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Plastic Trouser & Plastic Skirt Hangers

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Plastic Trouser & Plastic Skirt Hangers

We offer a large selection of plastic shirt hangers and plastic dress hangers to suit all budgets. Durable and economical plastic coat hangers, with a selection of shapes, hooks, clips and notches to help optimise the display of your garment collections.

We have various types of plastic trouser and waistline hangers, in different sizes, colours and box sizes. They include:

  • Trouser hangers – the trousers fold across a bar, with additional stubs underneath to hold them securely in place

  • Spring hangers for skirts – press the ends of the spring hanger together and place it inside the waistline of the skirt. As you release the ends, the springs recoil. The hanger expands and holds the skirt firmly in place.

Both trouser and spring hangers are flat, so more hangers and garments will fit on to your clothes rail.

  • Clip hangers, for both skirts and trousers. Lengths of 30 to 38cm are available – also clips are adjustable and can be moved along the bar to fit the width of the garment.

Different styles of clip hanger are available to match your budget and the ambience of your store. Different textures are available inside the clip – rubber, foam or plastic bobbles – so the garment can be held securely without delicate fabrics being damaged.

Whether your display requirements are for a plastic shirt hanger, plastic blouse hanger, plastic jacket hanger, plastic skirt hangers, or plastic dress hanger we have an extensive range of plastic hangers to fulfill your requirements.