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Heavy Duty Clothes Rails, Garment and Dress Rails

Clothes Rails With Castors

Take a look at any exclusive boutique or clothing store today and you’ll notice a similarity – that all use mobile garment rails. Despite being exceptionally affordable and wholly simple in design, there’s something undeniably elegant and ideally understated about the classic heavy duty clothes rail or dress rails when used to display clothing.

The idea has always been to show off the best attributes of the garments as effectively as possible, while proving genuine ease of access for customer browsing. Complex hanging systems and wall units have their own unique benefits, but in many ways, these simple and classically designed heavy duty clothes rails really are industry standard.

Sourced from only the most reputable manufacturers in the UK today, we guarantee flawless quality and value for money with each dress rail purchased from our extensive collection. Each of our heavy duty clothes rails stands 60 inches (5 Feet) high as standard, with widths ranging from 3 feet to 6 feet. The retails themselves are a solid two inches thick and can be finished in a variety of colours, in order to complement the show floor as a whole. Every heavy duty clothes rail comes with our guarantee of:

  • Plenty of space for hanging garments of all sizes
  • An eye-catching and stylish design guaranteed to impress your customers
  • Ease of movement with high-quality castors
  • Rugged design that will not warp, bend or lean
  • Compact shape to maximize all available space
  • Light weight design for easy movement
  • Fast assembly with no special tools
  • The most affordable prices in the UK today

We specialise in supplying stores and retail environments with specially tailored clothes rails, designed to not only make the very best use of all available space, but suit the décor of the place superbly. Take a look at our online collection for your dress rails, or give us a call with your special requests.