10, 12, 14 up to our largest and most popular size our 16 inch netted basket. We offer chrome UK net basket stands to house your baskets when they are not being used on the shop floor. Our small and large display stand are supplied flat-packed for easy self-assembly using a cross head screwdriver (not supplied). Each net basket stacker holds up to 50, once stacked on display.

Do I go for a net shopping basket or a plastic basket?

Choosing between a mesh basket and a plastic basket depends on your personal preferences and requirements. Here are some factors to consider for each option:

Net Shopping Basket:
  1. Lightweight: Net shopping baskets are usually made of lightweight materials like fabric or mesh, which makes them easy to carry.
  2. Foldable: Our mesh shopping baskets are foldable, allowing for convenient storage when not in use.
  3. Durability: Our net shopping baskets are manufactured by us in the UK using the finest components. They can withstand heavy use, making them a great investment for businesses that need a reliable and long-lasting storage solution.
  4. Style: They come in a variety of netting colours, allowing you to choose options that complement your brand and create a cohesive look throughout your business. The lightweight and versatile nature of our mesh shopping bags can make them a trendy and fashionable choice for carrying your belongings while shopping.
  5. Brandable: We can brand all fabric baskets to better fit in with your store on request. So, if you’re looking for a bespoke option, please get in touch with a member of our team.

Plastic Basket:
  1. Sturdy: Plastic baskets are typically more robust and can withstand heavier loads without compromising their structure.
  2. Easy to clean: Plastic baskets are often water-resistant and can be easily cleaned with soap and water.
  3. Versatile: Plastic baskets come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing you to choose one that suits your needs.
Ultimately, the choice between a mesh shopper bag and a plastic basket depends on your specific requirements. If you prioritise lightweight and foldable features, a net shopping basket may be a suitable option. On the other hand, if durability and versatility are more important to you, a plastic basket might be a better choice.

Brand your company with our custom retail display baskets

Need a bespoke order? If you are looking for branded retail baskets printed with your corporate logo then this is a service we offer. You can see some of our custom work in the images below. Our shopping baskets for sale are printed within the UK so you can be sure of the quality of the product you'll receive. We're able to print multiple colour logos and depending on the size of the print, up to 4 prints per bag. You will be receiving the very best quality retail baskets on the retail market today! We can also show you a visual proof and send you a sample of what you'll be getting from us, to put your mind at ease.

Branded Net Shopping Baskets


Customise our mesh shopping bags to suit your requirements

If you have a shopping bag requirement and our standard range on our website is not quite suitable for your retailing display, speak to us and we will endeavor to customise our display baskets to suit your requirements. Looking for a different size and/or polyester mesh colour? We can help, please contact us for more information if you are looking for a bespoke display - 01489 808007.

Net Shopping Baskets


Wholesale net shopping baskets with FREE UK delivery

All these lightweight hand baskets for shopping are sold individually and eligible for free delivery for any UK order over £100. Shopping baskets are our thing, and as you would expect from the leading wholesale supplier to the UK's retail industry. We stock a huge range of retail shopping baskets and shopping trolleys. Whether you like to offer your customers a shopping basket that is made of rigid plastic, wire or net, we are sure to have an option to suit you. Don't forget that while you can buy many of these individually at already unbeatable prices, the discounts just get better and better the more you order. So do consider buying in bulk for the best possible wholesale prices.

Typically dispatched the same day, our shopping baskets UK could be with you the very next working day. Worldwide customers can also order these range baskets directly at Valentino's Displays. The website will take your net basket orders. Once an order is confirmed we will be in touch to discuss the various shipping methods we have available to you. You then choose whether you wish to proceed.

Buy net shopping bags in bulk at the cheapest prices!

Not satisfied? Return your goods within 14 days of purchase for a money back guarantee - we are confident in our products! We're also confident we'll not be beaten on price with the cheapest prices in the UK. Buy collapsible net shopping bags today from the number 1 baskets store and direct from the manufacturer!