Mannequin Display Cabinets

When it comes to creating a unique, bespoke acrylic display case UK businesses have long been able to trust Valentino’s. However, this was the first time we’d been asked to create both the display case and a mannequin to stand inside. Here’s how we got on:

Our client

Based in London, Detail Ltd are a specialist design and event management company working with leading events and brands to create gorgeous interior spaces. They’ve designed spaces for numerous world class events, including the ATP World Tennis Finals, Wimbledon Tennis Championships, the PGA Tour and the UEFA Champions League Final.

Our customer’s goal

Detail were working with a client who required mannequin male torsos for the purposes of displaying sporting apparel. To go with these models, they required a bespoke designed mannequin display case for each display and requested a wall mounted display case design to make secure fixing a breeze.

Our approach

This was going to be a big project with lots of processes involved, so it was crucial we got our design and planning right from the start. Here’s what we had to think about:
  • Mannequin design: Our client requested torso only mannequins for this project, so we selected two of our popular sporting male torsos and manufactured a selection of five for our client.
  • Custom acrylic display case design: The client had given us a pretty clear idea of what they needed, so we got to work designing the model display cases. We were to produce four small and one large Perspex display box to house the torsos.
  • Mannequin display case material: We knew Perspex acrylic was the material of choice, but our client was keen to get a heavy-duty finish, so we knew we had to think carefully about the material. We used 6mm thick Perspex for each custom acrylic display case, giving a clear view inside but a hard wearing, heavy duty finish.
  • Security of the model display cases: The client was keen to ensure security of their mannequins, so we built in wall mounted display case functionality, so they could be affixed to the building. We also built in lockable lids, so that mannequins could be removed when required and secured inside.

We manufactured these acrylic display cases on behalf of our client, along with the five mannequins as requested. The whole consignment was shipped off by specialist courier, in plenty of time for their deadline.

The end results

You have to admit, these look pretty amazing as a finished product. The mannequins themselves are meticulously designed to be lifelike accurate and perfect for apparel display, and the Perspex display box designs show them off to perfection. Although we don’t have any images of the mannequins dressed, we think they look like works of art as they are!

If you’d like to order mannequins for your business, or perhaps could benefit from an acrylic display case UK made, talk to us today about your needs and we’ll be happy to help. We have a number of off the shelf solutions which could be great for you or are always happy to create something new from scratch just for you. Call today for a free quote and expert advice.