Personalised Coat Hangers - Victate

Victate Logo

A cutting-edge clothing brand were looking to buy printed wood hangers for their new retail store in London. They knew we had retail hangers for sale on our website which could meet their needs, and approached us to produce a unique, high class hanger for their exquisite clothing range. Here’s how we got on:

Our client

Taken from the verb meaning ‘to lead and pursue one’s aspirations’, Victate are a lifestyle clothing brand based in London, UK. Taking their influences from both the streetwear and workwear industries, this crossover brand aims to create high quality, multipurpose pieces that are both desirable and functional in a range of situations.

Our customer’s goal

As a fledgling brand, our client knew that branding is super important at this early stage. To set the scene in their retail outlets, they wanted to create personalised wooden coat hangers that reflected not only the quality of their apparel, but the timelessness of their pieces too. With a tight budget for the hanger clothing brand Victate also needed a solution that wouldn’t break the bank.

Our approach

We knew these hangers had to be beautiful, and set to work planning how to go the extra mile for this unique customer:

  • Material: We knew the client wanted personalised wooden coat hangers, but to give their design an extra luxurious touch, we recommended our walnut wood hangers for the base material.
  • Logo: To help us make the hanger clothing brand Victate supplied their logo in a high-resolution format, ready for printing.
  • Colours: Our walnut hangers are a wonderful rich brown colour, supplied with a brass coloured hanging hook. To complement this perfectly, and in-keeping with the brand’s high-class image, we selected a glorious gold hue for the logo printing.
  • Printing: Using a PAD printing process, we perfectly replicated the company’s logo onto the 3D surface of the hanger, using a colourfast print to protect the garments they would be displaying.

Working meticulously to ensure an efficient delivery of these products, our team checked each unit for quality at every stage. With the printed bespoke coat hangers ready for delivery, we shipped them securely to our customer in plenty of time for their deadline.

The end results

We have to admit, this was one of our favourite projects to date. The golden logo looks stunning against the walnut background, and we are delighted with how these hangers turned out. Our client was absolutely over the moon with their bespoke coat hangers too, and sent us these wonderful images of our products in place at their store.

When it comes to custom hangers UK businesses can trust Valentino’s to do a professional job at a fair price. Our retail hangers for sale on our website are only a small selection of what we can do for you, so if you need something out of the ordinary, or want advice on how to buy printed wood hangers, just get in touch. We ship our custom hangers UK wide and overseas too, so call today and we’ll be happy to supply a free quote.