Keep your expensive and important work equipment tidy, organized and easy-to-find in an industrial metal cabinet. Perfect for storing tools, personal protective equipment (PPE), medical supplies, hazardous waste or chemicals, these secure storage cabinets will keep everything safe and within reach for employees to access.

The most secure industrial storage cupboards at Valentino’s Displays

When selecting your metal storage cupboards, there are a number of factors to take into consideration. There are many suppliers with cupboards for sale to choose from, but we are confident that ours are the very best:

  • High Quality Manufacture: We have looked further afield for our industrial storage cabinets production, in an effort to find the highest quality products possible. Every storage area has been made in EU, using the best quality metal available and manufactured to the highest EU standards.
  • Secure Structure: In order to provide the highest level of security, these hazardous storage cupboards have been made with a welded frame and strengthened doors. There is no chance of anyone without authorization accessing your work items, thanks to the lockable feature on the doors, ensuring all your items are safe and sound.
  • Durable Design: These workplace storage cabinets have been created with durability in mind – we want your cupboards to last! The high-quality metal frame has been finished with a hard-wearing anti-bacterial paint finish that won’t chip or damage easily and can be wiped clean for areas where hygiene is a priority.
  • Fantastic Price: It is our mission to always offer you the very best possible prices, which is why you won’t find cheap storage cupboards that provide the same quality structure anywhere else!
  • Lots of Options: Our hazardous storage cupboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They also give you the option to have with or without storage bins, while adjustable shelves allow you to customize the interior to better suit your storage needs.

The premium supplier of secure storage furniture in the UK

If you need something a little bit different, please get in touch. At Valentino’s Displays, we can provide you with a tool cupboard that has the extra security you require, or a secure storage solution that gives you the option to choose to have plastic parts bins. Ideal for industrial warehouses, medical supplies or even heavy-duty kitchen items, our metal storage cupboards have a variety of uses, making them an incredibly versatile and useful item for any business with big ambition.

Choose a metal cupboard that works for your business

As always, security is our biggest concern, which is why we have provided these cabinets with a two-point locking bar and two keys for access. Hand these keys to your two most trusted colleagues and ensure tools and work items are always available to those who needs them, but protected from those who don’t, as well as any other environmental issues that may damage the cabinet contents.

Choose Valentino’s Displays for industrial storage cupboards

When you are ready to make your purchase, you can rest assured delivery will be quick and easy. We always endeavor to have our storage furniture delivered within five days of your transaction and our cheap storage cupboards are delivered fully assembled, so that you have no work to do at your end! You can also be confident in the secure build of your product. These are heavy items, intended to stand strong and secure when put into place, so be sure to clear a spot ready for their arrival.

If you have any questions before making a purchase, or even after, please feel free to call us. We love to hear from you and are always ready to help.