Poster Frames

You have measured your posters and ensured they are the correct viewing size. Now you need picture frames to display your marketing graphics. Valentino's specialise in cheap snap open poster frames, light boxes, notice boards and pin boards so that you always have the perfect backdrop for your posters, memos and other display materials.

Our standard stock display range has been developed to supply the needs of individuals, smaller companies and larger organisations - whether you need A2 poster frames for the home, an A0 poster frame for your shop or cinema poster frames for your office corridors. Our website includes a wide range of colours for you can purchase, ready for immediate delivery directly off the shelf. Our range of poster snap frames all feature the trademark, easy-to-use clip close mechanism, as well as wall-mounting holes which are hidden discreetly within the metal, plastic or wood poster frame.

Snap open a poster clip frame from us

When you purchase a photo frame display with Valentino's you know it is made to the very highest standards. Our cheap poster frames allow for easy poster change, thanks to the snap open poster frame system, which is brilliantly easy to use. Each side of the snap frame 'snaps’ open and closed allowing you easy access to the poster inside and making changing your posters quick and effortless. We realise a frame wall may be difficult to view in well-lit areas, so with every magnetic poster frame you order, you will also receive an anti-glare material sheet.

We stock all sizes! A1 poster frames, quad poster frames and much more!

These are not just for posters. You may have purchased a new print, photo, or picture, or maybe you are looking to advertise special events with promotional materials. Whether you are looking for larger sized frames or smaller ones, you have come to the right website.  Our standard stock range includes all A-size frames, including A0, A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5. Don't be fooled into believing this is all we can offer. We also have many other sizes which complement our range. Bespoke poster frames and picture sizes are no problem for us. Simply contact us with the viewing frame size you need, and we will send you a quotation that has been uniquely crafted to your requirements.
Manufactured from extruded aluminium and available in a range of anodised, powder coated and wood grain finishes, all our picture frames are suitable for internal use. Many of our products are also great for outdoor use, made to withstand external elements while protecting your posters, pictures and advertisements.

Various styles for sale! Buy a gold poster frame or an A3 black poster frame

Whether you are looking for a silver anodised frame, coloured poster-sized snap frames, polished, wood or lockable poster frames, we have an extensive display portfolio to suit your needs. Made with industry-standard paint, our durable powder coated colours are sure to meet your picture poster display requirements. Coloured snap frames can create a greater visual impact than our standard silver poster frames, but these sleek, inexpensive frames can also have a more sophisticated impact. Alternatively, you might prefer our popular frames stocked in black and white. A popular choice for many, black and white poster frames are used by all types of customers in various environments. We also stock shiny chrome and gold poster frames as well as other colours and styles of poster display. These are available in lots of different sizes, but we pride ourselves on being the best place to purchase AO poster frames UK.

Contact us for information on our cheap poster frames

Can't find the right A1 poster frame for your display? Contact us today on 01489 808007 and we'll do our best to source it for you. If we can’t find a suitable ready-made product, we’ll simply manufacture it for you! We are proud to provide our customers with the cheapest possible online prices, including large product discounts on multiple purchases. All our UK manufactured frames are also eligible for FREE delivery, delivered to you FAST! UK mainland customers can expect to receive their delivery within a matter of days so that you can enhance your poster displays as quickly as possible.

View our poster frames now. Whether you need an A4 poster frame, an A2 poster frame or any other variation on our attractive styles, our high-quality wall frames are sure to fit the bill. We know you’ll get exactly what you are looking for here at Valentino’s Displays.
Featured Products
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Colour Lockable Pin Boards A3 92115
Colour Lockable Pin Boards A392115
£189.95 +VAT
Silver Secure Key Lock Frames A3 92060
Silver Secure Key Lock Frames A392060
£89.95 +VAT
Tamper Resistant Frame A2 (25mm) 91016
Tamper Resistant Frame A2 (25mm)91016
£14.95 +VAT
Black Poster Snap Frame A1 Mitred (25mm) 99017
Black Poster Snap Frame A1 Mitred (25mm)99017
£19.75 +VAT
Coloured Poster Snap Frame A2 Mitred (32mm) 99010
Coloured Poster Snap Frame A2 Mitred (32mm)99010
£33.95 +VAT
Poster Snap Frame A4 Mitred (25mm) Round Corner 90011
Poster Snap Frame A4 Mitred (25mm) Round Corner90011
£8.95 +VAT
Wood Poster Snap Frame A3 Mitred (32mm) 98009
Wood Poster Snap Frame A3 Mitred (32mm)98009
£24.50 +VAT
Wood Poster Snap Frame A4 Mitred (25mm) 98001
Wood Poster Snap Frame A4 Mitred (25mm)98001
£19.95 +VAT
Polished Poster Snap Frame A3 Mitred (25mm) 97003
Polished Poster Snap Frame A3 Mitred (25mm)97003
£23.50 +VAT
Poster Snap Frame A0 Mitred (32mm) 90007
Poster Snap Frame A0 Mitred (32mm)90007
£32.95 +VAT