Spiral Clothes Rail Black Finish (Adjustable Stem) 22001
Black Spiral Clothes Rack (Adjustable Stem)22001
£140.00 +VAT
Where space is at a premium and your garments need to shine, there’s nothing better-suited than our spiral garment rails.

Spiral clothes rails UK manufactured

We’ve been providing space-saving solutions for UK clothing retailers for long enough to understand not only what modern retailers need, but how to provide it for them. It’s no longer enough to simply hang clothes from any old rails and expect them to win buyers over – the hangers and rails you choose say as much about your brand as the products you sell. 

This is why we take garment rails so seriously – they can make the difference between making the sale and losing customers for good. Our spiral clothes rails are perfect examples of how something so simple and discreet can add a whole new dynamic to a shop floor in more ways than one.

Space-saving spiral clothes rails


The aesthetic of a spiral clothes rail is uniquely desirable – elegant and understated, yet perfect for showcasing the most important design traits of your garments. They’re also exceptionally space-saving too – we favour compact designs that enable you to make the very best of all available floor space.

Heavy-duty spiral clothes rail

And as such rails can be accessed 360 degrees by several customers at the same time, they are uniquely efficient. The same also goes for their use in storage areas – there’s no more efficient way of holding stock for fast and easy retrieval.

Cheap spiral clothes hanging rail

We like to think all of our garment rails are a cut or two above the rest. The reason being that we’ve built a number of exclusive partnerships over the years with leading UK manufacturers, which allow us to offer the most exquisite display products in Britain for the lowest possible prices. Our website offers discounts for multiple purchases on all open wardrobe system ideas.

Spiral coat rail with FREE UK delivery

Order any open storage system over the value of £100.00 and you'll be entitled to FREE UK delivery. Coat rails will be dispatched fast and delivered to your door in no time at all.

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