Workplace Lockers

Workplace Locker 1780 x 305 x 305 - 1 Door 99903
Workplace Locker 1780 x 305 x 305 - 1 Door99903
£156.00 +VAT
Workplace Locker 1780 x 305 x 305 - 2 Doors 99904
Workplace Locker 1780 x 305 x 305 - 2 Doors99904
£174.00 +VAT
Workplace Locker 1780 x 305 x 305 - 3 Doors 99905
Workplace Locker 1780 x 305 x 305 - 3 Doors99905
£186.00 +VAT
Workplace Locker 1780 x 305 x 305 - 4 Doors 99906
Workplace Locker 1780 x 305 x 305 - 4 Doors99906
£216.00 +VAT
Workplace Locker 1780 x 305 x 460 - 1 Door 99907
Workplace Locker 1780 x 305 x 460 - 1 Door99907
£162.00 +VAT
Workplace Locker 1780 x 305 x 460 - 2 Doors 99908
Workplace Locker 1780 x 305 x 460 - 2 Doors99908
£192.00 +VAT
Workplace Locker 1780 x 305 x 460 - 3 Doors 99909
Workplace Locker 1780 x 305 x 460 - 3 Doors99909
£216.00 +VAT
Workplace Locker 1780 x 305 x 460 - 4 Doors 99910
Workplace Locker 1780 x 305 x 460 - 4 Doors99910
£234.00 +VAT
Give your employees somewhere safe and secure to store their belongings while they work with a workplace locker they can depend on. Almost everyone carries expensive phones with them these days, as well as wallets, keys and other valuables that they will be keen to put somewhere safe while they work.

Our workplace lockers bring peace of mind to your employees, reducing incidents of theft and helping your staff to focus on the job at hand.

About our storage lockers

Our superb range of high-quality workplace lockers have reinforced doors and a fully welded front frame. This helps reduce incidents of theft and provides a peace of mind to employees, who will be happier to leave their valuables behind while they get to work.

Every storage locker comes with either a key-operated cam lock or hasp and staple-style turn handle with padlock facility (padlock not included). Both types of lock provide peace of mind to your employees, as they know their items are safe and secure – inaccessible until they return. The type of lock you choose is more down to personal preference than security – both options will keep valuables safe inside.

Each metal locker is finished in a special anti-bacterial paint finish (carcass in silver/grey and doors blue). This is ideal in workplaces where food might come into contact with the units, or other contaminants, as it helps to reduce potential illnesses as a result.  The single-door unit comes complete with a hat shelf and a twin coat hook – ideal for the winter, while the double-door unit comes complete with a twin coat hook in each compartment.

Which businesses might need metal lockers?

A metal locker cabinet is an essential purchase for almost any business where staff and visitors need somewhere safe to store their belongings. Most businesses, at some point, will require a secure space for valuables, but the needs of a gym, for example, will be very different to those of a manufacturing plant. The question of this section should really be, what type of metal locker cabinet does my business need? Since almost every business could benefit from one.

There are a few things to consider when choosing your lockers for sale.

  • How many doors will you need? Generally, the more doors you have in each locker, the smaller each unit will be. If you need a lot of large locker units, you’d be better buying more lockers with fewer doors than one or two lockers will lots of doors. If, however, your employees and visitors will only be putting things like their keys inside, you’ll get away with more doors and smaller units. You might want to get a mix of sizes to cover all bases.
  • How much space do you have? Take a note of how much space you have for lockers and work out how many you can get in that area. This could well play a part in how many doors you choose to have per locker. The dimensions for our lockers are displayed in the product title and description, so you can easily do the sums required to work out how many workplace lockers you can fit in.
  • Where are you keeping your lockers? If you are looking for office lockers, you won’t need to think too hard about the conditions they’ll be facing. If, however, you’re looking for staff lockers for a wet room, you’ll need to find units that best suit the damp conditions.
  • How will the lockers be used? Are these changing room lockers that will need to fit in coats, shoes, a change of clothes and all sorts of other things? Or do you need metal storage lockers for small valuables only? Most likely you’ll be looking for something in between but considering how they will be used will play a large role in deciding what kind of work lockers you need.
  • What should your locker be made from? You want to buy lockers that stand the test of time, so you’ll need to choose ones made of the strongest, most durable materials, while taking your budget into consideration. Our industrial lockers are suitable for most settings, but you might not need something quite so secure. It really depends on your specific work circumstances.
  • What kind of locks do you want? We offer two types of fully secure lock. Which one you choose will depend on your preference. Our hasp turn handle requires a key, which means you’ll have to trust guests and employees not to lose their key. Meanwhile, our padlocked options mean they’ll need to remember a code. The choice is yours, but both options are extremely secure, minimising break-ins.
  • Any other considerations? If there is anything else that is concerning you about your locker furniture, feel free to get in touch. We have years of experience in the retail industry, so we will have the answers to all your questions.

What else can you expect from your lockers UK?

Standard delivery will be five days. Delivered fully assembled, ready to use! All you’ll need to do is clear some space to get your shiny new steel lockers in place! Other key features and benefits include:

  1. Choice of 305mm and 460mm widths.
  2. Fitted with hasp turn handles or key-operated cam locks.
  3. Single-tier lockers fitted with top shelf and coat hook.
  4. Two-tier lockers fitted with coat hook in each compartment.
  5. Strengthened and ventilated doors with rubber buffers.
  6. Powder-coated with Germ Guard Active Technology.
  7. Supplied with anti-corrosive galvanised shelves.

Why choose Valentino’s for your cheap lockers?

We’ve been supplying retail units for quite some time now, so there are very few issues that we haven’t seen. Not only can we supply everything that your store or workplace could ever need, but we can also advise on specific issues surrounding your retail equipment. But there’s more!

  • We have the best range of metal lockers for sale: We’ve faced all kinds of issues in the retail industry, so we work hard to ensure we provide absolutely everything your store could need, as well as a few things it might not! And if there’s something you need that you can’t find in our store, we will find it for you! Our lockers for office and retail use are just one example of that.
  • We provide the highest quality products: Whether you need lockers for workplace, retail, gym or somewhere else, you won’t find better quality anywhere else.
  • We offer the cheapest metal storage lockers: For the quality. You might find cheaper, but they won’t offer the same benefits or be anywhere near as secure.
  • We have the loveliest customer service team: They genuinely want to help you get the best from your business, so please get in touch – we love to help!

Talk to us about our industrial lockers for sale

We also provide a 14-day money-back guarantee, wholesale discounts and free delivery on orders over £100. Need something that’s not on our website or have a question about one of our products? Give us a call or send us an email – we’ll reply as quickly as we can.