Clothes Rail And Dress Rails

Valentino’s know the display business inside out. We use the highest quality materials to create our range of heavy duty clothes rails and garment rails that are perfectly suited for any merchandising environment. Want to keep your outfits free from wrinkles? Take a look at our heavy-duty clothes rails available in 3, 4, 5 and 6ft widths and in a range of colours. Children's, junior rails and merchandising feature rails available too.

Your #1 clothes rail shop

Stand out with our striking and sturdy clothes rails, perfect for the professional display of your clothes and wares, or to easily store and transport garments around your shop floor or storeroom. All of our UK made clothes rails are super durable, with our heavy-duty rails allowing you to hang up to 110 kg with ease and assurance. With an exceptional industrial-grade finish, show off your fashions in their swish light, keeping garments crease-free and coordinated.

Shop for a heavy duty garment rack

Running out of wardrobe space? Hunting for clothes on the floor? Need to create a storage system using a bedroom clothes rail? Our adult and childrens clothes rail have been used to create stunning wardrobe storage ideas. Simplistic yet functional and adaptable to your needs, our hanging rails will fit right in to any home décor.

Open wardrobe storage ideas

When used in your home, our heavy-duty clothes rails can be used alongside your existing wardrobe, inside a walk-in wardrobe or cupboard or even used as your primary source of hanging and storing clothes and garments. Flexibilty and versatility in abundance, the clothes rail can be stored in a variety of places, dismantled and put away or quickly wheeled away out of sight when you don’t need it ready to be used when you do!

Buy heavy duty garment rails

Whether you need a place for your everyday clothes for easy reach or they maybe used in a retail environment for storage of additional stock or displaying items of clothing on the shop floor so that customers can browse with ease. They are produced to the best of industry standards, and unlike other cheap, imported items that are available, our garment rails are built to last years.

Industrial clothes rail UK manufactured

Manufactured in the UK, our industrial clothes rails and clothes stands are the best in the business and will hold heavy or expensive items with ease. We can make them to fit any size you need, with widths and lengths that are fully customisable. At Valentino’s, we are aware that all shops have different needs and we can tailor your piece to suit.

Strong clothes rail available in a range of colours

Industrial clothes rails are designed to work under intense conditions and retail environments where they are in constant daily use. They come in a range of standard colours including black matte, chrome or white gloss – but if that doesn’t suit you then just let us know and we can adapt your piece.

Heavy duty hanging rail from UK steel

Having a good quality rail is especially important if you are a dress shop, or if you sell lavish fashion items. No one wants to make an expensive purchase in a shop that looks less than affluent, or in one that has clothes all over the floor because their rails collapsed.

Bespoke shop fitting clothes rails for sale

It all depends on what look you are going for, and at Valentino’s, we are happy to help you design a bespoke clothes rail that is sure to increase customer satisfaction and sales. All of our pieces come with fully adjustable feet, which are extremely useful for positioning rails on an uneven floor.

Our heavy duty clothes rail make great storage systems

With a large range of display items available, from clothes horses to storage racks, there is diversity in the products available from us. Standard height size is 5ft, but should you wish to increase the height of your rail for those longer items, we supply height extensions that can be positioned to any required length.

Collapsible clothes rail for ease of transportation

We also provide rails with or without castors, depending on your store’s requirements. Castors make pieces easy to transport, but on the shop floor, many people prefer a static look. We aim to offer our customers as much flexibility as possible when deciding on a clothes rail, so choose what you need and let us know!

FREE UK delivery on garment rail, clothes rack and clothes hanging rail orders

With easy to assemble clothes stands that can come in an array of styles; either have a single or a double bar, with or without wheels, colourful or black - the choice is completely up to you and we can tailor them to fit in with whatever theme that your shop is going for. As all of our pieces require just a quick setup, which is easy enough for one person to do, there has never been a better time to invest in some top-notch clothing rails. FREE UK delivery on all garment rail, clothes rack and clothes hanging rail orders over £100.

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Start making visual merchandising work for you and your business, today. Call us to discuss wardrobe storage solutions from our range of clothes storage - 01489 808007.
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5ft White Gloss Clothes Rack 20084
5ft White Gloss Clothes Rack20084
£70.00 +VAT
4ft White Gloss Clothes Rail 20074
4ft White Gloss Clothes Rail20074
£70.00 +VAT
6ft Clothes Rail Cover 20072
6ft Clothes Rail Cover20072
£39.95 +VAT
Adjustable Sliding Centre Bar 6ft Wide Black 20054
Adjustable Sliding Centre Bar 6ft Wide Black20054
£12.75 +VAT
Clothes Rail 18 Inch Height Extensions Black (Pair) 20044
Clothes Rail 18 Inch Height Extensions Black (Pair)20044
£12.95 +VAT
Rubber Castors 100mm (4 Set) 20029
Rubber Castors 100mm (4 Set)20029
£32.00 +VAT
6ft Black Clothes Rack 20019
6ft Black Clothes Rack20019
£55.00 +VAT
6ft Black Clothes Rail 20004
6ft Black Clothes Rail20004
£60.00 +VAT
3ft Chrome Clothes Rail 20009
3ft Chrome Clothes Rail20009
£85.00 +VAT
5ft Black Clothes Rail 20003
5ft Black Clothes Rail20003
£55.00 +VAT