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Point Of Sale Counter Display Kits

Point of Sale Counter Display

Having a high impact point of sale display in your store is a great way to capture the interest and attention of your shoppers. From giving out free samples to drawing attention to sale items, an investment in a beautiful, functional POS counter has the flexibility and functionality to be used in numerous ways. We know our counters for sale will help you sell more in our ever more crowded marketplaces, and have designed our products to be both economical and powerful for your business

Why should you use a point of sale display?

A POS counter can go a long way towards boosting your sales and profits. According to the Point of Purchase Institute, a good point of sale display can:

  • Boost purchases of sale items six-fold: By adequately marketing a price reduction, you can have a six times greater effect on your customers responses.
  • Maximise impulse purchases: Research shows that 74 per cent of customer purchase decisions are made in store and were not planned beforehand.
  • Grab attention: Customers notice point of sale display units around 4.7 to 6 seconds before they notice price. Make it eye catching and capitalise on grabbing their attention.
  • Exert the greatest influence: Eight out of ten marketers rank point of sale display units as more influential than TV, radio and press advertising. And it’s cheaper too!

Investing in a POS counter will make your store look more professional, will add another layer of marketing to your efforts, and has a proven track record of effectiveness. Talk to Valentino’s Displays about our counters for sale and see how a professional display can benefit your store.

Why buy point of sale display stands from Valentino’s?

We pride ourselves on offering our customers an exemplary experience when they choose to shop with Valentino’s. We work hard to develop products that you’ll love, at prices that you really can’t beat.

All our point of sale display stands can take a solid infill panel, which can be furnished with your logo or product information. These are easily interchangeable, so you can redesign them to suit your current campaign. Choose from a variety of sizes and shapes, with some display counters able to be erected and packed away in less than five minutes.

Because we design and manufacture our products ourselves, we can be confident that they’re of the very highest quality. Not only that, if you can’t find the precise product you require here on our website, we’ll be happy to manufacture a bespoke point of sale counter just for you. Simply get in touch with our experts today and we’ll be happy to help.