Soopl Collapsible Garment Rail 25001
Soopl Collapsible Garment Rail25001
£590.00 +VAT
Soopl Middle Bar 25002
Soopl Middle Bar25002
£90.00 +VAT
Soopl Suitcase 25003
Soopl Suitcase25003
£99.95 +VAT
Soopl Small Garment Bag 25004
Soopl Small Garment Bag25004
£120.00 +VAT
Soopl Medium Garment Bag 25005
Soopl Medium Garment Bag25005
£125.00 +VAT
Soopl Large Garment Bag 25006
Soopl Large Garment Bag25006
£135.00 +VAT
Soopl XL Garment Bag 25008
Soopl XL Garment Bag25008
£145.00 +VAT
Soopl Trolley Bag 25007
Soopl Trolley Bag25007
£90.00 +VAT
Fold it, hold it and carry it wherever you want to go.

The Soopl Fashion Trolley is the fashion professional’s solution to a convenient, durable, portable rolling rack. Rack a full collection from your next line, stack hat and shoe boxes and pull it along bumpy pavement and other uneven surfaces. And when it's empty, collapse it for easy carrying and storage. The Soopl Fashion Trolley is built to make your rushing around easier and less stressful.

Arjan Kaan designed the concept 10 years ago when he was working as an account manager for a Dutch fashion brand. He regularly had to transport racks full of clothes from place to place but found the existing rolling rack models clunky and hard to handle. Inconvenience was his constant companion. He sketched a design for a rolling rack and shelved the idea. Over the course of the next decade, he worked for different companies and kept his drawing hiding in his wallet. Then he joined forces with a young industrial designer, drew inspiration from meetings with fashion and marketing professionals, and brainstormed with potential buyers.

So stable and tough, you can even use the Soopl Fashion Trolley to do chin-ups in between rushing from photo shoot to demos … just make sure you put the brakes on first.