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Foot mannequin supplier of sock display forms and mannequin legs

Put your shop’s best foot forward by displaying your socks, shoes, hosiery and anklets on our high-quality mannequin legs. Made to give your products the full attention they deserve, these are a must-buy marketing product for any clothing, jewellery or underwear retailer.

Create eye-catching displays with our plastic mannequin legs

Create a display that shoppers can’t help but stop and stare at, with our huge range of mannequin legs for sale. Whether you need one mannequin foot, or two, or any other kind of mannequin limbs, you have come to the right place!

Choose mannequin legs UK customers will admire

Our mannequin legs for socks, tights and ankle jewellery make a super-cute addition to any window display or in-store sock promotion. There are a number of reasons why Valentino’s Displays is the best foot mannequin suppliers, including:

  • An incredible range of options: Want your mannequin legs crossed to create a sexy hosiery display? Maybe you just need foot forms for shoes. Male or female, young or old, we even have a plastic baby foot mannequin that is perfect for young child clothing retaillers. Our mannequin feet come in different skin tones and styles, so that you can choose exactly what it is that you need.
  • High-quality materials: Our foot forms have been crafted in a range of different materials, including plastic and fiberglass. Your choice of material will depend on your budget and the style of your shop décor. If you need something slightly different, we are able to create bespoke options for you.
  • Display choices: Some of our display foot forms come with everything you need to mount them to the wall, while others have a stand that allows you to place them wherever you’d like in your store. All our choices give you the opportunity to create a retail merchandising campaign that works best for your store and customers.
  • Amazing prices: No other foot mannequin UK manufacturer can beat us for value for money. Our products are built to be strong, sturdy and made to last, right here in the UK, while our super-low prices make us the preferred choice for mannequin body parts. Don’t forget to enquire about our wholesale prices, as these will bring the cost per mannequin foot even cheaper.

Buy foot forms for socks at Valentino’s Displays

Our huge range of sock display forms allows you to unleash your creativity on your merchandising arrangements. Create a mannequin foot sock display that is bright, bold and fun, or use our child mannequin legs to show your customers just how cute the little socks are. Some of our hosiery display forms can also double up as an opportunity to display legwear – the options are endless, and you can enjoy hours of entertainment trying to create the perfect footwear display.

Contact us for custom mannequin foot stand requirements

Despite the many options that are available on our website, it is possible that you have another vision for your foot and ankle mannequins. We are always keen to do everything we can to help and have an excellent dedicated customer service team on hand to answer your calls and emails. Whether you need your foot mannequins to have a different skin tone, shape or size, we will do our very best to help. Perhaps you’d like your mannequin legs to be made of an entirely different material – no problem at all!

You can always send us a message via our web form, which is ideal for questions and feedback that don’t need an instant answer, although we do always aim to reply as quickly as possible. Otherwise, give us a call on 01489 808007 where our customer service team are ready and waiting to help.