With such a great range of twin-slot shelving available in the online store of Valentino’s Displays, you need look no further. Extremely popular with many clients, our twin-slot wall-fixed shelving can be used for a plethora of in store display purposes. Why go elsewhere when our extensive range provides twin-slot system shelving in a range of sizes? At the same time, you can choose from the various accessories on offer, creating exactly the type of twin-slot bespoke shelving display that you need in your store. Add shelving or twin-slot hanging rails, slotting onto the twin-slot uprights as you need them.

Large quantities of twin-slot adjustable shelving systems in stock

Twin-slot adjustable shelving is popular for many reasons:

  • It is a practical product when it comes to choosing adjustable shelving systems.
  • Twin-slot heavy duty wall shelving systems can be used to hold a range of products of varying heights and weights.
  • By positioning the wall mounted shelving systems exactly where you need them, you can adjust and re-locate the shelves whenever you need to.
  • The twin slot shelving system is versatile and easy to fix so whether you are adding further display space to your store or fitting out an area from scratch, you should not find your DIY skills stretched.
  • Because the adjustable wall shelving systems are easily attached to the steel uprights once brackets are in place, all types of shelving, either metal or timber can be used.

Assorted twin slot wood and glass shelf brackets

The uprights to match the twin-slot shelving come in a range of colours and lengths; when ordering you may wish to look at the rails as well as the shelves as this would then enable you to hang clothing alongside or adjacent to the shelving display. Choose from twin slot combination rail and twin slot D rails. With so many twin-slot accessories to study, our website offers for sale a mix of twin slot wood and glass shelf brackets.

Our high-quality modular twin slot shelving offers a affordable storage solution

Our twin-slot shelving is easily wall-mounted to wall uprights which are not only great for displays but also storage. You may wish to use them in the storage area as well as the shop display, enabling you to always see what you have in stock at any one time easily and conveniently. As well as being used in retail stores throughout the UK, you may also find that some of our customers come from offices or schools as they are well aware of the many benefits that come with the twin-slot system. Easy to wipe clean, your shelving will always look good and will not easily mark or stain.

Add twin-slot shelves to freestanding uprights

Choose from shelves in either 500mm or 1000mm sizes along with book-ends that can be used as dividers or placed on the ends to stop goods falling off. An added benefit of the twin-slot range is that you can now add twin-slot shelves to freestanding uprights, meaning that it is now not absolutely essential to have a wall to fix them to. The shelves are sturdily constructed and the uprights made from thick quality steel within our factory. Because you are purchasing directly from the manufacturer, you will also find that our prices match our quality, being some of the best in the industry.

Contact Valentino's about your twin slot shelving requirements

With delivery being made to anywhere within the UK, make Valentino’s Displays your one-stop shop for twin-slot shelving. Our website is extremely easy to use but if you would prefer to talk to someone prior to placing your order, give our customer service team a call. Get in touch today and avail yourself of the best twin-slot shelving available within the UK. You will find us attentive, professional and always ready to assist.