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Coat and Clothes Hangers

Coat and Clothes Hangers

Buy coat hangers for your shop display

Clothes hangers are one aspect of a shop that is sometimes overlooked by owners, but they are essential when it comes to creating an atmosphere in the store. Hangers are crucial for displaying stock in many shops, but especially if you own a fashion shop. They can be used to store clothes in a tidy way, as well as displaying them on a shop floor. It is important that you choose a coat hanger that is of the highest quality, otherwise, customers could view your shop items as cheap. You wouldn’t buy a £100 dress off a cheap, worn out hanger, right?

Order cheap coat hangers in bulk

To give your business any chance of trying to compete with the big boys of the fashion industry it is essential that you invest in some good quality store props, such as cheap coat hangers, to display your stock. If you are having a certain range of items coming into your shop, one great way of presenting them is to hang them on a unique hanger. Cleverly, you can connect this with whatever theme your new range is – for example, if your new range is vintage then you could use wooden coat hangers to really give the customer a retro feel.

A diverse range of retail hangers and garment hangers

Valentino’s Displays supply hangers in a diverse number of styles to suit every store, and they are sold individually or in bulk. We are aware that different size shops have different requirements and are happy to fit in with whatever order you may need. Our range of clothes hangers are some of the best quality in the industry and they come in a variety of colours. We supply; wooden coat hangers, plastic coat hangers, non-slip hangers, padded coat hangers, velvet coat hangers and metal hangers.

Wooden hangers, plastic coat hangers, metal coat hangers for sale

We have top quality wooden clothes hangers available, and these are perfect for an assortment of garments – coats, suits, dresses are all popularly displayed on these. Sturdy with little manoeuvrability, these hangers are ideal for heavy items because they will hold their shape. Choose from luxurious laminated wood to flat wooden hangers.

The very best selection of heavy duty coat hangers in the UK

The most commonly used material for hangers is plastic, and these are found throughout the industry. Ideal for smaller shops that are interested in great looking coat hangers on a budget, plastic clothes hangers usually come in black, but there are a wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes. Metal hangers have been popular for a long time, due to their durable nature, inexpensive cost and effectiveness. We sell them as wire, or with clips on either side; the perfect way to display a skirt or other long items.

Buy luxurious: velvet hangers, padded coat hangers and flocked hangers

If you are trying to create a luxurious feel for your store, nothing does better than a velvet hanger. If customers in your store are going to be spending a lot of money on an item, it is essential that they feel like all aspects of the purchase are deluxe – and that includes the hanger. Formal purchases such as wedding dresses essentially need to be placed on good quality hangers such as these. Don’t like velvet? They also come in padded, flocked or bendy variety.

For wholesale coat hangers or personalised coat hangers - contact us!

Call us today if you have enquiries on our offering of wholesale coat hangers or would like more information on getting personalised coat hangers for your company - 01489 808007.