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Counters and Cabinets

Counters and Cabinets

Model display counters, cabinets and showcases

A proud new addition to the Valentino’s collection, these outstanding display cabinets are among our most elegant and versatile product lines to date. Fitted with toughened safety glass as standard, available in a wide variety of specifications and manufactured from the highest-quality materials on the market, each unit will bring your store a new sense of elegance and refinement. Along with our flagship collection of aluminium display counters, we’re also proud to stock an extensive collection of wooden showcases and counters.

Our aluminium and glass display counters are the very epitome of contemporary style, elegance and performance for the modern retail environment. Uniquely durable and perfectly suited to heavy-duty settings, your merchandise is portrayed in an infinitely more effective manner compared to being placed on standard shelves. Our wooden framed showcases on the other hand are just the ticket for bringing your store a touch of classical/traditional elegance and refinement. Also extraordinarily durable and brilliantly versatile, high-quality wooden cabinets and showcases have the potential to frame your products in an infinitely more effective and desirable manner.

Manufactured right here in the UK and delivered fully assembled, we aim to get each order processed and delivered no more than 10 days following the date of the order. Mainland UK shipping is included as standard in the prices quoted for each product, while an extensive range of colours and styles guarantees perfect suitability for any modern retail environment. For more information on our display cabinet collection or to discuss an order, get in touch with the Valentino’s customer service team today.

Valentino's understand the importance of having an excellent visual display where your products are showcased in display counters, cabinets and showcases effectively, and that's why we've got a range of quality shop showcases and shop counters to meet all retail requirements. With the right merchandising you'll be able to show your products off in the best possible light to encourage people to buy, whether you want to keep them behind glass for example using our aluminum counters with an aluminum frame which consist mainly of glass if you have a display such as jewellery then these are ideal.

With an extensive range of UK made shop counters to choose from we're confident you'll find what you're looking for your displays. We believe we have an extensive range to fulfill your retail display requirements when it comes to display counters and point of sale display showcases our retail supplies will showcase your products and increase sales. We offer all standard sized counters and custom shop counters & showcases to our client's display requirements.