7x5 Slatwall Card Spinner 17005
7x5 Slatwall Card Spinner17005
£129.95 +VAT
7x5 Slatwall Spinner 17006
7x5 Slatwall Spinner17006
£129.95 +VAT
7x7 Slatwall Spinner Display 17007
7x7 Slatwall Spinner Display17007
£129.95 +VAT
8x6 Slatwall Card Spinner 17008
8x6 Slatwall Card Spinner17008
£129.95 +VAT
8x6 Slatwall Spinner 17009
8x6 Slatwall Spinner17009
£129.95 +VAT
One of the most incredibly versatile and convenient products of the entire Valentino’s Displays collection, our fantastic slatwall spinners help make the best possible use of all available space within your store. Available in a variety of sizes and specifications, all the convenience of the standard floor-standing spinner is brought to your slatwall. Available in black, white and platinum colour options, these easy-to-assemble units help open up the space within your store and maximise browsing room for your customers.

Made in the UK – slatwall not included – give our customer service team a call for more information.