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Laminated Wooden Hangers

Valentino’s Displays: The only place to buy your laminated hangers

We can brand your company onto our hangers

Ensure your garments hang beautifully from your rails with Valentino’s coat hangers. Designed to prevent clothes from slipping off the hangers and landing in a crumpled heap, or becoming creased when hanging on a crowded rail, they will help to display your wares in the best possible light. If your clothes look good on the rail, then shoppers are more likely to try them on, leading to higher sales for your store. However, you need high quality hangers that perfectly fit the shape of each garment, in order to create the best look. That is where we can help.

High quality wooden hangers for sale

As the number-one online store for clothes shop fittings, we are very confident in the quality of our wooden hangers. Each clothing hanger has been crafted to the finest specifications, so that you can be impressed with the quality, durable and longevity of our products. Using wood as our material of choice makes for a hanger that is sustainable and strong, while lamination ensures the retail hangers last longer than you would ever expect.

Each clothes hanger has been finished with chrome hooks and fittings, before being polished to a high shine for the most elegant look. When it comes to visual merchandising, your hangers need to look as good as the clothes they are holding, which is why ours are the best.

Choose a wood frame hanger in every shape and size

We know that clothes rarely come in a one-size-fits-all design, so our hangers have been crafted to represent that. You will find every shape, size and variation on our website, so that you can match each size garment to the right hanger. We have hangers for trousers, hangers for suits and hangers for dresses, as well as smaller hangers for children’s clothing and larger hangers for heavy jackets. When it comes to shop display fittings, we are determined to get it right, so if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, let us know and we will do our best to help you.

Why buy your cheap wooden hangers from us?

At Valentino’s Displays, we always strive for excellence, making us the best place to go for your shop fitting supplies. When it comes to retail hangers, we promise:

  • The highest quality craftmanship
  • The very best materials
  • A wide selection of wooden coat hangers
  • Excellent prices and exceptional value for money
  • A customer service team that will go out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction.

Purchase your wooden hangers in bulk

The very best value for money comes from buying your clothing hanger selection in bulk, since we offer a larger discount for higher purchases. These high-quality hangers are such great value that you can make wholesale purchases with ease, knowing they will last your business for a long, long time!

Select the finest clothes hangers from Valentino’s Displays

For the very best clothing store display, you need to focus on the details. The wrong hangers can make your clothes look scruffy and unappealing, while the right ones can help boost sales. Every garment should be treated as an individual, so we have created a huge range of high-quality hangers that will help improve the aesthetics of your store.

Contact us for all your shop fitting supplies

If you need any help at all, whether you are struggling to find the right hanger for your needs or you have a more unique design in mind, please contact us. Our team can’t wait to help you with your important retail purchases.