3ft Black Clothes Rack 20016
3ft Black Clothes Rack20016
£40.00 +VAT
4ft Black Clothes Rack 20017
4ft Black Clothes Rack20017
£45.00 +VAT
5ft Black Clothes Rack 20018
5ft Black Clothes Rack20018
£50.00 +VAT
6ft Black Clothes Rack 20019
6ft Black Clothes Rack20019
£55.00 +VAT
Sleek and sophisticated, our black heavy-duty clothes rack is the perfect partner to any elegant boutique. Strong and sturdy, yet lightweight enough to act as a semi-permanent hanging solution, each industrial clothes rail represents a serious investment in your retail business.

The finest black clothing racks for sale

A good clothing rail should show your garments off at their very best. Like our retail wardrobe systems, they should be spacious to allow easy movement of clothes as customers browse. This space also helps to prevent creases in the clothes and reduces the risk of damage due to overcrowding. Your metal clothes rack should also:

  • Stand strong and sturdy: In a busy retail environment, it is not unusual for garment storage racks to be knocked and pushed as customers work their way around your store. This is even more of an issue if yours is a shop that encourages customers who have children, as little ones love to hide behind the rails. A good portable clothes rack will remain steadfast in most ordinary conditions, so that your clothes can hang as beautifully as ever.
  • Be tough and durable: Made as a temporary hanging solution for pop-up shops or seasonal displays, our free-standing clothes rack is made to last a very long time. This ensures you can use it again and again, giving you some flexibility in your store design.
  • Be well priced: Of course, there are cheap plastic coat racks on the market, but at Valentino’s Displays we aim to give low prices without compromising on quality. As far as value for money goes, you won’t find a better rack.
  • Be well made: We work with some of the finest manufacturers here in the UK to create all of our products. This allows us to be a part of the process from start to finish, so we can ensure every item meets our strict quality standards.
  • Come from a trusted supplier: Valentino’s Displays is the premier choice for retail supplies for good reason! Our customer team can’t wait to help you with your purchases and are keen to offer any help that you might need when making a decision.

The best selection of clothes hanging rail systems

Our retail clothing rails are made to a standard height as we are confident these dimensions fit the needs of most stores. Standing 5ft tall, you can choose whether to purchase a range of different widths from 3ft to 6ft. The height is tall enough for most garments, but if you do need something else, please contact us and we will see if we can help.

A hanging clothes rail you can trust

Our retail clothing rails are very high quality, which is why we are so confident in our products that we are able to offer you a 14-day no-quibble money-back guarantee. These particular heavy-duty rails are available in black or chrome finish, but we can work with you to create a bespoke rail that perfectly fits your needs – just give us a call!

Your one-stop-shop for commercial clothing racks

As with all our products, the more you buy, the less you pay per unit! We offer wholesale discounts to our buyers, so you can experience the best possible value for money. If you are looking to buy more than five items, you will start to save. If you spend over £100, you get free delivery too! So, have a browse of our clothes rails and make a purchase today!