Sick of the same old look and want something that is really going to stand out? Have a look at our spiral clothes rails for sale. These are very unusual and can make any shop display eye catching, especially if they are in a variety of colours.

Spiral clothes rail for sale

Don’t delay, call Valentino’s for custom-made clothing rail. Perfect for all retail environments, for temporary storage and also ideal for transporting items to sell them on location. Whatever your background and specific needs, our garment rails can work for you.

Spiral clothes rail UK made

Our uniquely designed spiral clothes rails are perfect for making the most of all available floor space. Produced in the UK by leading manufacturers and using only the finest quality metals, we supply commerce and industry-quality hangers and displays for both retail outlets and storage facilities alike.

Buy a spiral clothes hanging rail

Enhancing your store with a heavy duty spiral clothes rail is a great way to make your garments stand out and get noticed. Though only subtly different from a standard round clothes rail or hanger, the spiral effect and varying height level really makes a difference to the overall aesthetic. And it’s not just about looks either – a spiral clothes rail is uniquely easy to browse through for your customers and works wonders for showing off the prowess of the garments in display.

Like all of the store display products we supply, every UK spiral clothes rail in our collection is guaranteed as:
  • Heavy duty in design and solid enough to last decades
  • Able to stand up to day long use, every day of the week
  • Strong, stable and secure
  • Attractive and elegant
  • Easy to move and store
  • Simple to assemble
  • Uniquely affordable

Heavy-duty spiral hanging rail design

We understand the importance of utilising every inch of floor space to its maximum potential – spiral clothes hanging rails are perfectly suited to smaller shop floors. Not only do they allow for 360-degree viewing by several customers at the same time, but they also take up minimal room thanks to their compact design and size.

What’s more, they also make wonderful choices for use back in storage areas, where efficient cataloguing and rapid retrieval of garments counts.

Contact us about our spiral clothes rails

Along with our extensive permanent collection, we’re also able to arrange for custom designs and specifications to be made by our exclusive British manufacturing partners. So if you cannot find the ideal hanger to suit on our website, we’d be delighted to hear from you to discuss a custom order. Contact us today - 01489 808007.