8 Inch Supertex Net Shopping Basket 95101
Net Shopping Basket 8" Supertex95101
£7.50 +VAT
8 Inch Micra Net Shopping Basket 95102
Net Shopping Basket 8" Micra95102
£7.50 +VAT
8 Inch Silklon Net Shopping Basket 95103
Net Shopping Basket 8" Silklon95103
£7.50 +VAT
The shopping basket plays a vital role in the customer's in-store journey. It’s a gateway to encouraging customers to step further inside your store and make a purchase, adding items they might not have realized they needed until they walked in. It's a well-known fact that retail shopping baskets encourage spending. Make sure to hand a shopping bag to each customer as they enter your store and it's unlikely that they'll leave empty-handed.

Increase sales with our store shopping baskets

Shopping baskets are more than just strategically placed items found in retail stores, they are a convenience for customers and offer useful functionality. If your customers enter your store and have everything they need for a positive shopping experience within reach, like shopping baskets, they're more likely to increase their spend with you.

Shopping baskets add a level of appeal to any retail outlet and make it easier for the customer to browse the store, pick up items at their convenience and add things to their basket rather than having to juggle all their goods. Find the prime location in your store for your shopping baskets and watch your sales and customer satisfaction increase in no time!

Our smallest range of collapsible display baskets for shops

We make our Valentino's Displays shopping baskets here in the UK and they come in a variety of different colours, sizes and fabric textures. Our 8-inch round mesh net shopping baskets can be customised and made to your specifications. The smallest of our range, an 8-inch small, netted reusable shopping bag is ideal for smaller products such as jewellery and cosmetics and is capable of holding up to 5kg worth of goods.

Buy a high-quality fabric retail basket manufactured within the UK

We believe passionately in making our quality products here in the UK rather than relying on cheap imported goods. So, every retail basket, bag and fishing product we sell is made here in Southampton using quality fabrics and components. Every item is given the same amount of love, stitched with care and attention to quality and detail. All our fabrics are 100% polyester, which is hard-wearing and will not run if holed.

Our mesh shopping baskets offer a number of advantages, including:

  1. Lightweight and comfortable to hold: Our shopping bags add very little weight to your customer’s haul so that they can add more to their basket.
  2. Strong, durable design: These mesh bags will serve your store for many years, saving you money on repairing or replacing.
  3. Space-saving: Mesh bags flatten when not in use, so that they take up very little space in your retail environment. Stack them by the entrance for easy access, or hand them out as customers walk in for a more personal service.
  4. Available in different sizes and colours: Choose what works best for your brand.
  5. Excellent value for money: We work hard to keep our prices down while our quality remains unrivalled.
The other great thing about mesh shopping baskets is that the holes in the fabric encourage a healthy airflow through the basket. This helps to prevent a build-up of mould or bacteria, keeping them looking their best for longer. People won’t want to put their new purchases in a dirty, mouldy basket, so keeping them looking clean is important. This style is great for that.
You will still need to wash them from time to time. But it’s as easy as wiping them with a mild detergent and allowing them to dry.

There are also plastic elements in the bag – two plastic circles creating the rim of the base and the top, and a handle. These are also easy to wipe clean and bring a comforting, lightweight structure to the design.

Need a reusable shopping bag customised with your logo?

We offer a personalization service so that you can purchase netting reusable bags with logo to extend your branding and merchandising throughout your store. Get in touch with us and let us customise our shopping bags by printing a logo directly onto the reusable mesh. We have branded corporate logos onto our collapsible net shopping bags for customers all around the world - take a look at our case studies. By adding a print, you are guaranteed that they will look fantastic on the eye, while also becoming completely unique to your store.

Contact us about our wholesale UK mesh bags

If you can't see what you're looking for on the website, get in touch. We endeavour to meet demand and are able to personalise products to meet your needs. If what you require is not immediately obvious on our website, we may still be able to help, thanks to our brilliant customer service team.

When it comes to wholesale UK mesh bags, think Valentino's Displays.

Why buy your fabric shopping baskets with handles anywhere else?

Valentino’s Displays has built up an enviable reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction, which in turn, radiates the same for your retail brand. Our customers come back again and again for many reasons.

  • The best range of fabric shopping baskets: Seriously, you won’t find a better selection anywhere else on the internet. Our baskets come in various shapes, sizes and colours, so you can select the ones that will work best for your customers depending on your store branding, aims and style.
  • The highest quality materials: From cloth shopping baskets to plastic and wire ones, we always select the best materials and hire expert craftsmen, so you get products that can serve your business for longer.
  • Profit-saving prices: Despite our commitment to perfection, our prices are still as low as possible. And, if you are looking for wholesale shopping basket prices, you’ll find the savings grow the more you buy.
  • Knowledgeable customer team: We’ve been in the retail world for many years, so we can offer advice, answer your questions and help solve any problems you might be having with your order. And we love to hear from you!
  • Delivery perks: Want free delivery? No problem – spend over £100 and we’ll cover the postage costs. And if you change your mind about something that’s been delivered to you, you can return it, no questions asked, within 14 days. So, you can buy your space-saving shopping baskets with confidence.
And, if you’re looking for something more bespoke, we’d love to help. Because we make these retail shopping baskets ourselves, we can create the products you really want. Get in touch to discuss your ideal basket and we’ll make it happen for you.

Have you received your net shopping baskets UK?

What did you think of them? We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback as we continually work to improve our designs. And, if you loved them, please leave a review on our product pages outlining why these baskets worked so well for your store. This helps other people find the right product for their retail outlet.