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Heavy Duty Circular Clothes Rail and Garment Rails

Circular Clothes Rails

When space is at a premium on any shop floor, our circular clothes rails come into their own. We’ve meticulously selected each round clothes rail in our catalogue to help you make the very most of all space available to you. And the more space you have to play with, the more products you can showcase for your customers!

Like all products across our range, each circular clothes rail has been produced to the highest quality standards by a leading UK manufacturer. They are easy to assemble, exceptionally rugged and wonderfully understated. While a clothes rail should be able to add a touch of practical elegance to any store, it should also never take away from the most important focal points – the clothing itself.

Another enormous benefit of free-standing circular clothes rails is the way in which they allow several customers to browse its collection at the same time – often impossible with standard wall-mounted displays. And as the unit requires little to no assembly and zero fitting, it is ready to use in a matter of seconds and doesn’t call for professional installation.

The mobility of our circular clothes rail is also unrivalled, making it easy to try different arrangements around your display areas and see what catches the eye of your customers. Invest in a series of free-standing clothes rails and a simple empty space can be transformed into an exquisite boutique retail environment in a matter of minutes.

And when it comes to warehousing and storage, our circular clothes rails are in a class of their own. Not only do they allow for the maximization of all available space back of house, but they also make searching for and retrieving specific items as easy as possible for store workers.

You’d be surprised just how beneficial a simple round clothes rail could be for your retail space or shop floor, especially if space is at a premium.