Counter Poster Browser 16x20 88014
Counter Poster Browser 16x2088014
£323.93 +VAT
Table Top Print Browser 16x20 88015
Table Top Print Browser 16x2088015
£371.33 +VAT
Table Top Art Browser 16x20 88016
Table Top Art Browser 16x2088016
£481.94 +VAT
Tabletop Browser 10x13 88027
Tabletop Browser 10x1388027
£450.35 +VAT
Desktop Browser 13x19 88028
Desktop Browser 13x1988028
£481.94 +VAT
Dealing with smaller artworks and posters can be tough. It’s all too easy for products to get lost in a table top print bin, or to be swallowed up by the larger poster display racks available. We’ve developed a product line to address this specific issue, so throw away your table top print bin and take a look at our counter display stands.

UK manufactured tabletop display stands for art

Your checkout desk is one of your most powerful point of sale locations. All your paying customers will pass through this area before they leave your store, so it makes sense to encourage an upsell by placing desirable products right there on the counter. Our table top poster display system will allow you to do that, placing your beautiful artworks right in the customer’s eyeline, and helping you sell more prints every day.

If you’re looking for a table top poster display solution, we’ve got some great products for you. From A3 sized counter display stands to smaller stands for displaying very small prints, Valentino’s Displays will supply exactly what you need.

What are the best ways to display artists prints?

When you’re dealing with smaller prints, posters and photographs, it can be hard to know how best to present them. Many of the larger flip file poster displays would make it too hard to see the products effectively, and would swamp the beautiful images because of the sheer size of the rack. In this situation, an A3 poster flip display  is much better being displayed on a counter top or table, where it’s easier for the customer to inspect each print individually.

We’ve designed our smaller size photo display stands to be durable, elegant and easy to use. We think this is one of the best ways to display artists prints when you’re dealing with sizes of A3 and smaller, as the image remains the focus of attention, and the flip file poster display doesn’t detract from the beauty of your products.

Choosing across our range of table top display stands for art

From movie posters to photographs and fine art, an effective display of artwork can make or break a sale. Our table top display stands for art have been designed to be not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing as well, letting you create eye-catching, easy to browse displays that your customers will love.

Our A3 poster flip display products come with plenty of features to ensure you are happy with your purchase, for example:

  • Tough construction: The main frame is made from strong steel, so that your counter display stands will stand the test of time.
  • Elegant design: We’ve created our stands to never distract from the products within. The understated frame and elegant sleeves make it easy to show off your products at their best.
  • Adaptable function: Our swinging panel display racks are not just for artworks, in fact we’ve seen them used for tattoo designs, fashion photographs and even LP records.
  • Customisable to suit your brand: Choose the colour of fabric sleeve, of the frame and of the metal panel corners to suit the products you intend to display.

Our stands are available as either freestanding poster browsers or as swinging panel display racks to suit your needs. Choose from 10, 15 or 20 supplied sleeves with the freestanding poster browser, or get 25 supplied with the swinging display rack, available in two different sizes.

Why choose to buy poster displays from us?

Valentino’s Displays have been supplying poster displays UK wide for many years, as well as many other products relating to retail display. If we haven’t got what you need on our website, we can manufacture a bespoke order for you, so just talk to our team if you can’t find what you need.

Contact us for all your tabletop print browser requirements

When you buy poster displays from us, you’re buying into some of the best customer service in the business. From start to finish, we’ll make sure your order is processed smoothly, and that you end up with the right product at an unbeatable price. When it comes to poster displays UK businesses know they can rely on Valentino’s. Visit our website to see more of our products, or get in touch if you have specific needs or questions.