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Non-Slip Hangers

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Non Slip Clothes Hangers

Keep your rails neat and tidy with knitwear hangers

At Valentino’s Displays, we have a wide range of non-slip knitwear hangers, designed to keep your garments crease free and organised when hanging for display. Essential for keeping your clothing retail space looking its best, our metal coat hangers will stop garments from slipping to the floor while customers browse the racks. Each item will get the visual merchandising it deserves, hanging from the top to be displayed beautifully in your store.

Browse our wide range of non-slip clothes hangers UK

These simple, but effective, retail supplies offer much more than meets the eye. As well as providing a convenient way to hang your clothing, they have a number of useful retail features:

  • They have been crafted with retail environments in mind, strong and durable so that they can withstand constant movement as customers push through the racks of clothing.
  • These non-slip coat hangers are super-thin, with a low profile, so as not to distract attention from the beauty of the garment it is holding.
  • The engineering of these innocuous-looking non-slip hangers is surprising too. The powder-coated plastic coating covers the metal hanger, making for a complicated, hard-wearing hanger that can be used again and again. Also, this plastic coating protects your clothes from damage as it rubs against the metal.
  • We have various sizes available, so you can purchase different types of hanger for different clothing, all with a uniform and distinct look.
  • With different colours to choose from, you can pick a shade that best complements your retail branding. With black, white, silver, gold and bronze colours available, there is sure to be a colour that works for you.

Our non-slip hangers are ideal for high-density clothes displays, where they can slide effortlessly across a pole to allow customers to browse with ease.

What do you need from your non-slip clothes hangers?

Whatever it is that you need to hang, we have a hanger to suit. We have hangers for tops, non-slip trouser hangers, stronger, thicker coat hangers, as well as children’s’ non-slip hangers, including non-slip baby hangers. We even have hangers for blankets and towels.

If you have a lot of clothes to fit on one rack, whether you are organising clothes for retail or for the home, we sell space-saving hangers UK customers love! With non-slip PVC coating keeping everything in place, we are the premium retail equipment suppliers, selling all the important shop fittings you need for a tidy, organised store. In shops that sell children’s clothing, our kids’ non-slip hangers will add an extra layer of protection against young children hiding in the rails.

Can't decide which non slip pvc coating hanger you need? Contact us!

Our slim non-slip hangers are available to buy individually, but we are also proud to offer hanger wholesale prices. Please contact us for more details of our non-slip coat hangers in bulk, or if you require something that you can’t see in our online store.