12 Inch Square Micra Net Shopping Basket 95118
Net Shopping Basket 12" Square Micra95118
£10.25 +VAT
14 Inch Rectangle Micra Net Shopping Basket 95119
Net Shopping Basket 14" Rectangle Micra95119
£10.50 +VAT
14 Inch Square Micra Net Shopping Basket 95120
Net Shopping Basket 14" Square Micra95120
£10.95 +VAT
16 Inch Rectangle Micra Net Shopping Basket 95123
Net Shopping Basket 16" Rectangle Micra95123
£11.25 +VAT
12 Inch Square Blue Heavy Duty Net Shopping Basket 95121
Heavy-Duty PVC Shopping Basket 12"95121
£15.00 +VAT
For those not looking for round mesh shopping baskets, we offer square and rectangular shaped net bags. These reusable shopping bags are available in our micra material however we can also manufacture in our other textures, supertex and silklon, on request. You might prefer our 12-inch heavy duty square reusable bag which will comfortably hold heavier, larger items.

The most comprehensive range of displays baskets for shops

Crafted by experienced manufacturers using only the very best fabrics, our lightweight retail shopping baskets are an essential purchase for any store looking to boost profits while increasing customer satisfaction. A net shopping basket has many advantages over a traditional metal or plastic one, including:

  • Comfort of design: mesh shopping baskets don’t hurt when they hit your legs and are almost weightless, making them super-comfortable to carry. We’ve even added a small plastic insert to our handles to make it easier to grip our reusable shopping bags. From a consumer point-of-view, fabric retail display baskets are a much more attractive proposition for serious shopping.
  • Convenience of use: our mesh netting design is strong and durable, with holes so small that it makes even the smallest of items safe and secure as the customer browses. In older reusable bags for shops, smaller items can sometimes fall through the holes, at best losing you a sale, at worst, costing you money as you have to replace the item.
  • Space-saving: A pile of stacked up metal baskets is quite an eyesore and can take up a lot of space in a small retail unit. Our net bags are collapsible, so they take half the space of those older designs.
  • Attractive colours: Our wholesale shopping bags are available in black, blue, navy and green, allowing you to match your material to your brand colours. If you require a different colour, contact us and we can create custom net shopping bags that suit your needs.

The best range of square and rectangle baskets for sale in the UK

An absolute must-buy if you are considering setting up a new retail space, shopping baskets are a useful tool for any customers who only have two hands! Allowing them to hold more items as they browse, our mesh bags help to increase your profit margins while making life easier for shoppers.

These net bags are in standard sizes of 12, 14 and 16 inches. Make sure you pick the right size for your store. If you sell jewellery or smaller items, you should choose a shopping basket that these delicate items won’t get lost in. You might even prefer to look at our range of round shopping baskets. However, if most of your merchandise is the sort of thing that customers will need to pick up with two hands, choose a bigger basket. We can customise these, as we manufacture in the UK, so we are present at every stage of the creation process. If you are looking for custom reusable bags then you have visited the right website! Valentino's Displays can manufacture our wholesale shopping bags in any colour, size or texture and customise with your brand logo.

Buy in bulk for the very best deals

Like with all of our displays, any retail shopping basket order on our website over the value of £100.00 is eligible for FREE UK delivery. We also offer massive product savings when you buy in bulk. We guarantee you'll be satisfied with your purchase with a no quibble 14-day money back guarantee if we don't meet your expectations. If you have any queries about our stock, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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