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Greyhound Dog Mannequin - 77613

Our loving, loyal lurcher dog mannequin is the perfect gift for any fan of the tall, agile sighthound. These dog ornaments also make for excellent display products in pet shops or other associated businesses. Handmade to order, these bespoke dog display items can be crafted with a range of different fabric options, including silk, wool or cotton.

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This item can also be customized with a leather collar engraved with your choice of name or message. The strong, solid mannequin has been finished with weights in the legs so that it can stand sturdy and immovable.



  • Height - 80cm
  • Neck - 39cm
  • Chest - 61cm
  • Waist - 37cm

Please note that some measurements may vary due to fabric stretch. Made out of quality 100 % silk, 100% wool or 100% cotton fabric or your suggested fabric.