Mesh Recycle Bin 70005
Mesh Recycle Bin70005
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You may be used to recycling at home with regard to your domestic waste but what about recycling for your business? Whether you have an office or a store, recycling at work makes so much sense. People choose to recycle because it brings with it so many benefits:

  • It is so easy to set up your own system and run it
  • Both you and any staff will feel good about what you are doing
  • Your wastage is reduced
  • Clutter is reduced and space saved
  • It is environmentally friendly so can add to your Green Policy if you have one

By using office bins or work bins you are not only protecting the environment but promoting your place of work as being caring with regard to the planet. In order to get staff interested and to ensure that your office bin and paper recycling bins are used all of the time, it is a good idea to use high quality and attractive bins, placed in key points within the building.

The best paper recycling bins for office

At Valentino’s Displays you will find well designed and colourful paper recycling bins for office that will look good and help to compliment your image along with our company recycling policy. Our recycling bins for office and office waste bins provide you with heaps of flexibility, enabling you to set up a recycling system that suits your type of shop or organisation.

What can you recycle using commercial recycling bins?

You can recycle all types of waste products such as glass, paper, plastic and even cans. Here are just a few of the things often placed into office recycle bins:

  • Paper (packaging, wrapping, brochures, leaflets, magazines, newspaper, till roll ends)
  • Cardboard of any shape
  • Food and drink cans
  • Plastic bottles
  • Plastic film
  • Electrical equipment

What you produce will often depend upon the type of store or office that you have. You may find that you will need more than one bin so that you can label each one for a specific item, ensuring that staff put waste into the correct recycling bins for the office or work bins. If waste is confidential then you may need to shred things such as paper before you put them into the bins. Put bags inside the recycle bins for offices if you want to ensure that they are easy to empty and put them out of the way so that they will not be on view to customers. Our office recycling solutions can be sited in kitchens, staff rooms, and storage areas or even alongside equipment in use.

Inform staff why there are recycling bins on the premises

If you have staff, you will need to be sure that they understand why you are recycling and why there are recycling bins on the premises. By discussing with them and giving them an idea of what happens to the material after it has been recycled, they will be far more proactive and likely to use the office recycling bin correctly.

Contact us for advice on our office recycling bins for your waste

When you buy recycling bins and set up your office or shop office paper recycling system, you need to buy from a supplier that provides high quality products at the best prices. Because when you buy from Valentino’s Displays you are dealing directly with the manufacturer, you are assured the best of both. How many you buy will depend upon the amount of waste that your churn out and how many staff are employed; the bigger your store or office, the more likely you are to need more recycle bins. Speak to our customer service team today or check out our website and find the most suitable recycle bins to suit your premises.