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Fibreglass Display Heads

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Fibreglass display heads are a great way of displaying hats, jewellery and other accessories on your counter top, in a shop window display or on shelves, offering excellent durability and practicality. The right hat display does more than simply hold the shape of the hat, it can completely transform and enhance the look of the hat or accessories you are looking to showcase.

Our range of fibreglass display heads come with a 14 day money back guarantee to ensure you’re happy with them, and offer an even more attractive method to display headgear and accessories than our conventional polystyrene display heads. You may opt for a sleek and modern finish with a simple faceless mannequin, which looks excellent alongside simple monochromatic displays. Alternatively, for a more realistic display piece, you might select one of our fully sculpted adult or child fibreglass heads. These come in realistic coloured versions or plain matt white, depending on what would best suit the rest of your displays. You can also see more of our full range of mannequins, display busts and heads for even more great choices.