16 Inch Supertex Net Shopping Basket 95113
Net Shopping Basket 16" Supertex95113
£8.50 +VAT
16 Inch Micra Net Shopping Basket 95114
Net Shopping Basket 16" Micra95114
£8.50 +VAT
16 Inch Silklon Net Shopping Basket 95115
Net Shopping Basket 16" Silklon95115
£8.50 +VAT
How do you get customers to spend more? Supply them with bigger baskets, that’s how! Customers tend to pile items into their basket until it's full, making it easier for them to spend more money in-store.  Larger shopping baskets encourage customers to make extra purchases, because if they can fit more things into their basket, they will.

Add a personal touch to your store with our net shopping bags

Offering a net shopping basket at the door will also make customers feel more inclined to visit your store, as they know you are thinking of their needs as they shop. Add an extra personal touch by having a member of staff hand out retail shopping baskets as customers walk in, so that they don’t have to look around and bend down to pick one up. The easier the shopping experience, the happier the customer.

The largest range of display baskets for shops

Our 16-inch round mesh basket allows customers to literally 'fill their baskets'. Bigger than an average sized shopping carrier, our customisable 16-inch net shopping basket is the perfect solution if you want to encourage your customers to add those extra items into their basket before they reach the till point.

Our mesh baskets have a range of retail benefits, including:

  • Lightweight fabric – made of micra, supertex and silklon material, these baskets are super light to hold.
  • Durable – our reusable bags have been made to last, with strong netting that can withstand heavy loads.
  • Made in the UK – we keep our carbon footprint low and our standards high by working with local producers.
  • Clever design – the round shape of our net bags means there are no sharp corners that can bang into other customers or damage goods on low shelves. The net makes for a breathable design that keeps your products in their best condition and prevents the customers overheating. We’ve even included a small plastic insert on the handle to make the bags easier to grip.

The different features of our mesh bags make a real difference to your shoppers, helping to keep them happy and interested in your store. Happy customers are returning customers!

The best prices for wholesale mesh bags

Our UK manufactured 16-inch round netting shopping baskets come in a range of different colours and textures and are a brilliant space saver when stacked one on top of the other. Priced at a competitive rate, our collapsible retail shopping baskets can even be customised to match your brand colours. If you are looking for reusable shopping bags custom-made then you have visited the right website. We can produce wholesale mesh bags that are crafted to your specific needs, whether you want to change the texture, colour or size, or have them personalised with text or a logo, we can do all of this!

Get in touch for the very best retail shopping baskets

If you can't find the product you're looking for, please get in touch and we can discuss our customisation options. Call us today on 01489 808007. We offer FREE UK delivery on any order over the value of £100 and offer massive savings when you purchase in large quantities.

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